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A Voice

Single Chap.

It was a bright sunny day in the park, where a certain brunette was humming. The sun was shining through the few clouds in the sky, there was a faint breeze every now and then, that blew cool air around her.

Spring was just around the corner and the flowers were slowly coming into bloom, birds were chirping, and the once naked trees were growing bright green leaves.

The brunette smiled, "I just love days like these." She thought happily. She stared at the beauty before and became inspired, she began writing lyrics to a new song. She was now beginning her music career. Ever since her performance in front of that producer, Yamamoto Megumi was a budding star. Although she didn't do concerts and such, she did sing at parties and weddings for people that heard her singing or heard about her singing. "I guess I could thank Yahiro for that." She continued to write.

A shadow cast over her, she turned around and saw none other than, Saiga Yahiro. "Writing lyrics about your beloved I see." He gave her a fake smile. "No! Why would I?!" She wrote in big letters. He smirked. "Now, why would you be sitting all alone in the park? Looking for a boyfriend again, I presume?" He teased.

"I don't need a boyfriend!" She responded calmly. Now it had been quite a few years since she confessed to him. They were now good friends. Although he still teased her like they just met. It was just one thing that would never change about Yahiro. She sighed. "What do you want?" Yahiro walked around the bench, and sat beside the girl. "I was bored so I decided to walk through the park. Then I saw you and decided to tease you." He smiled and laughed.

"I hate you. You know that right?" Megumi wrote angrily.

"Aww…don't say such things to your beloved." He chuckled. Even though Megumi was used to his teasing about being her 'beloved', today it was really getting on her nerves. It had been years since she confessed and whenever he mentioned it, it really annoyed her. He knew her feelings. Yet, why did he have to bring it up all the time?

"Shut up, Yahiro." She glared at him.

"Don't be so mean, Megumi-chan." She didn't answer and just went back to writing lyrics. "Now you're going to ignore your beloved, that's terrible." He used a fake sad tone. "Leave me alone!" She yelled, the fact that she just used her voice angered Yahiro. "Don-" She cut him off, "No, don't tell me not to use my voice! Because this is the only way that you are going to understand! I hate whenever you tease me saying that you're my beloved, it's not my fault I like you. So can you just shut up about it!" She screamed. Megumi angrily picked up her things and stormed off. Leaving a wide eyed Yahiro behind, on the bench.

Yahiro put his face in his hands. "Ugh, now she's mad. Does that mean I have to apologize?" He thought. He was never really good with apologies, or expressing his feelings. "I'll just ask Sakura for help."

When Megumi got home, she was greeted by Jun and Sakura. Apparently, Ryuu was out with a client. "Megumi what's wrong?" Megumi turned to Sakura, "That stupid man! I hate him! He's SO annoying, Sakura! I don't know how you deal with him all the time, but he is just so…ugh! There is no word to describe that despicable man!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. Her voice was obviously becoming hoarse. "Megumi don't scream. You'll lose your voice!" Sakura cautioned her ranting friend. Megumi simply ignored her, she continued yelling about how annoying and despicable Yahiro was. "What did he do?" Jun asked, his tone was calm.

"He always has to tease me about being my beloved and he knows how I feel! How dare he tease me about my feelings! How dare he!!" Her voice was getting raspy. "I never want to see that stupid man again!" She never lowered her voice as she continued to rant.

"Just calm down, he was just joking. It's not like he's ever really serious." Sakura patted Megumi's back. The brunette was already crying her little eyes out.

"That's the problem…he's never serious. He could say sweet things to me and then it just hurts me because I know he'll never return my feelings." She rubbed her eyes.

"Maybe he's just sorting out his feelings." Sakura stated.

"It has been like, what, five years? Who takes five years to sort out their feelings?!" Her voice was slowly lowering to a whisper. Yet she still screamed.

"Well…maybe he's just slow at these things like Hikari. Who knows it could take another five years! And you'd have a one-sided love like Kei." Sakura clearly wasn't helping, because those words only made the girl cry more.

"I don't want to be in love with someone I know won't love me back! It hurts my heart too much!" She screamed, sobbing.

"Ah…ah….um…well, for all you know maybe he already confessed in his own way!" She coaxed.

"He would never confess to me! There's nothing to confess!" She threw herself on the couch, crying into a pillow. "I wish I didn't love him, it would be so much easi-

Megumi couldn't finish that sentence. Her voice wouldn't come out. "It would be so much easier!" She whispered. "I think after all that screaming and crying, you've finally lost your voice." Jun said, stroking his sister's hair. "You've strained your delicate voice. I guess you can't be screaming and crying so much." She shook her head.

"Oh look, Yahiro's calling." Sakura smiled. Did anyone honestly care at the moment? "Hello?" She listened to his response.

"Oh, no she lost her voice." How could she say that with such a perky voice. "Well, you made her so angry and sad. That she cried her little eyes out, while screaming about how much she hates you and wishes she never liked you." Strange how Yahiro wasn't yelling. "I think you should apologize. Maybe even stop teasing her about her feelings for you. I mean of all people you should know how she feels." She stated clearly. "Okay, bye." She closed the phone. "So?" Jun asked. "He says that he's going to make it up to you Megumi!" She smiled.

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