Well, here I am again writing another turtle's fic ^,^ Just as a little FYI to all of you, the turtles are 34 years old in this fic. I advanced their ages according to how old they were in the 1st movie (15 years) which was released in the year 1990.

Theme song for this fic: 'Let the Walls Come Down' by Johnny Kemp. For those of you who have the soundtrack for the 1st Turtle's movie, go ahead and give the song a listen :)

Warning: Sexual content near the middle. There...you've been warned ;-p

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Chapter 1

…New York; 2009…

It was one of those perfect moments…

The type of moment where Leonardo had to remind himself that he was not dreaming and that his reality was in fact real…

Lying in bed on his side, he gazed down at the beautiful woman sleeping by his side, and his eyes were filled with combined love and awe as he took in the sight of how the moonlight played over her ebony hair and her exotic, mocha-colored skin like a lover's caress. Even in sleep, the corners of her sensual lips were curled up in the smallest of smiles. It was only a fraction of her normal smile…the kind of smile that warmed your heart, but it was still so very lovely.


His wife…

His beautiful wife.

As of today, they had been married for two years…legally married. Nine years ago, Leonardo would never have thought it possible…any of it for that matter. Even now, nine years later, Leo would still expect to wake up in his bedroom in the lair and find that he had dreamt everything…that none of it had happened…

But it had happened.

He and his brothers had been discovered whilst saving a family from a house fire…

The family had been trapped inside and the fire trucks had been detained because of a major accident. There had been no one else who could get in and get out quickly, so Leo and his brothers had thrown caution to the wind and broke into the house—having hoped to simply get the family out and to safety before disappearing into the night.

But they had been seen.

They had been spotted by the line of policemen trying to keep crowds of people away from the area. They had been in the process of jumping out one of the side windows—each of them carrying a family member, so there was no way the four of them could simply have run off into the night as planned. How could they? There, illuminated by the dancing flames of the blazing inferno, they had failed in the art of invisibility…

They had been careless. They were twenty-five at the time, and though they had many years of ninja training under their belts, they had made a rookie-level mistake.

It was hardly surprising since they were still grieving over the loss of Splinter. None of the four brothers had been thinking clearly since the death of their father—all too overcome with the pain of their loss. They had of course known that the day would come…that it was only a matter of time before their aged father would seek his eternal rest. They all knew that their father would not be around forever…

But that had not made his death any less painful for them to endure.

Even Leonardo, the eldest and the leader of his brothers found himself lost and without direction. He had always had the closest bond with their father while he had been alive, and now he found himself at a complete loss as to what to do…how to lead. Splinter had always been there…quietly guiding Leo from the sidelines whenever his blue-banded son had been faced with difficulty.

But now, he was gone…

And Leonardo had failed his brothers.

And for the first time since they were children, the four brothers had frozen in their tracks like deer in the headlights when faced with a threat.

When five of the policemen had drawn their guns and ordered them to put their hands above their heads and not make any sudden moves, Leo's first instinct had been to get his brothers out of there fast…but what good would it have done?

The damage had already been done.

If they ran, they would no doubt be hunted down. They would never be at peace. Not to mention, if they ran, they ran the risk of being shot and killed. It was a catch-22…they were damned if they did, and they were damned if they did not, and it was with that thought in mind that Leonardo slowly raised his hands and linked them together behind his head—knowing that his brothers would follow his lead.

They had been taken down town after that and locked in an interrogation room for several hours—their legs chained to the chair legs because handcuffs could not fit around their wrists. None of them had doubted that they were being watched through the one-way glass like bugs under a microscope while Chief Grayson, Chief Sterns' replacement, tried to figure out just how to deal with them.

Leonardo still remembered what it had been like in that room...

Neither he nor his brothers had uttered a word—they had watched enough television to know that they were most likely being listened in on. Not knowing the exact particulars of their current situation, the four of them had collectively, and silently, agreed that silence was their best weapon and defense at that moment.

After what had seemed like an eternity, Chief Grayson finally came into the room, but before he could say anything, there was a loud commotion in the hall and April O'Neil and Casey Jones had pushed their ways into the room. Leonardo had not questioned how their human friends had learned of their capture. After all, April was a former reporter and the nighttime streets were Casey's playground.

They were bound to find out sooner rather than later.

However, despite the joy and relief at the knowledge that they were not alone in their ordeal, Leonardo and his brothers had remained silent—not wanting to drag their friends down with them if that was indeed what ended up happening. This plan fell completely to pot however when April had rushed over to them and began checking them over for any signs of injury—her big sister/mother role coming to the surface as she fawned over those she considered her closest friends and family.

