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Chapter 4

Two boys sprawled on the sand. They were about ten feet away from each other. One boy was blonde and had whiskers. The other had white hair. They were both dressed in plain clothes of bright colors.

The white-haired boy was wearing bright red and a murky green. The blonde boy was wearing orange. They both wore headbands with a swirly looking leaf-like symbol.

Koby stared at the two wondering if they were alive. The blonde cracked open an eye and the white-haired one sat up.

Koby had his back turned when the two stirred. When he turned around again they were gone. The cabin boy dismissed the thought that they had actually been there and imagined it had been a mirage.

He began rolling the two barrels up the hill. One at a time. Little did he know; the two boys were not a mirage. They were the guardians of the contents of the barrels.

When Lady Alvida's mace had smashed into the supply hut, it had sent the two pirates flying. Luffy laughed and Shanks tried to remember when Alvida had been nicer, and thinner.

She hadn't.

Naruto and Jiraiya crouched low in the leaves. They'd taken up their "separate" forms when Alvida had smashed the hut. The two angels had also taken up transformations of themselves when they were still alive.

Jiraiya had taken his own 15 year-old form, so had Naruto.

Koby turned around, almost bumping into Jiraiya. "S-s-s-sorry! D-d-don't h-hit me!" Koby stuttered.

"Why would I do that?" Jiraiya asked. He was worried about Shanks, and oddly… Luffy too.

"That's what e-everyone else d-does. W-wait, you're not going to hit me?"

"No…" Jiraiya helped Shanks out of the barrel. The redhead staggered around for a bit before the dizziness wore off.

Luffy pulled himself out of the barrel. The rubber boy fixed his hat and shirt. "That was fun." He caught sight of Koby. "Hi! I'm Luffy. Who are you?"


"You don't happen to have a boat or meat?" Luffy asked.

Shanks punched him in the back of the head. "Baka! You need to use your manners. I know you have them, Makino taught you."

"Sorry… Koby-san, is it possible you could assist us in obtaining a mode of nautical transportation and nourishment, preferably nourishment very high in protein of the meat variety?"

"I-I guess. W-well I can get you a b-boat-t, b-but I do-on't t-think it can hold all-l f-four of you." Koby stuttered.

"That's ok!" Naruto grinned. "I can walk on water."

"So can I." Jiraiya proudly claimed.

Koby stared up at them, jaw slack. "Y-you c-c-can w-walk on w-water!"

"Yeah. We can do lots more too." Naruto stretched his arms out, as if trying to show the amount of things he could do.

"Whoa!" Luffy, Shanks, and Koby stood on the dock staring at the huge port-town. "This place is HUGE!"

"It's a town, Luffy. Not every settlement is as small as Windmill Village." Shanks pointed out.

"Suna was five times the size of this place, and it was considered a small village in my day. Konoha is easily eight times the size of this place. Damn. I miss that village. My face never made it to Hokage rock though." Naruto muttered wistfully.

Whatever, Naruto-sama, Luffy thought. "Gee. I'm starving. Let's find some food!"

"Man. This place has good food. We should come back again some other time." The straw-hat wearer patted his stomach. "Say Koby… Wasn't that bounty hunter dude locked up in that Navy base? What was his name…? Roronoa…Zoro?"

The rest of the restaurant's occupants (minus Koby and Shanks) jumped up and cowered in fear.

"Luffy…. I think it's best we don't say his name aloud." Shanks muttered.

"I think Shanks-senpai is right. And I heard that Captain Morgan was—"

The same response as when Luffy had said the bounty hunter's name was given to the mention of the Naval captain.

"I wonder what's with all these people. They're acting jumpier than if they heard Hoshigaki Kisame was on a rampage…"

You're right. Wait. Who's Kisame again?

"Never mind…"

"Koby, if you're going to be a marine… let's get you to the base."

"What about Shanks-senpai?" Koby realized the problem.

"Oh. It's ok! I resigned being a pirate. The marines know that, which is why I have nothing to fear." Shanks grinned. "And besides I'm an author. Author's don't get attacked by marines!" He winked and held up a blue covered book. It had a picture of a man and women holding pistols on the front cover.

Koby could make out the title.

Icha-Icha Revolution.

"Oh." Koby looked up at the Marine base again. It loomed over him.

