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Akatsuki's Little Girl

Chapter 1: Life

Konan breathed heavily. Every intact of oxygen was noticeably sharp and painful. Her hands gripped the sheets beneath her and let out a cry. It felt like she was being ripped apart from the inside out. This was kind of what was happening.

It had happened out of nowhere. One second she was sleeping peacefully and than the next she was all wet in her lower area. Her water broke. There was no time to give her any sort of pain relief because the baby was ready to come out right away.

"Pein!" she screeched as she grabbed for his hand.

Pein's eyes widened as he fearfully gave her his hand and than winced when she squeezed the life out of it. He didn't understand why it would hurt so much…she was only giving birth. "Konan…breath." He instructed.

"I am breathing shit head, see?" she hissed as she breathed deeper. Pein realized that once she was pregnant…she changed. Everyday she would yell at him about something or another. One day she had a fit because her pillow was too fluffy! Konan looked down at her spread legs. "Zetsu you better as fuck not eat that child!" she screeched when she saw that he was the one going to help her give birth.

"No promises…" "Newborns are always so delicious…"

Konan screeched. "Zetsu step away!" she ordered and Zetsu looked at her with a puzzled expression. "Now!" she yelled. Zetsu jumped away and put his hands up in surrender. "Get Madara in here." Konan hissed through her teeth.

"Konan…that's not a good-"he stopped when he looked at Konan's face. She was glaring at him with such power that he inwardly cringed.

"If you don't get that mother fucking manipulating fucker in here I will cut your head off with paper god damnit!" she growled.

"Alright." "No need to kill the baby's father."

Konan glared at him and he ran from the room. She smirked. Being pregnant did have its ups; it gave you the excuse to be a big bitch. And it seemed to scare the fuck out of people. Within moments; all the while Konan was clenching her teeth in pain and holding onto Pein in a vice grip; Madara glided into the room with Zetsu on his heels.

"You called?" Madara smirked when Konan rolled her eyes and shot a glare at him.

"Yeah I did." She growled. "You. Are. Going. To. Help. Me. Give. Birth. Got it?" she hissed.

Madara nodded his head. "Anything for you, because lately you have been so kind and sweet…" he stated before going to where she was lying and placed his hands by her private area. "Breath." He instructed all the while looked at her face. She let in a sharp but deep breath. "Now push." That she did. She pushed and pushed and pushed. Noises that indicated that she was trying her damned best escaped her mouth.

Pein wiped a couple of tears that came out for Konan's eyes away with the back of his free hand and squeezed their intertwined one. "Your doing great." He whispered for only her to hear. Konan nodded as she pushed harder.

"I see a head." Madara informed. "Here the baby comes." He said before Konan gave one last push and the baby was out. She felt it come out too because she stopped pushing. A few seconds later the baby was crying and Madara was cutting the cord. "Congrats, it's a girl."

Konan sighed in relief while closing her legs and letting go of Pein's hand. She watched as Madara wiped blood off of her new baby girl and wrapped her in a thick blanket. She was still crying when Madara brought her over the bedside. "Here you go." He said as he handed her to Konan.

Konan smiled a sweet smile as she held her baby close to her chest. The girl immediately stopped crying and looked up at Konan in wonder. "Hey there." She whispered to her daughter. Pein drew in a surprised breath at how she said it. It was a tone of voice he had never heard before. Than she spoke again, in the same tone. "Pein look, she has pink hair." She smiled with all her heart.

Pein did look and a look of confusion appeared on his face. "How did it get pink…?"

Konan shrugged. "Who knows? But it is a very pretty shade." She sighed contently. Pein grunted in unsaid agreement. "She reminds me of a flower…"

Madara smirked. "A Sakura blossom, perhaps?"

Konan squealed. "That's her name! Sakura." She smiled wide. "What do you think, Pein?"

"I think that's a beautiful name." he couldn't help but smile at his lover's happiness. At first he thought that having a child would be dangerous and illogical. But now, seeing a piece of him in front of him, he couldn't think of anything else he would want in the world.