Even now, nine years later, Leonardo could remember perfectly the conversation that ensued…

"How dare you lock them up?" April demanded. "How dare you lock them up like animals?"

"But ma'am, that's what they are," Chief Grayson answered.

"They're not fuckin' animals!" Casey roared as he slammed his fist against a wall. "If you knew half the shit they did to keep the city safe, you'd be singin' a different tune!"

"What are you talking about?" Chief Grayson asked with a confused blink. "And sir, if you don't calm down I'm going to have to cuff you."

"Casey, please," April pleaded—begging her lover with her eyes to not make things worse for their friends.

Casey took a deep breath and mentally counted to ten. "Ya ever wonder why crime never escalates in this city? Ya ever wonder why you'll get to crime scenes and find the perps already tied up and waitin' for ya? It's 'cause of these four guys right here," he said as he pointed to his terrapin friends. "They're out every night…riskin' their lives to keep this city safe."

"Without any thanks or appreciation from the people they save," April added—a slight edge to her voice. "Tonight would be a perfect example of that…they saved a family from a burning building because the fire department couldn't make it there in time, and what happened? They get arrested. You should be thanking them, not arresting them!"

"What would you have done, ma'am?" Chief Grayson asked. "If you saw four freaks coming out of a burning building carrying the barely conscious bodies of an entire family, what would you have thought?"

"These men are not freaks, and they're not animals," April said—her voice thick with emotion. "They're my friends…my best friends and my family…and they're much more human than half the people running around in this city. If it had been me, I certainly would not have pulled a gun on the ones who had just done what no one else could. Did any of your police officers try to save that family?"

"Ma'am we have neither the training nor the equipment to do that sort of thing," Chief Grayson answered.

"Oh, and that do?" Casey asked as he gestured to his friends. "Do ya think they used axes to get into the house? Do ya think they had helmets and all that other kind of protective gear? No! But they still went in there and saved that family while yer cops just stood there with their thumbs up their asses."

"Sir, this is your final warning," Chief Grayson said with a glare before sighing. "Miss O'Neil, I can understand and appreciate what you're saying, but what would you have me do? This is hardly a normal situation."

"Why dontcha just make us citizens?" Raphael muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Chief Grayson asked—his eyes wide no doubt in shock that one of the creatures had actually spoken.

April smiled. "Raphael has a point. Why don't you make them citizens?"

Chief Grayson balked. "Are you serious? Make four giant turtles citizens? There would be riots in the street.

"It's not just us," Donatello uttered softly. "There are other mutants in the city."


"Yes," Donatello answered. "Mutants."

"Mutation aside, these people could be valid members of society," April said imploringly. "It isn't fair that they should have to live in hiding just because of how they look."

Chief Grayson heaved a sigh. "Fine. I'll make some calls and see what I can do. Until then, I'm remanding these four to your custody, Miss O'Neil."

"So…we're free to go?" Mikey asked—his blue eyes wide with a child-like hope.

"Yes, you are all free to go," Chief Grayson answered with the smallest of nods. "But you're not to leave the city, is that clear? Miss O'Neil, if I find that you've disobeyed that order, not only will you hurt your friends' chances at becoming citizens, but I'll be forced to throw the book at you. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal," April answered.

That had been nine years ago, and true to his word, Chief Grayson did make some phone calls. Within months, the ball for mutant citizenship started to roll. It had not been an easy process…not by any means. There had been a seemingly endless amount of court appearances and appeals.

But that was nothing compared to the riots and protests.

The city, in fact the entire country had been divided on the issue of mutant citizenship. Most were for the movement. This was after all America—'one nation under God, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all'. Not only was there that, but there was also the inscription on the Statue of Liberty…

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

To deny mutants citizenship would be to go against everything this country had been founded upon…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

However, there were still those who vehemently opposed the movement…


They were found everywhere around the country…people who wanted to keep America and humanity 'pure' from the taint of mutants. The Humanists had fought long and hard against the movement—riots, picket lines and other forms of protest were an every day occurrence.

But in the end, the movement had passed.

Mutants were now legal and recognized citizens. They were allowed to walk freely and live amongst humans, they were allowed to hold jobs…and they were allowed to date as well as marry humans. There, however, were some limitations…mutants were not allowed to vote or be involved in politics or government. Clothing was also a requirement while out in public.

But as Leonardo gazed down at his beloved wife, he knew that they were small prices to pay. What did any of that matter in comparison to how wonderful the rest of his life was?

