This happened 83 years prior to Monkey D Luffy's birth. This is the day the Fifth and Sixth Hokages died along side the Fifth Kazekage in battle.


One hundred years ago

"Gaah!" Kiba was sent sprawling. He gripped the wound on his side. "Shit." Hinata scrambled over to him.


"I'm... Ok... Ow." He rolled onto his back. "He obviously doesn't want us to help them."

"Naruto-kun doesn't need our help. He's strong enough." Hinata stared worriedly at the trio battling the demon.


Naruto bumped into Gaara. The two stood back to back. The demon hacked down on them; Gaara used the sand to protect the both of them.

"Tsunade! Get up." Gaara grunted. He was staring to feel dizzy from all the hexes the demon had fired at him.

"I'm up." Tsunade launched herself at the demon beast again. Damn. These boys need to be careful. I only have so much chakra to heal them with.

"GRAAAH!" Naruto fired a Rasengan-Shiriken at the demon. "Aah." He gripped his arm. "Right... I'm not supposed to do that..."

Tsunade glared at him. The demon was down at least... "Let's get out of here. Its corpse is kind of gross..." The beast had reverted from mostly human form to pure demon form.

"I don't think it's dead. Were that the case... the Sand Coffin would have been enough." Gaara glared down at the demon.

"Hehehe. I like you, Gaara. You're smart. And that tickled. Do it again!" The demon laughed.

Naruto stared at it, horrified. "We're gonna need back-up."

"No good. Kiba tried. There's some kind of force field." Gaara's eyes never once left the demon.

"Naruto, what about Kyuubi?" Tsunade looked around for the demon.

"Demon projections can't control their power properly... I don't know if he can help. Even if he tried he might end up hurting us." Naruto shook his head.

"Naruto..." Gaara growled. The sand twisted into a partial bubble over the three. But something was off. Tsunade grunted.

"Naruto." She gasped.

Gaara winced. The demon had stabbed his claws through the sand. One of the claws had grazed his side. But Tsunade had borne the brunt of the hit. Four of the five claws had slashed through her. And she was just about out of chakra.

"Yeah?" Naruto smelled the blood, but because of the darkness the dome provided, he couldn't tell.

"You need to save your energy." Gaara growled at the Hokage. Her hand brushed his wound, healing it. "You didn't have to. It was just a scratch."

"Gaara. Shut up. I'm going to die very soon, so make the best of your time. Naruto you're the next Hokage." Tsunade gasped. She only had one lung to work with and she'd used too much chakra to be able to heal herself.

"Tsunade?" Naruto reached out a hand, brushing the woman's shoulder. "You're kidding right?"

"No. Naruto... She's not." Gaara listened for Tsunade's ragged breathing. Nothing. "We need Kyuubi. It doesn't matter whether he can control his power in this form. If we're going to die we may as well... Die spectacularly. Eh, Lord Sixth?"

Naruto couldn't believe it. His life long dream had come true. He didn't expect it to happen like this. "I guess."

"You don't want it to happen like this?" Gaara asked.

Naruto smirked and shook his head. "No." His voice betrayed the huge grin. "I'll be going down kicking ass alongside my best friend, the Fifth Kazekage. I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Me neither." Gaara smiled.

"Great. Let's go, lord Fifth."

"On three, lord Sixth."

"Three!" Naruto shouted, a Rasengan spiraling on his palm. The sand dome reversed its shape, scooping around the demon. Gaara wasn't trying to kill it... Just cage it. The two Kages sprinted forward, both with their own special attacks. Gaara with his own version of the Rasengan, sand spiraling like a saw-blade, and Naruto with the actual Rasengan.

They were about to thrust the attacks into the demon when it's claws slashed out of the sand and hooked into them.


Kyuubi had just arrived when he saw the demon kill Naruto and Gaara. The Nine tails remained on our plane of existence for one more second before being yanked to the Realm of Demons.


Across the battlefield, Shukaku felt the presence of Kyuubi vanish. The One tail vanished to the same place.


Kakashi realized the battle was over when Gaara yanked the sand shield over and the demon's claws went right through it.

