Yo people, this is AlyssHeart. (Well duh, lady~) But anyways, this fanfiction is inspired by chapter 8 of Karneval, after page 23. If you haven't read the manga yet, go do it. It's pretty nifty. Chapter 10 just came out on . Anyways the pairing is GarekixNai, so it's yaoi. There is the warning people! If you do not boy on boy relations, then please leave. I don't want to listen to any flames or bad words in a review. K thnx. Hope you guys enjoy~!

Darkness swept through the room as Nai switched off the lights, trying so hard to get back to his bunk without tripping over anything. And of course, just like Nai, he ended up failing; epically. Gareki sighed as he felt Nai slip into his bed, wrapping himself in his blankets, and resting nicely. The older boy shut his eyes, trying to fall asleep, but found he couldn't. Images of Nai floated through his mind; human and animal forms. A light pink color spread across the boy's face at the teasing pictures that kept him from getting some shut eye.

Gareki tossed onto his side, staring at the wall in front of him. If he wasn't going to get any sleep, he might as well think of something useful, right?. Pushing aside the appealing images of Nai, he thought of the things that had happened every since he met Nai. Gareki had met weird people, and was even forced into many different places and situations. Not that he minded those things...well...he wouldn't deny that meeting Yogi was something he could have done without.

A small noise soon snapped the thoughtful male out of his trance, causing him to be a bit alarmed. Rolling over, he looked down at the bottom bunk where Nai slept, and not quietly. His eyes were closed tightly, and he wiggled around like he was uncomfortable. Pained noises escaped from the boys mouth, his hands clutching tightly to his light hair. Quickly, Gareki jumped from his bunk down to Nai's. Reaching over, he softly shook the boy, calling out his nae a few times. Thankfully, this immediately woke the boy up, although, as he jumped up, he bumped heads with Gareki.

Reeling back, Gareki held his forehead in pain, his eyes trained on Nai. Tears flowed freely from the boy, his hands moved from tangled in his hair, to cradling his forehead, which was turning red, like Garekis'.

"Gareki?" Nai asked softly, watery eyes staring at the older boy. Gareki paused for a moment before replying, "You looked like you were having a nightmare...You okay?" Nai shook his head, arms stretching forward and wrapping safely around Gareki's neck. Pulling him onto the bed, Nai snuggled next to him, the waterworks turned on high. Gareki stared down at the crying boy, copying what said boy was doing to him. Wrapping his arms around the small waist of the other boy, he pulled him closer, softly pressing his lips to the trembling boy's forehead.

"It was only a nightmare...Your fine.....err...I-I'm here!" Gareki said, maybe a little too loudly. It always happened; being shy, he would awkwardly speak too loud or harsh when trying to show a emotion. Oblivious Nai seemed to understand, though, seeing as how he stopped the sea of tears and began to breath normally. A few moments later, Gareki found that the boy in his arms had fallen asleep. A sigh escaped his lips, but there was no denying that he enjoyed being there.

Dark eyes stared at the boy next to him, studying the innocent features of Nai. But finally, he closed his eyes, no longer finding images of the boy in his head. All he needed was to be next to him. Happily, he pressed closer to the younger boy, and welcomed the peace of sleep.

If only that peace would continue into the next day.

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