The blue haired woman looked at Madara with a smile that wavered a little. "You came up with the name…" she began and her smile grew, no longer hesitant. "Will you be Sakura's godfather?" she proposed the idea to him with sincerity.

Madara blinked in confusion. No one had ever asked this of him before. He was after all, a monster of sorts. And now he was giving the option to co-raise this newborn. If anything were to happen to one of her parents, she would go in his care. This idea pleased him, it was about time he redeemed himself. "Of course." He answered.

Zetsu watched everything from a distance in a little corner of the room. "Sakura is a beautiful name…" "What do flowers taste like?" he said when silence popped up in the air.

Konan glared at him with the look of a mother bear. "If you touch this baby in order to harm her in any way, I will castrate you." she hissed and everyone in the room gulped. It turned out that even though she wasn't pregnant anymore, she still was bitchy. But that was only when it was in the subject of her little Sakura.

"You idiot!" Konan screeched, her voice bouncing off the walls and making all three men within the building visibly cringe. She was holding Sakura in her arms. Sakura was wailing and her chubby cheeks wore drenched in her salty tears.

Konan stomped through the halls until she found the room she was looking for. She entered the library to see the object of her anguish. "Pein!" she hissed.

Pein blinked. "Yes, Konan?" he questioned before looking at the wailing bundle in her arms. "Ah, you found Sakura…I was just about to come and put her to sleep." He didn't understand his wife's anger.

"Why did you leave her on the balcony?" Konan screeched and Pein winced.

"I was just going to get a book to read to her…" he explained.

"Don't you know the dangers of a young 6 month year old on a balcony? At night no less?" Konan hissed and started counting off. "Someone could steal her for one. Than she could get sick from the cold air! She is so young Pein that her immune system won't be able to handle a cold or fever. Or she could crawl out of her seat and slip through the bars! She could die!" Konan glared at Pein. "You put our daughter at risk."

Pein shook his head. "If someone stole our child they would be paid with a gruesome death, I assure you. If she were to get sick we could get one of our best medics in here. She wouldn't be able to slip through the bars because I safety proofed the house. There's an invisible barrier surrounding any exit of the house that she could fall out of." He explained. "Now Sakura is crying so I would suggest you calm her."

Konan frowned and huffed in annoyance before her motherly mode took over. "Don't cry little Sakura." She cooed in a baby voice. "Mommy's here." She smiled kindly down at her daughter.

Sakura stopped crying and looked up at her mother with her sparkly emerald orbs. She giggled giddily. "Mommy!" she cried and everyone got quiet. The only sound in the room was Sakura giggling like the child she was.

"Did she…?" Pein gaped.

"She did." Konan whispered. Her smile grew wider. "My baby girl said her first word!" she squealed.

That was when Madara walked into the room. "Isn't a bit abnormal for a baby as young as she to begin talking…?" his question was echoed by a loud 'mommy' and a giggle followed.

Konan turned her nose up at Madara and pinched her nose as though he smelled bad. "You're just in denial because our little Sakura is a genius." She grinned down at her daughter and made kissy faces at her. "Aren't you smart? Oh yes you are…"

Sakura giggled. "Yes, yes, yes." She giggled when Konan gaped at her.

"Sakura, who's that?" she pointed to Pein. She wanted to see how much her baby knew.

"That's dada." She confirmed her statement with a nod. "And that's Ma-dar-ah." she had trouble pronouncing his name and furrowed her brows.

From that moment on they knew Sakura was a genius.

Konan kept on a smile as she sat on the floor beside her daughter as she ripped open her gifts. Pein wasn't there, and that was the reason Konan was so annoyed. But it was Sakura's fourth birthday, so for her, she would act happy. "Oh mommy look at what Zetsu gave me!" Sakura squealed as she held up a large book.

The book was on all types of plants whether herbs that saved lives; or poisonous plants that paralyzed the body within seconds. The book had to be at least three inches thick and made for grown ups. "I see, sweetie, you'll have fun reading that won't you?" she smiled at Sakura and thought how typical it was for Zetsu to buy Sakura something dealing with plants.