"Naruto..." He said. Everyone on the battlefield stopped.

"Naruto!" Kakashi and Sasuke had both shouted. When the dome had encased the demon and Gaara and Naruto had attacked, Sasuke had felt a pang of worry.

Then the two had been hooked on the claws.

"It's over." Neji whispered. He glanced at Sakura. The kunoichi's face was streaked with dirt, blood, and tears. "Sakura..."

"What the hell?" Kiba exclaimed. He watched in horror as Naruto's corpse fell to the ground, followed by Gaara's.

Sakura drew a sharp breath and began to sob. Sasuke put his arm around her. Hinata's shoulders shook as she cried openly against Kiba's arm.

Temari gripped Kankuro's wrist with her left hand. Her right hand was clamped over her mouth, as she cried.

Shikamaru's jaw tightened as Ino gripped his hand. Sasuke closed his eyes. Kiba looked down. Neji looked away, turning his gaze to Lee, whose lip trembled.

Kankuro just stared blankly ahead. "Gaara, Naruto." He whispered. Kankuro put his arms around Temari. The two siblings felt as though it was all over. Not just the battle...but everything else too.

The demon turned its attention to the only other living things on the battlefield.

"Bring it." Kakashi drew his last shuriken.

"Which one, which one? I think I'll go with the pink-haired one. Her crying is most annoying." The demon spoke softly. It charged for Sakura, changing shape as he went. In its human form it seemed to move faster. It flicked a katana out of nothing.

"No." Kakashi stepped in front of Sakura. Sasuke sprang over his teacher and landed in front of Kakashi. He reached for his sword, but the demon moved too quickly for him.

Neji's hands had pulled Sakura back. The Hyuga stared back up, just in time to see the last of the Uchiha die. Sasuke hung limp on the sword blade, the sword blade that had gone all the way through him and into Kakashi.

Sasuke's teacher was mortally wounded, but he was going to last at least long enough to injure the demon. Kakashi took the sword Sasuke had been reaching for and through it. He'd thrown the katana javelin style. It hit the intended target, the demon's forehead, but did no damage.

"You are an annoying little pest, son of the White Fang. I've killed you and yet you still fight? DIE!" It yanked the sword out of Kakashi. Sasuke's corpse slid off the blade and fell face first into the dirt.

"You... killed... Naruto... and... Sasuke." Kakashi panted. He gripped the handle of Sasuke's katana and jerked it. The sword sliced the left upper half of the demon's head off. "You... DIE!" He stabbed it through the spot where the heart should have been.

The demon glared down at Kakashi with his right eye. It shook its head (what was left of it). With a neat flourish of its own sword, it beheaded the jounin.

Sakura and Hinata screamed.

"Ok. That's it." Neji's eardrum was ringing from when Sakura had screamed. He drew a kunai. "You will be destroyed. Ready, guys."

"Never more." Shikamaru drew Asuma's chakra blades. Kiba tossed a soldier pill into his mouth. Lee undid the weights and dropped them. Ino drew a kunai. Shakily, Hinata stepped into a fighting position. Kankuro and Temari were still recovering from Gaara's death, but they readied themselves for the fight.

Sakura pulled her gloves on tighter. She flexed her fingers. "You're going to die along with us." She growled.

"I am? We'll see... Hee! This is going to be so fun! Make me feel the agony. I like it." The demon grinned, the part of his head that had been cut off filled in with smoke. The smoke solidified into brain, skull, eye, skin, and flesh.

The young ninja attacked the demon. Lee was the first to die. He was stripped of his arms then his innards.

Kiba was next. His face was torn open and his throat along with it.

Ino was next. Her hand was ripped off and her heart out.

Then Hinata. She was impaled on the katana and sliced open.

Shikamaru was cut in half.

Neji's left arm and shoulder were torn off, and then so was his head.

Kankuro and Temari were killed at the same time. The demon threw Temari's fan, decapitating the both of them.

Sakura picked up the katana. She forced her chakra into the blade until it hummed with power. "DIE." She shrieked as she swung the blade. The demon caught it and forced the chakra back at her. It burned through the gloves and into her hands. The kunoichi let go of the sword and forced the chakra into her leg. She kicked up at the demon and sent it flying.