"Naruto says that thing is about as tall as Kyuubi's knee." Luffy said.

"Who's Kyuubi?" Koby asked Luffy's back as the Mugiwara sprinted up to the wall.

The rubber man jumped up on top. (Acting like Jeff Corwin) "Do you think we'll spot the savage beast from here?"

"No, no. Luffy you should understand that he's probably deep within the bowels of the fortress." Naruto barked from his position (in fox form) next to his charge's elbow.

"Oh really? Maybe we should follow that black-haired kid with the ping-pong paddle symbol on the back of his shirt." Luffy pointed at a kid with spiky black hair styled into a DA, white shorts, and a dark blue shirt. (You all know who he is.)

"Something about that guy is eerily familiar…" Naruto mused out loud.

"Let's follow him!"

"No! What if he's a bad guy? Like Zoro?" Koby flailed his arms.

"Naw. He's got a clan symbol on the back of his shirt. A Konoha clan symbol." The teen in the orange jacket smirked. "Dunno which one though."

"I think it's… I can't remember. All I know is he's an angel." Naruto dashed along the top of the wall as Luffy sprinted along the bottom of the wall, following the boy around the corner.

The boy hopped up onto the brick wall and strolled along it. "Hey. Why are you people followi— Naruto?" He asked the fox. "Say you remember me. No, you don't. That hurts, man. It really hurts."

"Sasuke?" Naruto transformed into the 15 year-old version of himself. Sasuke frowned. He crossed his arms and glared at his former classmate.

"Sure. Now you recognize me."

"What brings you to a marine base?"

"My idiot charge. Got himself captured. He's been here for almost two weeks."

"Two weeks? Where is he anyway? Hold on, is your charge… Roronoa Zoro?"

"Yep. And he's tied up in the middle of the parade grounds, just over the wall. Zoro! I brought some friends for you to meet." Sasuke cupped his hands around his mouth.

"Who?" Came a voice from over the wall. Luffy hopped up and peeked over.

Koby and Shanks also hopped up onto the wall. The author raised an eyebrow when Koby toppled off the wall and into the dirt below muttering something about black bandanas and sashes.

"Chill, Koby. Sasuke's a good guy. If he's Zoro's guardian… you have nothing to worry about." Naruto beamed. "Well, mostly nothing anyway."

"Hey, Sasuke-sama. Will you and Zoro join my crew?" Luffy asked.

Sasuke looked at him with a blank expression. "Oh yeah sure. I'll join. It's Zoro who you'll have to work at to convince. Then again, I could be wrong completely. He has spur-of-the-moment mind-changes all the time."

"What kind of crew is it?" Zoro asked.

"A pirate crew." Luffy grinned.

"Hell no." Zoro shook his bandana-covered head.

"If I told you Red-haired Shanks is on my crew, would you join?" the straw-hat wearer asked.

"Red-Haired Shanks? You mean the author? Huh. His book is good... Maybe. I guess. Sure. It's just… Well… They took my swords. Hid 'em somewhere in the fortress. And I'm thirsty. And—" His stomach growled, finishing the sentence for him. "Can you? Ya know… Get me some food?"

"I know just what you need!" Luffy bounced up and down on the wall. "Meat! And ramen!!!"

"Uh… ok. Can you get me some sake and my swords?"

"Sure! Come on Shanks! You go get the sake and ramen and meat. I go get the swords!" the black-haired pirate captain punched his fist into the air.

"Sasuke…" Zoro began.

"I'm on it." The angel nodded and transformed into a snake. He curled around Luffy's arm, like a coil of rope. "Be careful. Zoro'sss got three ssswordsss. He'sss a sssantoryu ussser."

"Ooh. Koby! Stay here and keep out of the marines' sight." Naruto ordered before vanishing into Luffy's head again. The rubber-man stretched his arms, latched onto the roof of the base, and shot forward. "GOMU GOMU NO ROCKET (the attacks will be written in Japanglish)!!!"

The angel who'd transformed into a snake had to tighten his grip, for fear of falling off. They landed on the roof and Naruto separated. He smirked at the Uchiha. "My charge is really something ain't he?"

"Yeah well. You haven't seen Zoro in action yet. He can kick Luffy's ass."

"Is that so? What can he do?" Naruto raised an incredulous eyebrow.