"Yeah, I will!" Sakura grinned from ear to ear. She looked at a package in black and gold wrapping. "This one's from daddy.' She stated as she reached for it. She started to rip it open. Konan scowled at no one in particular. The subject of Pein made her more annoyed, why wasn't he here?

Oh yes, how could she forget? Stupid Madara suggested a recruitment of members as soon as possible. Than they just so happened to find someone the night before, and were interviewing him at this very moment. "Mommy!" she heard Sakura gasp and she looked at her, putting her smile back on. "Daddy got me a dress!" she exclaimed as the stood up and held a silky white material against her small body.

Konan couldn't help but grin at her daughter's cheerfulness. "Oh yes he did! I bet you'll look beautiful in it. Actually why don't you try it on, so when daddy comes home he can see his princess in his gift." She told Sakura and Sakura nodded enthusiastically. With the dress tightly in her grasp she ran down a hall and into her room.

The blue haired woman sighed. It was so like Pein to skip out on his daughter's birthday. Konan was just glad that she was able to celebrate with her daughter. She ran a hand through her hair. I guess this is what I get for marrying the leader of Rain.

At that thought the door opened and Konan immediately stood up. She knew it was Pein coming home, but he also had someone else with him; most likely the recruited member. Konan wanted to make sure he posed no threat to Sakura. She also wanted to give Pein a piece of her mind.

"…I assure you this will be to your benefit as well." Konan heard Pein say as they waked through the doorway, she fixed a glare on him. When the two men spotted the female they stopped in their tracks, Konan was scary. "Konan…?" Pein asked hesitantly.

"Don't Konan me." She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. "You leave the house at the break of dawn, without warning might I add. All you left was a lousy note saying Meeting with Kisame. And than now you come back, and expect me to be all happy and chipper? Well you've got another thing coming to you." she was going to continue but a pink blob was in her sight and she saw Sakura running towards her father.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed and she flew into his arms as he picked her up.

"Hello princess." He whispered and a smile played across his face. Mean while Kisame stood next to him blinking in confusion.

"You have a kid?" he said in shock.

Pein put Sakura down and she moved back a couple of steps and put her arms behind her back. "Yes we do." Konan snarled from the background.

"Daddy! I'm wearing the dress you bought." Sakura grinned up at Pein and twirled in her dress.

"I see sweetie. I thought it would look nice on you." he smiled at her and she blushed. Konan came from behind Sakura and she placed a hand lovingly on her head.

"Pein, I wish to speak with you." she scowled at her husband when he raised an eyebrow in question at him. "Now." She continued. Pein nodded and walked into the room more and down a hallway. Konan was about to follow but she looked at Kisame. "You touch her, I will kill you." she glared before spinning on her heel and strode after Pein.

Meanwhile Sakura blinked up at Kisame. Kisame scratched his head sheepishly. He didn't know that they had a kid, who would've known that two criminals hoping to create a group full of S-Class criminals would have a child? "Hey kid…" he said uncertainly.

Sakura narrowed her eyes at Kisame and crossed her arms over her chest. Kisame supposed this was meant to be an intimidating gesture. If she was older like Konan, he was sure it would be scary. "Mommy told me not to talk to strangers."

Kisame shrugged. "I'm not exactly a stranger; you see I'm a friend of your parents."

"I still don't know you. So to me you're a stranger, doesn't matter if my parents know you." Sakura retorted smartly.

Kisame chuckled. "You have some attitude kid, what's your name?" he grinned his toothy grin.

Sakura furrowed her brows in thought. Than she sighed, seemingly coming to a conclusion. Walking over to a chair she plopped herself down. "Seeing as though you do insist you are a friend of my parents, I don't see any harm in telling you my name." Sakura explained. "I'm Sakura."

The blue-skinned man let out a laugh. "Not only attitude, but your smart too huh?" he chuckled. "I'm Kisame.

The pinkette looked him over before grinning in wonder. "You look like a fish." She giggled innocently.

