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A Voice

Ch. 9

Megumi gazed happily at Akira. One of her closest friends was getting married. She smiled when she saw how the pair was looking at one another. It was a look of pure joy and love, although, Tadashi looked like a nervous wreck. It took a lot of effort for him to even propose, but when it came to actually saying their vows and getting married; he was just as nervous. Nothing really changed with him. Akira, though usually eccentric and angry, was calm and was rubbing her thumb over the back of Tadashi's hand, excitedly.

Their happiness was almost infectious as it radiated throughout the decorated room. Yet, the moment seemed almost bittersweet for Megumi. She was happy for Akira, like a good bridesmaid should be, but she could not stop thinking about Yahiro and how angry he must be with her right now. If she was in his position, she would not have easily forgiven herself. She wished that he had never gone to the park that day, and then she wouldn't have lost her voice or stayed with Yahiro. Everything felt awkward, even if he wasn't there to make it awkward. The sudden burst of clapping brought Megumi out of her thoughts, Tadashi was kissing Akira tenderly, but passionately on the lips. It was a bittersweet moment. She didn't know whether she was crying out of joy for her friend or sadness of not being able to have that kind of relationship. As the couple broke apart they walked, almost hastily, down the aisle announcing "we'll see you at the reception". Everyone in the room followed them outside, throwing rice and waving as they drove off to the reception.

The reception was held outdoors near the shoreline. One could see the ocean's waves crashing on the beach and smell the crisp sea air. Megumi frowned, taking a sip of her wine. She was about to sing for Akira and Tadashi, like she had promised. She slowly made her way to the small stage, all eyes following her with eager impatience. Akira smiled at Megumi briefly then kissed Tadashi once more. Megumi flashed a small smile at the crowd.

Within seconds the band began to play a slow, melodic yet romantic tune. Megumi closed her eyes for a moment then began to sing. Her voice was silky and sweet, she watched Tadashi and Akira dance. Gazing into the others eyes adorningly, she couldn't help but smile at the sight. They swayed along the dance floor, and soon other couples joined. The sight of all the couples married or not, brought upon a wave of jealously to Megumi. When she finished singing, she bowed and smiled at Akira, mouthing "Your welcome".

As she stepped down from the stage, she noticed a pair of lavender eyes staring her down. Looking to her right she saw Yahiro, sitting alone with a contemplative anger in his eyes. Megumi, wanting to avoid him at all costs, walked away from him and the dancing crowd.

Obviously Yahiro followed. His steps lightly sounding from behind her, "Why are you running away from me?" He finally asked his tone between anger and curiosity. Megumi hesitated. She didn't want to face him now, not at Akira's wedding at least. It would cause too much of a scene. She continued to walk, until the music from the reception was only slightly audible. "Why are you running from me?" Yahiro repeated, sounded exasperated. Again, she paused before speaking, "I…I'm confused…" She turned to face him; his expression was angry and desperate. Her confusion rose to a level of curiosity.

"Why are you confused?" He asked. Megumi looked down at her shoes.

"You are confusing me." She paused to look him in the eye for a moment, "the way you treat me and talk to me. It's just…confusing!"

"All I did was try to make it up to you for making you lose your voice! I did nothing that could confuse you! Nor something to make you avoid me!" He shouted, glaring at her.

"Yes you did!" She shouted in reply, "The simple act of trying to make it up to me was confusing! You don't do things like that! You're Yahiro, a cruel, sadistic, bastard! Not a caring…gentle person…" She turned away from him. He was going to walk away; out of her life…she didn't want that. She wanted him to act the way he used to, before she lost her voice. When he was the horrible Yahiro, she knew and loved.

"Am I really that horrible that I'm not allowed to be nice to you?" His tone was melancholy, disappointed.

There was a lull in the argument, he didn't respond and she didn't know what else to say. All she could ask was for him to stay, she wanted to say that she loved him and that's why she wanted him with her. But she couldn't say that…that would be asking too much of him. She knew how I he felt about her, and what their relationship was. It wouldn't be right to ask him that again. He would deny her, and say that he still had feelings for Akira or something along those lines.

"Do you still love me?" He broke the silence with the exact topic she didn't want to bring up. "Is that why you don't want me to leave?" Her grip on his wrist tightened, as she nodded. Megumi's anxiety rose when Yahiro didn't move nor speak.

"I understand that you don't feel the same way, but I don't understand why you're so upset that I left." She sounded miserable, she let go of his wrist.

"You couldn't have expected me to be happy that you left. You should've said something. Left a note, I don't know. Rather than walk out like I was a one-night stand."

"I didn't think you'd care since you don't love me…or really feel anything of that likeness toward me." Megumi wanted this to end, she was sick of his confusing actions and behavior. She was waiting for him to explode at her and say that he would never reciprocate her feelings. "You know that I love you, so the way you were acting confused me." Yahiro looked as though he was going to explode with anger.

"Well, I'm sorry for caring. I do actually care about you!" He moved closer to her and spoke softer than before, "I don't exactly love you…I'm not really sure…but…" He was hesitant. He was never hesitant, that was one thing you could count on him not to be. Megumi looked at him apprehensively.

"What are you trying to say…," She asked quietly, again her voice becoming hoarse. Yahiro looked more irritated than before.

"I thought you would've gotten what I meant before, then you wouldn't have to talk anymore." Megumi opened her mouth to speak, "No, you're not allowed to talk anymore. I will not be responsible for you losing your voice again. Simply listen." He took in a deep breath and a pause before speaking again. "I do not love you." She gave him an irritated look, that was the message he was trying to convey? "But, I do care about you. A lot." He chuckled slightly at his own words, "if you understand me, then just nod." Megumi thought about his words for a moment then nodded. She smiled at him, and whispered in his ear, "Does that mean that you love me?" Yahiro's face felt hotter he looked at her angrily, she giggled at his flushed expression and kissed his cheek. He sighed, "Is that how you kiss the man you love?" Now, she was the one blushing. Their faces were mere centimeters apart, his warm breath fanned her already heated face. Megumi wanted to move closer, but she felt stuck in her place. Yahiro slowly moved closer and placed a gentle, soft kiss on her lips. A few seconds passed till they broke apart, only moving a few millimeters away from each other, their eyes still closed. Yahiro pressed his forehead to hers. "Don't you dare say a word." Her mouth shut immediately, and he kissed her again.

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