"He can kick my ass." Sasuke said with a blank expression (He went back to semi-human form).

"Oh. Zoro is something. Even I couldn't beat you with Kyuubi's help."

"And yet Gaara could, without Shukaku's help."

Naruto flashed a huge grin. "Shut up!"


"What's Zoro got?" Luffy asked. The three of them snuck through a hatch door on the roof.

"Ah… He's a master swordsman. I trained him in basic taijutsu. He's not as good as Lee… but then no one is. He can do several kinds of jutsu. Fire style, Lightening. Oh yeah, and he has Sharingan."

"HE HAS WHAT?" Naruto stopped dead. "How can he have sharingan?"

"Can Luffy do the Rasengan properly?"


"That's how."


"You're Luffy's guardian, I'm Zoro's. He has what I did. Sharingan… And a bunch of powerful techniques. Including the ones Itachi gave me but let's not go there."

"Um… I'm not wanting to ask."

"He never used any of them on me…"

"Ok. I was just making sure. Because Ameratsu could hurt so you wouldn't want him to do that to you—"

"Last thing Naruto."



"Hey! Guys! I found it!" Luffy pointed through an open door. There were three swords leaning up against the wall. "Are those Zoro's, Sasuke-sama?"

"Yeah. Grab the katana and let's go. I'll give you a brief taste of how I get places fast." Sasuke tied a black headband on. It didn't have any symbols on it. The headband held back his black bangs. Luffy picked up the katana, cradling them tightly to his chest.

"Sasuke, what are you thinking?" Naruto looked at his friend curiously.

"You'll see. Wings out." Sasuke frowned.

"Wings out? What?" Luffy didn't have time to finish asking. Sasuke grabbed a fistful of the back of the rubber man's jacket. The black-haired angel charged for the window.

He hit the glass with his shoulder and barreled out into open air.

"SHIT!" Luffy screamed.

"SHUT UP." Sasuke yelled. There was a sound of ripping cloth. Luffy looked back and saw two midnight-blue wing spreading out from Sasuke's shoulders. The flash of color from Naruto's red and orange wings was the only sign that he was following them.

The two angels (plus Sasuke's passenger) landed gracefully (or in the case of Sasuke's passenger, on his ass in the dirt) on the parade grounds. Sasuke's boots were coated in a thin layer of dust from the sand. A tiny dust cloud surrounded Naruto's sandals when he touched down.

"That was fun." Luffy said, standing and dusting the seat of his trousers off. "Let's do it again!"

"No." The black-haired angel was blunt about the answer. Both he and the blonde left their wings out. "I broke the Angel Code by doing that. I'm not supposed to touch another angel's charge, without permission. Actually I broke it the moment I grabbed your arm on the way up."


"I don't mind." Naruto shrugged. "I trust you more than I trust Jiraiya. In respects to handling Luffy."

"Naruto, I have a question for you regarding Luffy." Sasuke folded his headband and tucked it into his pocket.


"Can you have him lift up his shirt?"


"Just do it."

"Why? Oh… You think I wouldn't have noticed? Sasuke, it's been seventeen years since his birth. Ya think I wouldn't notice if the Kyuubi was inside him?"

"Yes. There are seals that can keep a demon from meeting an angel within the same person." The black-haired angel shoved his fists into his pockets. His eyes remained on the ground in front of him as he trudged in Zoro's direction.

"The Kyuubi?" Luffy asked. He poked his stomach. He pulled up his shirt and said, "I don't see a seal."

Naruto charged his palm with Chakra. He ran it across his charge's stomach. The seal appeared.

"Meep." Naruto whimpered.

Chapter 5

Sasuke made short work of the bonds that held Zoro to the post. "Luffy, com'mere. I'll check the seals."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll fix that one so Naruto and his old… pal…" Sasuke snickered, "can chat with you."

"Oh." The Mugiwara trudged over to him.

Sasuke studied the seal for a moment. He frowned. "A minute, or less."

"I see. Can you do it now?" Naruto shifted from foot to foot. He'd put his wings away, but the Uchiha had not.

(In case you're wondering, Naruto looks like a soul-reaper captain in red (replacing black) and orange (replacing white). He has red swirls on his cloak. Sasuke's still in his 12-yr-old form.)