"Strong girl. Tee, hee, hee! You make me feel the pain. I like the pain. I like you. You're good." The demon giggled. Sakura forced all of her chakra into her fist. She punched it in the face as hard as she could. The strike would have broken a human's neck and killed him. The demon only giggled like it was high on something.

"Nice try girlie... I was going to keep you as a toy... But you're making me mad now. You're going to go join your friends now. Hee!" It gripped Sakura's throat ad sent a huge pulse of chakra into Sakura.

She died.

Chapter 1: Angels

Seventeen years ago

Makino panted. She'd been at it for almost six hours.

"Come on Makino! When I was alive six hours were a light training session. I had to train for up to twelve hours at a time. More than once I did eighteen or more. You can do it too." Tsunade was still full of energy and ready to keep going.

"But Tsunade! I've been at this for six hours strait. I haven't drunk anything in those six hours. And I skipped coffee this morning, if you remember." Makino glared up at her guardian angel.

The blonde former ninja smiled ruefully. "Sorry." She stretched her huge white wings and touched off from the log. "Ok. We'll go back... But you have to learn water walking first."

"Why? I'm exhausted!"

"I'm sorry. But I have a really bad feeling you'll be needing that skill soon."

"Oh all right. You're the all powerful former Hokage. I can't really argue."

"I'm not all powerful. I can't even control time. I can't be all powerful with out being able to control time." Tsunade smiled.

"Whatever. Let's get this over with." Makino and Tsunade kept going till they came across a river. It wasn't very deep and didn't move very fast.

"It's like with tree climbing, only you need to keep exuding a constant amount of chakra." Tsunade touched down. She pulled the hem of the white skirt up so Makino could see her feet. The angel stepped onto the water. Makino watched as her guardian crossed the river and back, on top of the water.

"Wow. I want to try that." Makino summoned more chakra. She stepped onto the water and began striding towards the center. The 19 year-old smiled. "Tsunade! I did it! I did it!"

"Pretty good for a first try. Slow walking and standing are kind of hard. Running is actually easier. Because you know tree running, you know not to allow your feet to come down too hard. It's easier because your feet touch the water less often, meaning you need to use less chakra."

"I'm too tired to do anymore training today." Makino's eyes widened as she remembered. She let go of the chakra, her legs splashing into the water. "I just remembered! Jayn's baby was due today!"

"Hmmm." Tsunade hadn't forgotten. She glanced skyward. "I wonder who his angel is..."


When Makino got to the hospital she saw Jayne's three year-old son Ace sitting on the bench swinging his legs back and forth.

"Hi Makino." He smiled at the green-haired girl.

"Makino... Something's wrong. I feel bad..." Tsunade's voice echoed inside Makino's head.

What is it Tsunade?

"I don't know. But something bad just happened." Makino worried at Tsunade's words.

The nurse came out of the room holding a bundle of cloth. "Are you Uma Makino?" She asked; her eyes were wide with worry.

"Yes. Why?" Makino looked at the bundle curiously.

It moved.

"Take him." The nurse handed the bundle to Makino. "You were named godmother. He's yours now." The nurse hurried away, past the light that was invisible to her.

The orange glow was only visible to Makino. She stared at it for a moment, before looking at the bundle.

It squirmed in her arms and began to admit a wail.

"Makino, is that my baby brother?" Ace hopped off the bench and tugged at Makino's skirt. She knew he couldn't see the glow, so she stopped staring.

The green-haired girl looked down at the baby wrapped in the bundle. He had black eyes and black fuzz for hair. A hand reached down and stroked the baby's arm. Makino looked up.

There was a blonde man standing in front of her. He was wearing orange and red robes and had red and gold wings. The man had blue eyes and what looked to be whiskers.

"I'm Uzamaki Naruto. I'm this boy's guardian angel." He seemed to say, but she couldn't tell. He hadn't moved his mouth.

"Ok." Makino had never met a guardian angel other than Tsunade before.

"Why do I have the feeling Naruto is going to have his work cut out for him?" Tsunade pondered.

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