Note: This takes place in modern universe.


Ike had begun his sophomore year of college feeling good. He already had a job at the cafe (which he shared with his idiotic but lovable friends, Marth and Roy) and an apartment off campus. He had a means of fully supporting himself, and he was fairly on top of his studies for once.

"Now, all you need is a girl... or guy," Roy informed, only to be slapped in the back of the head by his boyfriend of one year.

"Leave Ike alone. If he wants to focus on his education, let him."

"Actually, I'm open for a relationship," the bluenette replied, surveying the customers. "I just haven't found anyone yet."

The red head snickered. "Probably because I'm already taken."

Roy received a less merciful slap to the back of the head, but this time it was Ike who delivered the blow. Marth sat by silently, happy for once that he didn't have to do it.

"Sorry, Roy, you aren't my type." Ike said, grabbing Roy's white cloth and proceeding to wipe down the counter. Roy peeled his face off of the granite.

"So you admit that you wouldn't mind if it were a guy?" Roy said, leaning back and rubbing his cheek. Marth continued to polish the glass in his hand and didn't look up, though his interest was piqued. Ike shrugged.

"I never thought of myself as having a preference." He moved to another area of counter and continued to scrub. "I always thought I'd eventually end up with a girlfriend, but seeing you two,"

"Roy and I are far from an example." Marth interrupted. Roy grinned broadly.

"Marth's just shy. He loves me and he knows it. You see, one time--"

"Save it!" Ike said quickly, grinning slightly himself. Roy received another gentle slap. "Seeing you two, I can see that being with a guy wouldn't be too bad either."

"I~ke's ga~ay!" Roy sang stupidly. Before Ike could begin to pummel him, the small bell hanging over the entrance door chimed, indicating that someone had entered. Ike stopped and turned around.

And that was when I first saw him.

A dark haired youth made his way into the cafe. He wore baggy jeans with a black turtle neck shirt and long sleeves. He carried a rather thick book under his arm, and made his way over to the smallest table by the window. As he sat down, he flicked his long pony tail to make sure that it didn't get trapped between his back and the chair.

It was Roy who first noticed that Ike was staring like an idiot. "Oho~!" He called, and cackled. "Ike noticed a special someone?"

The boy was silenced by yet another punch to the head. "OW!... Ya know, you're gonna give me brain damage!"

"You can't damage what isn't there, Roy," Ike grumbled, and his eyes darted back to the youth. "I wonder who that is... I've never seen him before..."

Marth looked up. "Ah, Soren's back."

"Back? Soren?"

"Stop repeating me, you sound like Roy."

"SOUND LIKE ROY?!" the red heat screeched. "What does that mean?!"

"Oh..." Ike turned back to his bluenette friend. "I see what you mean. So, how do you know him?"

Marth gathered the rags, and said, "Well, you know how we always mention Link's twin, Shayde?"


Marth gestured to Soren. "That's his boyfriend. Going on two years."

Ike looked back just as the one called Soren opened his book. His heart fell a little.

"I remember Link talking about him," Roy said, taking Marth's seat as the bluenette approached the counter to attend to a customer. "He said he graduated high school at fifteen. He's a college senior now."

"You're joking." Ike said, his rubbing on the counter visibly slowing as he continued to watch the ebony haired youth.

"Nope. Look at the book he's reading; he's really smart." Roy said. "Hey, what are you--?"

Ike had grabbed a tablet and pen and walked around the counter. "Dude, what? You're not even a waiter!"

Ike ignored him and smoothed down his white apron, which was splattered in stains from the kitchen. He approached Soren's small table.

"C-can..." Ike cleared his throat. "Can I get you anything?"

Without looking up from his book, the youth requested, flatly, "Small coffee, black."

Ike nodded, writing down the order. "Er, okay... small... black... um... Do you want anything to eat? Are you hungry?"

The boy looked up for the first time, and his eyes widened ever so slightly. Ike marveled at the lovely crimson color. "I'm in a bit of a hurry, so just the coffee."

"Right, sure... Lemme know if you change your mind," the bluenette nodded and hurried back behind the counter. "Roy! Get me a coffee! NOW!"

"Ike, if you get fired, I swear-"

"Don't even get me started on all of the stupid things you've done, Roy," Marth grumbled.

Roy rolled his eyes and disappeared into the back. Ten seconds later, he came out with a small To-Go styrofoam cup. Ike took it quickly and set it on the counter. He went to the cash register and his fingers flew over the keys.

"Three fourteen..." He murmured. The register popped open and Ike dug in his pocket for the money. He pulled out five dollars and took his change.

"What are you doing?" Marth asked. Ike didn't answer. He scratched the word "paid" on the ticket and grabbed the coffee.

"Did he just...?"

"Oh, he did."

Ike admired Soren's downcast gaze at his book as he approached. He placed the coffee and ticket on the table.

"That was quick," the crimson eyed youth mumbled as he noticed the cup. He paused when he noticed the ticket. He looked up at the bluenette, who was looking down at his own feet, occasionally peeking up at the senior. "Why did you-?"

"Impulse, I guess.... You said you were in a hurry, so-"

"Not so much that I wouldn't pay," Soren explained as he again tucked the book under his arm. He grabbed the cup and looked up at Ike, who was blushing. "But the sentiment is appreciated... Ike."

The bluenette gasped and watched the boy walk off. Once he heard the ring of the cafe door, he rushed back to the kitchen. "He knew my name!" he cheered.

"That or he read your name tag," Marth chuckled.

Ike scoffed. He looked down and turned to the sink, which was full of dishes. He was a little confused. Why was he so excited? Soren had a boyfriend, after all. He was taken. And he didn't seem all that interested in Ike, anyway...

"Hey, Ike! The boss is comin', act like you've been washing dishes!" Roy said in a quick whisper before grabbing the mop. Ike nodded and began to fill the sink with water. It was early in the morning and after taking a moment to hope that Soren would return, he tended to his duties.

(End Chapter 1)


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