Sasuke shrugged. He let his chakra out around his hand. It looked like a blue glove. His fingers were cold against Luffy's belly. He shivered under Sasuke's touch. (NOT A YOAI MOMENT! YOAI FANGIRLS OFF NOW!) "Done."

Luffy nodded and collapsed.

Luffy sat up in a dark place. Torches lit in sconces along the walls. Everything was glistening black stone. At the far end of the hall was a massive cage. Luffy took a step back, into Naruto.

"Keep walking. I am here to keep you safe." The angel said flatly. His expression was unreadable in the dim light.

The black-haired boy took tentative steps forward. Something in the cage shifted. It was a massive fox. Its eyes glowed red. An aura of raw power and rage seeped off it in tides.

"You're Monkey D Luffy, my most recent prison. An honor to have an angel here." It sneered at Naruto. The fox transformed into a young man in a ragged red vest and torn black pants. His teeth were pointed and glistening in the flickering light. He had whiskers like Naruto. "Come over here. See this piece of paper? It's a seal. It's keeping me here. Take the sheet of paper off and I'll give you unlimited power."

"No thanks."

"That's a good—Hey! I'm the Kyuubi, king of demons! You listen to me now!"

"Thanks for the offer mister, but I'm not interested. I don't want to have unlimited power."

"Heh he heh. You will kid."

"Kyuubi, you leave him alone. Ya hear. Don't play tricks on him. I'll see to it you're locked up good and proper in a nice cell in Tartarus if you keep it up."

"Come on, Naruto. I'm a good person. You know that. I won't hurt the kid. Not permanently anyway. Luffy, I need you to let me out. I'll die if I stay stuck here."

"He's lying. He's a fox. You can't trust him."

"I don't know. He seems pretty helpless. What kind of person would I be if I let him rot here?"

"A dead person. He'd kill you and take over."

"Come on. I didn't kill you, did I? No. I think not."

The room shifted. The cage vanished and instead it was Kyuubi kneeling on the floor, shackles hanging on his wrists. They were attached to the floor. On the cuffs was one of the seal papers each cuff. Two pillars stood either side of Luffy.

"Please Luffy. Have mercy on me. The seals hurt me."

"Ok. I'll take the seals off." Luffy made to walk forward, but he bumped into someone again. He bumped into Zoro's broad back. "What's Zoro doing here?"

"Agh! Those eyes! Those eyes were lost one hundred years ago. Who are you?" Kyuubi looked genuinely scared.

"I am Uchiha Zoro. My eyes last belonged to my great-great grandfather. Uchiha Itachi." Zoro stated flatly.

"Itachi." Kyuubi hissed. He jerked back and transformed into a massive fox again. Luffy fell back in shock. Zoro stood his ground. He didn't move at all.

There was a collar around the fox's neck. The collar had the seal on it. "Kyuubi, stand down." Zoro ordered coolly.

"Don't order me around!" the demon brought its face down level with Zoro and snarled. His massive fangs snapped an inch from the swordsman's face.

"Don't order my captain around." Zoro reached for his white handled katana.

"Wado Ichimonji. I despise the Uchiha. They have weapons that can destroy a demon. You will kill me."

"I will not. You will not order Luffy to let you take over again. I will silence you."

Luffy snapped into alertness. "Zoro… You stopped it."

"Yeah. Least I could do. You got my katana back. Next to my life, they're my most treasured possessions." The green-haired man extended a hand to the black-haired teen.

Luffy took the hand and Zoro pulled him up. Sasuke was sitting on the wall reading. Naruto was nowhere to be seen.

"Naruto?" the rubber man asked out loud.

"In here, kid. With Fluffy."

"I was just testing his strength before…"

"Just shut up Kyuubi."

"One of these days Naruto…"

"And you'll what? Kill me? Already dead, remember?"


"Hey, Sasuke-sama!"

"Hm?" Sasuke looked up from the book.

"What's Sharingan?"

"It's an ocular jutsu. A form of jutsu used only in the eyes. It can be used to see chakra, copy attacks, or see ahead in your opponent's mind to find the attack they'll use next. Very useful and annoying."

"What do they have to do with Kyuubi?" Luffy asked. Zoro hopped up onto the wall. Luffy followed.