He had the love of a beautiful woman. He headed a special task force unit in the NYPD that was a more elite branch of the S.W.A.T team. He lived above ground in what had once been an abandoned apartment building, but had since been converted into a more than comfortable home for his entire family. He and Kiki lived in the building with his brothers and their girlfriends. Well…Raphael and Michelangelo had girlfriends…Donatello was still unattached or rather still unattached since the unfortunate incident with Dominique, the first and only girlfriend he had ever had...

Leonardo did not mind living with his brothers. After having lived together for so long, he knew that he would have missed them desperately. He was glad Kiki, Diedra and Ivy understood that. He was even gladder that the three women got along with each other as well as with all his brothers. It made for a warm and welcoming environment for all of them.

It also provided them with extra safety.

Though they were citizens now, that did not mean that the Humanists had crawled back into whatever holes they had crawled out of in the first place. While the majority of them simply shunned mutants and denied them service or jobs, there smaller and more extremist factions that actually attacked mutants on site—sometimes abducting and killing them.

All for the sake of the human race.

It was because of this that Leonardo and his brothers remained together. There was after all safety in numbers, and Donatello had made every effort to ensure that their home was a verifiable fortress.


Leonardo's heart ached for his younger brother. Though still a gentle-hearted pacifist, Donatello now possessed a harder, more cynical quality, and his soft, brown eyes now had a more haunted look to them—always watching…always waiting for attack.

Leo blamed himself for that. Had he only known…had he only been able to protect his brother instead of failing him…

"Hey you…"

Upon hearing the sleepy greeting, Leonardo looked down to see Kiki sleepily rubbing her eyes as she yawned. "Hey yourself, my lovely," he replied softly with a smile.

"What're you doing up?" Kiki asked with a smile as she shifted and nestled closer to her husband—her long fingers curling over the top edge of Leo's plastron.

"Just thinking," Leo answered as he placed a hand over his wife's and tenderly kissed her forehead as he held her close.

Kiki sighed softly—a content smile playing on her lips. "About what?"

"About how far my brothers and I have come…" He kissed Kiki's shoulder. "And about how lucky I am," he murmured softly into her ear as he nuzzled it.

"We're both lucky," Kiki said before kissing her husband's jaw. "If I hadn't taken the job working with Donnie, I never would've met you."

"I still can't believe that someone as beautiful as you…who could have anyone you wanted would want someone like me."

Kiki looked up into her husband's face and gently cupped his cheeks in her palms. "You're a beautiful man, Leo…you really are. Physically, you're a sight to behold…the sight of you still takes my breath away, but that's nothing compared to the incomparable beauty of your heart and soul." She tenderly kissed Leonardo's wide mouth. "Some people spend their entire lives searching for their soul mates…but I'm lucky enough to have found mine."

Leonardo smiled lovingly at his wife and gazed into her dark-chocolate eyes. Though she was eight years his junior, she was mature beyond her years. She had an old, wise soul and a loving, giving heart. In and out, she was a true beauty…

And she was all his.

Kiki had been twenty-three when they had met. She had just graduated from NYU with a degree in music composition and was looking for a job. As luck would have it, Donatello was searching for a composer to team up with in the creation of his latest video game, and after coming across Kiki's resume, he had interviewed her before having her audition for him.

Though they had clicked immediately and Donatello had hired her on permanently, he remained emotionally distant—never allowing Kiki to get too close.

So much the better for Leonardo who had met her on her way up from Donatello's basement-studio just as he was coming home from work. He had been awestruck at the very sight of her. She was without a doubt the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his entire life, and she was more than comfortable with him being a mutant.

They had started off as friends—smiling, chatting and joking whenever they saw each other. But then she had asked him out for coffee and everything had changed.

Leonardo had dated a few times in the past, but nothing serious ever came of it. They had mostly been cases of girls seeking to satisfy their curiosity…looking to be able to say they had 'done it' with a mutant. Leonardo of course never allowed things to get that far, and broke things off when he realized that was all the girls were after. He had wanted something more than that.

He had wanted something lasting.

Naturally, Leonardo was a little skeptical when a beautiful woman such as Kiki expressed an interest in him, and though he agreed to start dating her, he had gone into the situation with both eyes open. It took only two dates for Leo to realize that Kiki was looking for something more than just a fling. She told Leo she was a virgin and that she was saving herself for marriage.

It was then, that Leonardo opened his heart to her and let her in. He never once pushed the subject of sex, delighting instead in the other intimacies that came with the relationship—holding hands, long and slow kisses, long and soulful talks while gazing deeply into each other's eyes, curling up on the couch with a movie and even falling asleep in each other's arms.

