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It was the next day, the day after the rescue. The toys had returned home without incident, and just in time.

But Buzz's worries were far from over. Jessie hadn't said a word to him once they'd found everyone else. She hadn't mentioned the kiss to anyone-at least, no one seemed to know about it. Even now, she was talking animatedly to Bo as if nothing unusual had happened.

His mind was spinning with confused thoughts. Could she really feel the same way about him?

'Well,' He said to himself. 'Only one way to find out.'

He walked purposefully over to the two ladies. He cleared his throat nervously. "Uh, Jessie?"

She turned to him, a huge grin lighting up her face. "Hey there, Buzz!" She chirped.

"Hi," He smiled, then remembered why he was there. "Um, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure thing! Let's go over here." She practically dragged him over by the nightstand.

"What's up, partner?"

Buzz studied his feet for a moment, unsure of how to breach the topic. "Well, I..." He started not-so-eloquently. "I wanted to ask you about...y'know...what happened yesterday."

"Oh. Right, that." She kicked her boot bashfully.

"I just....why did you...kiss me?" He was sure his face was neon red by now.

"Did you not want me to?" She asked, her face falling a little.

"Nononono, that's not what I meant!!!" He waved his hands frantically. "I just wanted to know why, is all!"

She smiled and started fiddling with her braid, a faint blush appearing on her face. "Isn't that kinda obvious?"

Buzz's eyes widened. Was she about to say the "L" word?

"I..." She finally looked right at him. "I like you, Buzz. A lot." She smiled.

Okay, maybe it wasn't the "L" word he was thinking of. He doubted he could say it, either. But he knew what she really meant, and that overjoyed him.

"I, uh," He studied the floor with great interest. "I like you a lot, too, Jessie."

There was a pause that worried Buzz-had he said something wrong? He looked up.

Jessie was staring at him with a gigantic grin frozen on her face. Before he could ask, Jessie leaped into the air.

"Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!" She yelled.

Buzz laughed. "Jessie, calm down!"

She stopped and seemed to think about that for a moment. "Nope, sorry, no can do!" She grabbed his hands and started spinning him around, and they both laughed.
When they finally stopped spinning, they were still holding hands. Jessie giggled and smiled at Buzz.

Buzz have no idea where he found the guts he suddenly had, but the next thing he knew, he'd grabbed Jessie's shoulders and kissed her. And the best part?

She was kissing him back.

"Well, it's about time!"

The two both whipped around and saw nearly every toy in Andy's room looking at the two of them with smirks on their faces.

"What the-How long have you guys been just standing there?!?" Buzz demanded, mortified.

"That's the million-dollar question, isn't it?" Woody chuckled.

"Speaking of dollars," Mr. Potato Head turned to Hamm. "You owe me five of 'em."

"Hey, just 'cause I'm a piggy bank doesn't mean I'm made of money!" Hamm argued.

"Hey, you're the one that bet they'd get together during the rescue," Potato Head pointed out. "I bet after."

"You guys were taking bets?!?" Buzz couldn't believe this. Did everyone know?

"Oh, what does it matter?" Bo tried to calm things down. "This is great! You two are finally a happy couple!"

"Mazel tov!" Mrs. Potato Head cheered.

Jessie slipped her hand into his and squeezed it, smiling reassuringly.

Buzz smiled back. Bo was right-none of that stuff mattered. What did matter was that he loved Jessie and Jessie loved him. There were many happy days ahead for the two of them.

And they couldn't wait for their next adventure…together.

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