"Ah… Some of the Uchiha have sharingan. Those that do are able to control demons. Kyuubi is a demon. I had the honor of meeting him once." Sasuke closed his book and tucked it into his pocket.

"Who's Uchiha Itachi?"

"My brother." Sasuke's face went stony cold and his eyes hardened into black diamond. "Why do you ask?"

Zoro shifted uneasily and hopped off the wall into the street on the other side. His angel glared at him. "Are you hiding something?" the dark-winged angel asked.

"Uh… No. You just never asked." Zoro tied the katana to his sash.

"Asked what?" Sasuke stood up on the wall and glared down at his charge.

"What my bloodline entails. You thought I had sharingan because of you. I had it because of my bloodline. Look at a list of my ancestors, starting on my mom's side. Go back three generations and who's that? Itachi."

"Damn it all Zoro. Why didn't you tell me?"

"You never asked." The swordsman undid his bandana and tied it on his arm. He looked down at his clothes. "I need new clothes. White is annoying."

Zoro came out of the store dressed in dark colors. He was wearing a dark green t-shirt and had a black belt instead of the haramaki. He was still wearing the same pants and boots as before.

"Wow. You look kinda like a ninja now…" Luffy muttered.

"Shut up." Zoro grumbled. He adjusted the bandana just as Shanks came running up to them, panting.

"Th-there you are!" He glared up at his friend and the new crewman. Shanks looked at Sasuke. Then Luffy, then Zoro. "We gotta go. Morgan's pissed."

"Hn." Zoro tucked his hands in his pockets.

Luffy fixed his hat. "Let's go talk at him then." Zoro made no expression at his captain's suggestion.

Instead he simply agreed. "It shouldn't take us five minutes."

It took them three.

They had been at sea for five hours. The tiny port town was out of sight, and nothing surrounded them but waves.

"Do you even know where we're going?" Zoro's stomach growled. Sasuke fidgeted.

Jiraiya shook his head. "Nope." He leaned against the railing of the schooner.

"Hn." Zoro shrugged.

Luffy groaned. "Meeeeeeeaaaaat!"

"Shut up, Luffy. We're all hungry." Shanks nudged the tiller gently. "And we need a Navigator. I'm ok… but if you want to get to the Grand Line… you need a better Navigator. A waaaay better Navigator."

"And a musician, and a cook, and a sharpshooter... And a guy who knows about ninja!" Luffy exclaimed.

"The only guys who 'know about ninja' are our enemies." Sasuke stated flatly. "Or… they're dead."

"Nya." Luffy stuck his tongue out at the angel.

Faster than lightening it was stretched the length of the ship, with the dead Uchiha holding the end of it. "Never stick your tongue out at me. Only Naruto can do that." Sasuke growled. He let go of Luffy's tongue. It snapped back into the teen's mouth, creating a sound akin to a breaking rubber band.

Zoro snickered. Shanks laughed. Jiraiya smirked and Naruto just glared at the sky.

The blonde angel looked back at his old teacher. "Didn't Shukaku say he'd meet us soon?"

"Turn around." Sure enough, the one-tail, in human form, was standing right behind the blonde angel on the water. "So… Not much has changed…. Except… More of the gods have awakened. Instead of just Ra-sama, Athena-sama, and Poseidon-sama. Hermes-sama has awakened and who knows who's going to get up next? Actually… Hecate-sama showed signs of waking. That's pretty much it."

"I see… I hope Zeus-sama hasn't awakened. He dislikes jinchuriki and devil-fruit users. What's more? He hates pirates too, or so the legends say." Naruto shivered.

Shukaku shrugged then caught sight of Zoro and Sasuke. "What in the Tartarus are two Uchiha doing here?"

"We're part of the crew." Zoro stated impassively. "Well… I am, and Sasuke's my great-uncle and guardian angel."

Shukaku's feet sank an inch beneath the water. "Huh?"

"It's really kind of confusing…" Jiraiya shrugged.

Chapter 6

Buggy the Clown. Those three words spelled doom for her. Nami was running from the pirate. Her angel sprinted along the empty streets beside her.

"In my day, a pirate wouldn't dare attack a ninja." The pink-haired angel shook her head.

"Yeah, well… There aren't any living ninja left, Sakura-nee!"

"I know." There was suddenly an explosion overhead that caused the two females and their pursuers to stop.