Seven months into the relationship, Leonardo knew there was no other woman in the world for him, and so he arranged for the two of them to have dinner on the roof of the home he shared with his brothers. He had gotten take out from their favorite Chinese restaurant, and had arranged candles all over the roof—trying to make the night as romantic as possible. Then, after their meal, he had handed Kiki a fortune cookie…

When Kiki had cracked the cookie open, her lovely, almond eyes had widened at the sight of the platinum ring with the square-cut diamond clattering softly onto her plate. They continued to look on in surprised as Leonardo rose from his chair, moved around the table, and knelt in front of her—taking her left hand in one hand and the ring in the other. When Leo had asked Kiki to marry him, those lovely eyes welled with tears as she smiled widely…happily and threw her arms around Leo's neck—saying 'yes' repeatedly before kissing him soundly as the ring was slipped onto her finger.

Though they had supported her in her decision, Kiki's parents had not been exactly thrilled with her choice of husband, but they lived in Hawaii—meaning the couple did not have to deal with them that often. The ceremony had been small and intimate…and it had been the happiest day of Leonardo's life.

Because they had both been virgins, they had both been nervous when it came time for the wedding night…nervous but eager. They had taken their time the first time around—Leonardo acting with painstaking care and gentleness as he had claimed her and made her fully his.

Now, two years later, they were more in love with each other than ever…

It was with that thought in mind that Leonardo smiled lovingly before tenderly kissing Kiki's lips. "Yes…we're both so very lucky, my love…but me more so because I found you."

Kiki's cheeks darkened with her blush. "Oh, Leo…" she kissed him. "Happy anniversary, my love."

Leo chuckled. "It's past midnight…it's not our anniversary anymore."

"So?" Kiki asked with a shrug. "I still feel like celebrating," she said with an impish grin as she moved a hand down and lightly trailed her fingertips over Leonardo's tail. "How about you?"

Though he shivered in growing excitement, Leo grinned and raised an eyeridge. "I thought I wore you out."

"I had a chance to replenish my energy with my nap," Kiki said huskily as she nuzzled the pulse at her husband's neck before lightly nipping it.

"What happened to that innocent little virgin I married?" Leo asked with a shudder and a fond shake of his head.

It was a slow grin that pulled at the corners of Kiki's mouth. "She became addicted to your magnificent turtlehood," she said with a wink as her fingers continued to tease and trail over her husband's tail.

Leonardo shuddered. "Did she, now?" he asked as he began caressing his wife's enticing body with his large, powerful hands.

"Oh, yes…" Kiki said huskily—shivering as Leo's thumb moved over a particularly sensitive spot on her hip. "Very much so…" She brushed a kiss to her husband's wide mouth. "Come on, lover…let Hercules come out and play."

It was with a growl that Leonardo rolled so Kiki was pinned beneath him and he claimed her lips in a deep kiss as he plunged his hard length into her to the hilt once he had let it emerge. He groaned in pleasure—his kiss swallowing his wife's pleasured moan as he began moving with slow, lazy thrusts.

Kiki moaned and trailed light, nipping kisses down Leo's neck as she wrapped her legs around his waist—her hips rising to meet his thrusts. "Yes…" she moaned before suckling at the pulse in her husband's neck—delighting in the shiver she was rewarded with before his thrusts became harder. "God yes…!" Her eyes widened before fluttering closed and her nails clawed harmlessly at Leo's carapace as the bottom edge of his plastron rubbed mercilessly against her sensitive nub—her hips gripped in his powerful hands…completely at his mercy.

Leonardo delighted in the musical sound of his wife's mewling whimpers, and as he captured a hardened nipple in his mouth, he raised Kiki's hips into his thrusts and made them harder still—knowing that his beloved was only moments away from blissful release and that he would be right behind her.

The moment he felt Kiki's inner walls clamp down so tightly around him as she threw back her head with a wanton cry of release, Leonardo exploded deep inside of her—his own head thrown back with a wordless roar of pleasure.

"Okay," Kiki breathed once she was able to form word endings. "Now you've worn me out," she said with an impish smile as she cupped Leo's face with still trembling hands and kissed him.

"Yeah," Leo murmured as he rolled them both onto their sides. "Me too," he said with a soft chuckle as he held Kiki close—snuggling with her as he nuzzled her hair.

"I love you so much, my husband," Kiki murmured sleepily before her eyes drifted closed.

"And I love you with all my heart, my wife," Leonardo murmured softly with a smile as she slowly allowed his own eyes to drift closed. Yes, he mused inwardly before following his beloved wife into the land of dreams. I truly am blessed.