Kisame raised an eyebrow at her. How could she be so sweet, yet mean, and also smart at the same time? He couldn't help thinking she would be a great ninja when she grew up.

Sakura walked happily next to her mother as they walked the streets of Amegakure, hand in hand. It was her seventh birthday and her mother had promised that they would all go out to eat. Of course 'they' weren't with them right now. Konan only hoped they were already at the establishment they were heading towards. She scowled at the thought of them not being there.

Of course right around the time of Sakura's birthday they found someone else to join Akatsuki. He became a missing-nin not too long ago and was a supposed genius. Orochimaru; who had joined on Sakura's fifth birthday; said this man was also from Konoha, like himself. In fact Konan had heard he was from the Uchiha clan, and he killed everyone in the clan except his little brother.

Konan led Sakura into a kid friendly restaurant and Sakura squealed in delight. "Mommy, we are finally here!" she stated the obvious in her usual happy-go-lucky voice. Konan laughed lightly and shook her head in wonder. How could she always be so happy?

Than she felt her arm being tugged on and saw as Sakura ran over to a table where she saw everyone; dragging her mom with her. When they got to the table she took a seat next to Pein and Konan sat next to her on her other side. "Hi guys!" she cheered as she beamed at everyone around the table.

Konan looked at Pein gratefully and mouthed the words 'thank you', Pein only nodded and smiled. Sakura looked at everyone around the table. There was her godfather Madara, than Zetsu; who had surprisingly come out of his shell for the occasion. Next to Zetsu was Orochimaru; Sakura had to admit she didn't like him all too much, he gave her the creeps. Next to Orochimaru was Kisame who Sakura had grown to love as if he were an older brother. Next to Kisame was…well she didn't know who was next to Kisame.

Curiosity getting the best of her she spoke up. "Who are you?" she asked with a raised eyebrow as the looked at the man directly across from her father. Konan snapped her attention to the person she was referring to. She knew who he was, but Sakura didn't.

Pein was the one to speak first. "That's Itachi; he's here to help us with our goal…" Pein explained.

"Oh." Sakura blinked. Than she giggled. "Why are his eyes red?" she asked innocently.

Konan smirked. Of course her daughter would ask such questions and still have her innocence kept. "That's his bloodline limit sweetie, it's the Sharingan." Konan told her.

Sakura seemed to think for a second. "Oh! I remember now, I saw that in a book!" she exclaimed and clapped her hands giddily.

Pein nodded his head. "I heard you went to the lake with your mom today, why don't you tell us about it?" he said trying to strike up conversation.

The pinkette beamed as the remembered her day. "Oh yeah! It was sooo much fun! First we went for a little swim. And the water was very pleasant. I also remember there being a small waterfall with a cave by it…" Sakura pondered her memories. "And there was this HUGE fish, like the biggest I have ever seen…" she blinked. "Well it wasn't bigger than you, Kisame." She grinned as Kisame scoffed.

"She also started her training today…" Konan added into the conversation and this seemed to spark everyone's interest. "Sakura has amazing chakra control, it's mind-blowing really."

Sakura grinned. "Yeah, I climbed a tree today! Without using my hands!"

Konan nodded her head at her statement. "Yes, you did. In a record time might I add. Sakura also seems to have great accuracy in aiming and throwing weapons."

"Can she form any jutsus?" this question came from Itachi.

"No, she can't." Konan answered.

"Actually…" Sakura said abruptly. "I can."

"Don't be silly, you have not." Konan looked at her with an expression of disbelief.

"But I can." Sakura insisted. "I was in the study when I came across a very interesting book. Did you know you could heal with chakra? Possibly even bring someone back to life; well if they weren't dead for more than five minutes. It was mind blowing!" Sakura explained. "Than I read through it more thoroughly and learned about all the kind of healing techniques. They have the ones to heal a fractured bone, a punctured lung, and even chase out poisons! I was so intrigued I learned all the hand seals and how to perform them. When we were at the lake there was a dead fish, but I brought it back to life." She grinned from ear to ear.

The table practically gaped at her. "What…when…why?" Konan stuttered.

Sakura blinked. "What do you mean?"

