Dudley Demented chapter three: Darkness

Darkness. Darkness and silence. All there was, darkness and silence. Time passed. How he knew it passed, he didn't know. Time passed, and still no thoughts came. No sensation. Nothing to sense.

Perhaps this is death.

The thought slid over the darkness as if on ice, but still it registered. With an effort of will, he grabbed onto the thought, used it to hold onto himself.

Perhaps this is death.

Is it?

The second thought came as the first. Smaller, but bigger, than the first. Feeling as if he were gaining strength, he latched onto that thought, too. With an effort of will he brought them together, gave them meaning.

Perhaps this is death. Or is it?

Suddenly a sensation came. Two sensations. He itched, over his front, his back, he itched. The itching burned, but it was still an itch. And, on top of him, was a weight.


But the weight was comforting. He doubted that dirt would comfort, even in death. Holding to that thought, to his curiosity, he pulled himself up…

And opened his eyes to see the moon, shining down through the canopy of a large oak. The itching, and the burning, still remained, but he could see. And hear. All around, crickets chirruped, lending the night a peaceful quality that Dudley didn't believe it deserved. Not after…

A green flash, screams, his weapon wrenched away, the burning as bits of the broomhandle burrowed into his flesh…

Looking down, into his lap, Dudley found the source of the comforting weight he had felt. Sierra was lying, head on his lap, face red from tears shed shortly before. A few feet away lay her wand, as if thrown. Suddenly, looking at the wand, laying in the grass, Dudley realized that they were no longer where they had been. Not even close. Quickly he shook Sierra awake.

It did not take much, just the shifting that put him into position so that he could gently shake her was enough to wake her. With a quick look around her, she suddenly burst into tears, wrapping her arms tightly around Dudley.

"They're gone," she sobbed, stuffing her face into his chest, "Mom, dad, Haley, they're all gone!" she collapsed, as much as she could with them already being on the ground, and continued to sob. Not knowing what to do, Dudley awkwardly patted her back as he thought.

We're not at the hideout. That much is sure. Sierra must have gotten us here. So now what do we do? If she's to be believed, that means the darkrobes won. Which means that they have her family… which means… they have my family.

Dudley turned his thoughts from the battle, from the implications of Sierra's words, and instead focused upon comforting her.

"It's okay. It'll all be okay." He said, giving a small squeeze and thinking to himself that he sounded stupid. But it seemed to work, and slowly the sobs died down. Slowly, Sierra quieted and relaxed, until Dudley was sure that she was, once more, asleep.

In the returned stillness of the night, Dudley decided that waking her, asking her questions, could wait until the morning. Slowly he lowered himself back to the ground, moving Sierra as little as possible, so that she lay comfortably on his chest, mostly off the ground.

Suddenly he became aware of her form, as small and pretty as she was, lying against him, and he felt a trickle of sweat run down his forehead. Cringing at the expected sting from the cuts the exploded broom was sure to have made, he became surprised at the lack of pain. Feeling his forehead with the hand Sierra was not lying across, he was surprised to find the skin smooth, perfectly untouched.

Tomorrow. Questions can wait until tomorrow.

Sierra's weight returned to be comforting, if not still a little awkward, and slowly he, too, drifted off to sleep.

Haley awoke slowly to a loud, disturbing sound. Shaking her head, and ignoring the soreness of her body, she turned towards the source of the noise. Her eyes didn't travel far before they fell upon the form of a hulking mass farther back in the stone cell. Gasping, she quickly scrambled away, thinking perhaps that her captors had locked her away with a giant. Upon standing up, however, she caught a glimpse of the face, and sighed in relief. It wasn't a giant at all, she noticed, but the Dursley man, the one related to Dudley. And he was just snoring.

Cautiously she approached Dursley senior, wanting to wake him up, but also intimidated by his snoring, and by the moods that he had had back at the hideout.

"So, the boy's uncle, is it? Ooh, and a tiny little morsel! You didn't mention her, Scabior."

"I thought to surprise you."

Haley turned to see two men coming to a stop outside the cell. One was small, with sharp angles defining his cruel, calculating face, while the other was large, with a smattering of grey hair that led to long, fur-like sideburns. All over the large man's face, and arms, white scars criss-crossed each other, creating an indecipherable history of violence.

"Well, the Dark Lord has no need of the small muggle, does he? I think I'll take her now." The large man said, removing a pair of keys from a ring attached to his belt.

"Just hurry," Scabior said in a warning voice, "we don't need you… indisposed should the Potter boy be found. Or should the Dark Lord call."

"You can't rush things like this, Scabior," he was now replacing the keys on the ring. Haley backed away into the cell, becoming truly afraid. "Can you, sweety?"

The gaze from the man made Haley shiver, and also made her want to cover herself even more than her clothing did, for some reason.

"Well, try to." Scabior said with a sigh. Fenrir Greyback didn't show any sign of a temper, for once, at Scabior's warnings. Without a further word, Scabior left Greyback alone with the two in the cell. He had no desire to see the infamous work rumoured to come from his companion.

Haley squeaked as Greyback's gaze turned back to her, following the slamming of a distant door. "Come now, sweety, don't be like that. It'll all be over soon enough."

Haley shrank back into the farthest corner of the cell, putting as much space between her and the werewolf. Beside her, she noticed, the Dursley was attempting to stand up.

"What- What's this now?" Vernon grunted, turning to face the floor so he could use both his hands and his knees to get up.

"Nothing to concern you." Greyback responded, pausing a moment to smirk as the Dursley shifted his bulk about the floor, finally finding purchase and using the wall to brace himself.

"I don't know where the Hell we are, or what we're doing here, but…" Vernon trailed off as Greyback stepped forward, grinning to show teeth that, somehow, just didn't seem human.

"Good fatso." Greyback said in response to Vernon's silence. He turned back to Haley.

"But, I do know what you're thinking and- and, I won't stand for it." Vernon finished, taking a step between Greyback and Haley.

"That's nice." Greyback growled. Almost nonchalantly, Greyback delivered a swift backhand, knocking Vernon back, then grabbed the thick neck. Not even looking at his opponent, the werewolf beat Vernon's head against the wall, then allowed him to crumple to the floor.

"Now… where were we, sweety?"

"Stay away!" Haley yelled, thrusting her arms out as if to push him away. Much to her surprise, and even more so to Greyback's surprise, he was thrown back against the wall, outside of the cell. At the same moment, Scabior came rushing into the dungeons.

"I told you, Greyback, we haven't the time! He's called us. The Dark Lord requires our presence immediately!"

"Fine!" Greyback yelled, returning to his feet. "I'll come back for you later, darling, don't forget me."

Scabior retrieved the keys from where they'd fallen on the floor, and hurriedly locked the cell, before running up the stairs after Greyback.

In the back corner of her cell, beside the unconscious body of Vernon Dursley, Haley began to cry.


This is a scene that I, admittedly, can't believe I almost didn't write. I'm a horrible person, abandoning the story for so long. I mean, what else can cure Vernon of his lamentable state, if not being locked in a dungeon with an eleven year old girl that is more capable than he is at beating the werewolf? I would very much like to thank Elizashizzle, for being the only reason that this story continued. Now that I'm back to writing this, I remember just how enjoyable the whole experience is. I'm sure that this fic is now back on its way to completion. Thanks for reading!