I know the way you are, you can never get what you really want from her. Oh yes, I know you just fucked her senseless until she couldn't think any more. I can smell it all over you, the smell of sex, and the stench of her. You step out of that room, look at me as I stand there, waiting for you, and keep walking, knowing I'll follow you everywhere no matter what.

As we get in to the elevator, you never look at me, yet as the doors close you pin me to the nearest wall, holding my arms above my head and kiss me senseless. I frown a bit, still, even though it's you, those lips just kissed that shameless whore. I hate her so much, but I know you must keep doing this to get what you truly want. My lips part as you keep kissing me, letting your tongue inside my mouth, to start a battle. I moan, it feels so good, just you kissing me, and then out lips part from each other. I bite my lower lip as I look at your eyes, knowing what you want, hard enough until I feel the blood flow down my chin.

Suddenly your lips are kissing me again, but this time much harder. Licking the blood from my lips until there is nothing left. Your tongue makes a trail down my chin, where the blood kept flowing.

And I just feel my cock grow harder inside of my tight pair of pants. I pant and moan as you kiss my neck passionately. I wasn't getting hard from your kisses, not your touch, but it was your smell that made me that way. Much like my blood was doing to you.

Before the elevator got to the bottom floor, you left me, hard and willing to be fucked by you until there's nothing I can think about, with your smell wrapping me until I go insane and my blood all over the sheets, the walls, all over you and me. You'll fuck me until you are satisfied, until we both are.

At the time the doors open up we both got fixed up, my cock still hard, and as I can see so is his. We step out, walk through the main hall, one of the workers greet you a goodbye and we are finally out. The car is waiting outside, so I open up the door, letting you go inside and sit beside you.

As the car starts driving your voice is suddenly heard, "We'll wave a small change in our plans." I feel your hand on my thigh, you squeeze slightly as you look through the window. "Drive to the nearest hotel." And I know what it means as I smirk to myself.

"But sir, we must do this now or-" I cut into Niihari's word's.

"It's Suitengu-san's word, you won't disobey it right?" I can see the look in his eyes, he knows for sure for what, but still keep silence and turn around once again.

Makabe keeps driving, and I keep smiling to myself, because I am the only one who can give you what you truly want.