...Donnie's lab…

In his lab in the basement, Donatello had called it a night—stopping work on his new game and deciding to leave it for tomorrow. However, as he sat in the brightly lit room, he knew that could not go to bed just yet. He was not yet ready to go to his lonely room and face the darkness that not even his lava lamp could fully dispel…

Dark memories from his past hovered too close to the surface of his mind.

Far too close for him to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

So long as the memories were so near the front of his mind, Donnie knew that sleep would be impossible. So it was with a sigh that he pushed himself up from his chair, strode over to the coffee maker he kept in the lab, and began making a fresh pot. Though he could have done it with his eyes closed, Donatello nevertheless focused on his task—concentrating on every single detail in his attempts to block out the memories that so often besieged him when he was alone.

Upon hearing a small 'ding', he stepped away from the coffee maker and went back to his computer—unable to stop the small smile from tugging at the corners of his wide mouth when he saw 'ShyFlower82' appear on his buddy list. Taking his seat once more, he clicked on the screen name and began typing…

ShyTechie75: Hey you :-)

ShyFlower82: Hey yourself :-)

ShyTechie75: How are you?

ShyFlower82: Fine, you?

ShyTechie75: Not bad…just trying to wind down. How was your day?

ShyFlower82: Pretty good…ran some errands, did some research, wrote for a couple hours, went to the market, had dinner, then I took Goliath for a walk and wrote for a few more hours before calling it a night and hopping on line.

ShyTechie75: Sounds like a busy day, lol…and how is Goliath?

ShyFlower82: Oh, he's fine :-) He's resting his head on my lap right now…which makes typing a little awkward since I'm using my laptop, lol…or should I say trying to use my laptop…I should really call it a knee-top at this point :-p

Donnie's face broke into a rare, wide grin at the mental image he suddenly had in his head.

ShyTechie75: LOL, aaaaww…Goliath loves his mommy :-)

ShyFlower82: Yeah…and his mommy loves him :-) Even though he slobbers, lol

ShyTechie75: Bleh

ShyFlower82: Eh, it's not so bad. I just make sure to keep little dish towels around so I can wipe his face. It's a small price to pay :-)

ShyTechie75: What kind of dog is he again?

ShyFlower82: English Mastiff

Donnie let out a low whistle.

ShyTechie75: Big boy…

ShyFlower82: LOL, yeah…maybe just a little, but he keeps me safe…not to mention he's great to snuggle with while I sleep :-)

ShyTechie75: He doesn't push you off the bed?

ShyFlower82: He did when he was going through his adolescent phase and still getting used to his long limbs. Many was the time I woke up in the middle of the night just as I was falling off the bed -,-

Though he managed not to throw back his head and laugh, Donatello could not stop the chuckles and sniggers from escaping.

ShyTechie75: Oh, poor you, lol.

Smelling that the coffee had finished brewing, Donnie got up with his mug and strode to the pot—pouring himself a fresh, steaming cup of coffee. He breathed in the aroma…savoring its rich body before taking a slow sip. "That's the stuff," he said softly in appreciation before going back to his desk and sitting down just as he got another message.

ShyFlower82: Yeah, poor me, lol. He thinks he's a lapdog sometimes…I could be sitting on the couch watching T.V., and climb onto the couch and instead of lying down beside me, he'll actually lay down on top of my lap…and let me tell you something...my boy is heavy!

Donnie nearly spit out his coffee as he laughed—unable to get the image of a small, delicate woman being held 'hostage' by a sleeping behemoth of a dog. Well, that is to say he assumed 'ShyFlower82' was small and delicate…they had never once exchanged names, locations or physical descriptions of each other—preferring to simply enjoy each other's conversation and 'company'.

ShyFlower82: So, what're you up to?

ShyTechie75: Just sitting back with some coffee…I'm not ready to go to bed yet…

ShyFlower82: What time is it over there?

ShyTechie75: Almost 2 a.m.

ShyFlower82: Really? Same here…guess we're both on the eastern seaboard, lol

ShyTechie75: Guess so, lol

ShyFlower82: Well, have no fear…I'll keep you company :-)

ShyTechie75: You sure? I don't want to keep you up if you're tired…if at any point though you want to take off and go to sleep, it's okay, I'll understand :-)

ShyFlower82: Eh, don't worry about it :-) I don't have anywhere to be

Donnie smiled softly as he slowly sipped his coffee.

ShyTechie75: So…are you saying that you're all mine until I go to bed?

ShyFlower82: Yes…I guess I am, lol

ShyTechie75: Good to know :-)