Konan shook her head. "Never mind."

Pein coughed when an awkward silence filled their table. "Let's open presents…?" he suggested half-heartedly.

"Good idea." "I have a feeling she'll like my gift very much." Zetsu said as he handed Sakura a wrapped package.

Sakura smiled as she began to tear off the wrapping paper that was a green with a black ribbon. When she was done she squealed in delight. "Zetsu!" she exclaimed happily.

Konan looked at her with a raised eyebrow. "What is it?" she asked.

"The fourth volume Plant's of the World remember on my fourth birthday when I got the first volume?" Sakura explained than she pouted. "This is the last one in the series though…."

"Oh, well I'm sure there is another book out there you would like…" Konan tried to assure her.

"Yeah kid, now open my gift." Kisame broke into the conversation while handing over a poorly wrapped present. Was that newspaper around it?

Sakura smiled thankfully at Zetsu before ripping open Kisame's gift. What she saw confused her. It was a bottle with one word on the front. "Sake…isn't that…?" she asked hesitantly.

Konan glared at Kisame and took the bottle away from Sakura. She bonked Kisame on the head. "Idiot! She's seven!"

Kisame shrugged. "So? I got my first bottle of sake when I was four. Best gift my father ever gave me." He confirmed with a grunt.

Konan huffed. "Well you had bad parenting! No wonder you're a lousy drunk of a grown up!"


Sakura sighed as she placed her hands on the table and rested her head in her palms. "Sakura, here's my gift…" Madara said as he handed Sakura a package wrapped neatly.

The pinkette took off the wrapping paper quickly and grinned at what she saw. It was a box full of scrolls and ink pens. Than she read more into it and saw that on one of the scrolls it was made for secret messages! You could write your message than form a seal and it would turn into an animal and go to the person you were sending it to. "This is too cool!" Sakura cheered in delight.

A ghost of a smile flashed of Madara's face as he saw his god daughter happy with the gift he had bought her. He had to admit he was skeptical on whether or not she would like it. But obviously she did.

"Okay sweetheart, this one is from your dad and me." Konan announced as she dug into her cloak and pulled out a neatly wrapped gift with the Akatsuki insignia on the top.

Sakura took the gift and unwrapped it in a neat fashion. She was eager to open this gift because it was from her parents. When she was done she came in contact with a long black box. She placed it on the table and found a latch on the side, carefully she lifted the lid. What she saw made her gasp.

It was katana. The blade was recently sharpened and shined so it shined in the little light of the restaurant. Than beside the blade was what she thought to be the sheath. On the handle of the katana was a decorative decoration. Cherry blossoms on a vine wrapped around the handle and it was beautiful.

"Wow." Was all that Sakura could say as she smiled big and wide, her smile seemed to light up the room. Than a thought came to her and she furrowed her brows. "One problem, I don't know how to use it!" she exclaimed.

Konan grinned giddily. "But you will."

Orochimaru hadn't given Sakura a gift, and nobody really minded. He would probably get her a really weird gift anyways and it would probably scary Sakura. Silence filled the room and Sakura leaned against her chair.

"So…Itachi how old are you?" she started questions she usually asked people.

"Thirteen." Sakura was surprised, he was so young.

"Where are you from?"


"Why did you leave?"

"I had to."


"I would've died if I hadn't."


"Because I was a criminal."


"Because they think I kill my clan."


"Everyone else is dead and myself and my brother are the only ones living. He is too young to be a suspect."

Sakura furrowed her brows. "That's not fair, you didn't even get a trial or something!" she exclaimed.

Itachi smirked. "It's life."

Konan coughed. "Well, I say we order?" she suggested and everyone agreed.

The night went on quietly. They ate food they ordered and had small talk. Sakura didn't contribute much to conversations because she was pondering what Itachi had said.

Is that what life is about? Are people that evil out there? Itachi didn't deserve that…so what would happen to everyone else? What if it were me? Is life going to be mean and unfair to me? He said it was life…and I'm living, aren't I?

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Chapter 2: Chunin Exams!