Something fell. It didn't fall from very high; it didn't cause that much damage. But it fell. Whatever it was stood up.

It was a teenage boy, about 17 years in age with a straw hat.

"What?" Both the thief and her angel echoed each other.

"Whoa. That was weird." The straw-hat boy muttered. He waved at Nami and the pink-haired angel. "Hello Sakura-sama and friend."

"FRIEND?" Nami growled. Luffy winked and turned to the pirates in Buggy's crew.

"Ok!" He grinned. He held his hands aloft in a position Sakura had seen Naruto use so many times. A swirling ball of blue energy formed between his hands. He stretched his arms back thirty feet and yelled. "GOMU GOMU NO RASENGAN!"


"Damn. That's a pretty powerful move. Naruto couldn't possibly taught you how to do that…"

"Luffy, don't do that again."


"It takes too much chakra. You'll hurt yourself."

What about Fluffy's chakra?


"I wouldn't use it much if I were you. It becomes kinda like a crutch, ya know?"


"Good Kami-sama!" Sakura blurted. She reached out at Luffy. "Naruto?"

"No. He's my angel. Who's your charge?" Luffy circled Nami studying her like she was a marble statue.

She slapped him. Nami took a ribbon out of her pocket and tied her hair up as she spoke. "My name's Nami. I'm a thief who steals from pirates and an awesome navigator. Sakura you know."

"Yup. I'm Monkey D. Luffy. Nice to meet you. I'm the dude who's gonna be the king of pirates!"

"You're a pirate?"

"Not a real pirate. Not yet. My crew only includes one other guy and a friend. And the friend isn't staying for too long. And I don't steal, lie, cheat, kill, pillage, or attack for no reason. So…. I guess that means I'm hardly a pirate!"

"Yeah… tell her you have a demon inside'a ya while you're at it…"


"Just a suggestion."

It was all part of the plan. Shukaku's plan. Foxes were always credited with being the slyest and sneakiest creatures, but the cunning of a Raccoon is greater.

Nami had dragged Luffy to Buggy's hideout and given up the map. Shukaku had promised he'd take care of Nami's needs for her. The map, the treasure. He'd get them.

Sakura and Naruto remained within the minds of their charges the whole time.

Luffy was currently in a cage.

"Sucks being behind bars, don't it?"

"Kyuubi, shut up."

"Ha! Now you know how I feel. Oh well. Shukaku's the one planning this so you should only be here another fifteen minutes or so… Three hours at the max. Depending on how long it takes Shanks and the Uchiha gaki to get here…"

"Don't bad talk Zoro! He's more talented than you, easily!"

"Shit. I'm stuck in a pirate's head with a gay angel. My life can't get any worse."

"I'm not gay."

"Naruto… You were hot for Sasuke when you were alive… you're hot for his charge now. Wait… that's wrong. Not only am I stuck with a gay angel… He's the angel version of Orochimaru!"

Will you both shut the hell up? Naruto's not gay, and you're an ass.

"What now, Fluffy?"

"I hate you."

What the hell did I just say?

Luffy didn't have to wait long before something happened. Buggy was about to fire a cannon at him, and... He wanted Nami to do it.

Shukaku twitched nervously, watching from his vantage point in raccoon form on the top of another building. He noted a smell coming in this direction. It was probably the best thing he'd smelled all day, because the owner of the scent would save Luffy's ass.

It was Uchiha.

Luffy sensed Shanks and Zoro's chakra getting closer. He grinned as Buggy approached. Nami was following the pirate Captain closely, acting timid.

"Nami, to prove your loyalty to ME, you are going to blow your former boss to confetti!" Buggy announced.

"Crap. HOW THE HELL IS SHUKAKU GETTING US OUT OF THIS ONE???" Naruto did not completely trust the Ichibi.

"Don't worry about it, pansy angel."


"Do I have to? I mean, it's so useless! He's a loser!" Nami was beginning to worry if Ichibi had thought it through properly. She glanced at the raccoon, which dipped its muzzle, signaling her to continue.

"Do it, Nami. If you don't you're not one of us. If you're not one of us, you're dead." Buggy growled.

"Go ahead Nami. I'll be perfectly fine. And when I get out of here, I'm gonna clobber Buggy… Hokage style!"

