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Chapter 3: "First Mission Part 1"


Noah had gone home to get ready for the job tonight. She changed her shirt due to the gash on her stomach. Her blue jeans were okay, and her shoes were okay as well. She hated the fact that she was doing this job with someone. She hated the fact that it was with Tony. She didn't like him very much, and he also teased her. She hated being teased.

"What the hell is with partners anyway? Why are we supposed to have them?" she muttered to herself. She was staring at her precious weapon, Blackrose. Her sword was crafted long ago by a master blacksmith. It was so beautiful; the blacksmith wanted it for himself. Soon, he began getting greedy, and he ended up losing his soul in the process.

It was a story her mom told her when she was young. It used to fascinate her, she loved bedtime. She was so young then, and so was her mother. Her mother must've been at least twenty or twenty-one. She shook her head to shake off the thoughts she had.

"There I go again, deep in thought. What is with me lately? Am I just tired?" she asked herself. She sheathed her sword and put her jacket on. Turning the lights off, she opened the door, went outside, and closed the door behind her.


Tony was the first to arrive at "Bobby's Cellar" then, Noah. Though, they were supposed to be partners, they were seated at opposite ends of the bar. One sipped beer, when the other was sipping water. Enzo sweatdropped when he saw the pair.

"Okay, this is…awkward." He said to himself. He seated himself next to Tony.

"You two listen; the mission is to assassinate a mob boss. He is heavily guarded." He warned. A simple, "Hmph." Came from Tony and Noah just lit up like a Christmas light.

"Do they have guns?" Noah asked like an eager child. Enzo nodded and she lit up more.

"Wow. Someone's excited." Tony smiled. Noah growled. She so wanted to get over there and slap the crap out of him. But, being particularly excited, she kept her cool.

"Enzo, must I be partnered up with him?" she asked. Enzo scratched his head, deep in thought. Then, he looked at her with an uneasy look. "No…but, I thought you two would be good together." He smiled with unease. She cursed under her breath.

After that, Noah pounded Enzo a bit and he filled the two in on their mission…With a bump on his head. Noah growled and muttered something about how she could do better on her own. Tony cocked his gun and motioned for them to hurry up.

"Lets go already." He commanded.


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