The voices rang high and clear.

"Burn her! Stake her!" They cried.

"She's a vampire!" One voice shrieked.

Red eyes blinked, framed by black curly tresses.

Fire bloomed. The flowers swayed.

Twilight succumbed.

Hair blew around in the breeze, catching sight of embers.

"Down with the vampire!"

Fire flamed.

Straw burned.

Cloth shredded.

"She is not a vampire!" One voice screamed above the crowd.

Gasps echoed through out the small town.

Red eyes glistened with beautiful pearl sized tears.

Black hair turned red with embers.

Ribbons tied hands behind a post.

"What?!" Villagers cried.

Red eyes closed.

The wind stopped blowing.

Flowers stopped swaying.

Crackling fire burned.

Red gemmed hued orbs opened, glittering and blazing.

"She is an angel." The calm assertive voice continued as if no one had spoken.

The wind picked up.

Black tresses blew angrily around the young burning girl.

"She is most certainly not an angel! She is a witch! A vampire!" Voices shouted.

"No." The assertive voice refused to back down.

Flowers shed their petals, growing black roses instead.

Red gemmed hued orbs glistened as tears fell to the burning depths of blazing embers within the straw.

The calm, assertive voice continued.

"She is an angel." It repeated.

The skies grew dark.

Storms started over head.

Villagers screamed and ran.

"She is..An angel of darkness."

Black raven night wings burst from the back of the young burning woman.

Her hair turned green.

Her eyes turned gold.

"Isn't that right, C.C?"

Violet eyes blinked from under a black hood.

The hood blew off in the wind.

Short, cropped, black raven locks fluttered gently in the wind.

The woman looked at him, her eyes glowing like cat's eyes under the blazing white moon.

Sea green tresses blew out in the harsh storming winds.

"That is correct…Lelouch." The girl's soft, haunting voice echoed.

The man known as Lelouch threw a bucket of water on the flames that licked at the girl's feet.

The girl shuddered and pulled at the ribbons binding her hands behind the burnt stake.

The red bloody ribbon came undone and she pitched forward.

The man's strong arms caught her gently, cradling the young immortal to his chest.

For the first time in her existence, C.C smiled.

"Thank you..Lelouch." She whispered.

"You're welcome…C.C." He whispered back.

And with that, the black haired, violet eyed man of the Britaniann Empire turned and walked away, black hood's cape flowing in the stormy wind.

The Black Prince had found his Angel of Darkness, the ever so illusive immortal known as the clever C.C.


Me: I hope that you liked it! I was just suddenly inspired by a song!

C.C: Yea, we could tell.

Lelouch: C.C…

C.C: Oh fine. –Goes off and eats Pizza Hut's pizza-.

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