"Clobber me?" Buggy laughed. He stopped only a second later. "What's 'Hokage style'?"

"Hokage style is… Um… The Hokage was the strongest of the five great Kages, the Kazekage was the second strongest, they were the most powerful ninja ever. I'm gonna clobber you like a Hokage!" Luffy grinned.

"You are, are you?" Buggy began to laugh again.

"Luffy… Stop taking like the Thing."


"Yeesh! No need to yell…"

Lemme try that again. The what?

"The Thing! Ya know, from the Marvel Comic? Fantastic Four? No bell? Never mind."

"Yeah! Of course I am!" Luffy beamed.

"Ok… Prepare the BUGGY BOMB!" Buggy laughed. The cannon was loaded with one of the explosive cannon balls. Buggy took a box of matches and handed it to Nami.

She looked at Luffy, who smiled. "Don't worry. His plan sucks… So I'll think of something."

"Whose plan sucks?" Buggy loomed over the cage.

"A friend's. He's said to be a demon." Luffy shrugged.

"You're not talking about…" The clown pirate reeled back in shock, "Roronoa Zoro?"

"And if I am?" Luffy grinned.

"I'll leave you alive. To lure him here so I can kill him!" Buggy laughed.

"So you can kill who?" Luffy turned his head to spot the familiar sounding speaker.

"Zoro!" the mugiwara beamed. "Where's… Jiraiya?"

Zoro sighed and glared at the straw hat. "I close my eyes for two seconds, and you're off playing in some cage while she plays villain." He nodded at Nami. "Honestly… Sakura, drop the act. And Ero-sannin's back on the boat."

It took Nami a minute to realize she was pretending to be her own angel. "Sorry, Zoro-kun."

He glared at her, then shifted his eyes to Buggy. "You wanted to fight me?"

"Wait… You LIED!" the clown pointed at Nami.

"And? Does it matter?"

"No… I just felt the need for drama…"

"This is why I never wanted to join a pirate crew…" Zoro frowned. He fixed his bandana and fingered the hilt of Wado. "So… Fight?"

"Of course!" Buggy laughed. The pirate drew a knife and made as if to attack. Zoro beheaded him and lopped his arm off in one fluid stroke.

"That was disappointing and way too easy." The swordsman muttered. He glanced at the captain before turning to his.

"Zoro!" Nami slammed herself into the swordsman, knocking him to the side. Buggy's fist, with the sword clenched inside it, grazed his arm. The arm turned around and hit him in the side before he could block.

"Gu hu huh hu! I'm a Chop-Chop man. You can't kill me like that!" Buggy laughed as he put himself back together.

"Hey… That's not nice. Stabbing someone in the back is just dirty pool!" Luffy frowned from his place in the cage.

"Uh-oh…" Shukaku whimpered…

As you know, Luffy doesn't have whiskers like Naruto does. Not normally. As the rubber man got angrier and angrier, whiskers began to fade in on his face. They started off silvery, becoming darker and darker and darker, until they were black.

"Zoro..." Luffy said. His voice was hard and serious. The swordsman understood exactly what his captain meant.

"So, Zoro… What'll it be? Are we going for shock, scared, terrified, or pissing themselves?"

Feh. We're just going with scared.

"Mm 'k."

The swordsman's eyes went from black to red. The sharingan began spinning wildly. "Look over here." He said softly. Stupidly, all the enemy pirates (Including Buggy) looked.

Here's what Buggy saw:

He was standing in knee-deep water. He looked around and could see nothing in the total darkness. Suddenly he could see someone in front of him. It was… Him. The other Buggy lifted his hand to his face…. And pulled it right off. There was nothingness behind it.

The clown pirate screamed in terror.

As all the pirates collapsed, sobbing or screaming, Zoro turned to Luffy's cage. He lit up his hand with a Rai Kiri and was about to slice open a few of the bars.

"Uchiha-san, Buggy's getting up." Shukaku barked, transforming into a human. "I guess I can stall… But get that cage out of here. Don't bother with cutting the bars."

"Shukaku-sama! That cage must weigh at lea---"

"Red, don't argue with a demon about what I can or cannot do." Zoro grunted as he lifted the cage up onto his shoulder.

The whisker marks on Luffy's face still weren't gone.

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