Akatsuki's Little Girl

Chapter 12

Who is Akatsuki

Previously: Sakura is now 17. Madara betrayed the Akatsuki and has kidnapped Konan. Sakura spotted Sasuke heading to battle with Itachi; interfered and is now heavily injured and about to tell Sasuke what really happened with his clan.

Itachi glared at Sakura. "I'm not telling him that, if that's what you are implying."

"If you don't I will." Sakura shrugged while turning towards Sasuke. "Sasuke, there's something very important that you need to know." Itachi sighed in frustration. "It will change everything."

Sasuke looked back and forth between his brother and his former love. "What the hell do you mean?" he glared furiously.

"Sasuke, your brother didn't kill your family."

The young Uchiha looked at Sakura like she was insane. "Yes he did."

Sakura shook her head, her hair flying around her face gracefully. "He did not; everyone has been telling you a lie. Itachi was framed because you and he were the only ones left in the clan. The elders in Konoha got suspicious and immediately accused him. He certainly has the power; you on the other hand were out of the question because you were so young." She explained.

"Don't feed me some bullshit story. I saw him slay my parents, I saw his demon eyes; it was Itachi." Sasuke growled with clenched fists.

Itachi furrowed his brows and looked at Sakura. "Demon eyes; the sharingan?" Sakura shrugged in confusion.

"Who else has the…oh my." Sakura's eyes got wide and she stared at Sasuke. He looked taken back by her expression and fidgeted, his hand gripping his sword tightly now.

"Madara." Itachi glared. "It would make sense, I get kicked out of the village and forced to join Akatsuki because I have no where else to turn to." He hissed. "It was all a plan to make Akatsuki stronger. Dammit."

"I don't know what you two are talking about, but its starting to really piss me off." Sasuke stated from his spot in the fighting area.

Sakura sighed and glared at him. "Stop being so ignorant. Can you really believe your loving brother could kill all of those people in your clan? Wasn't he always kind and caring to all of those in his family? He's told me stories about babysitting and watching peoples pets. He has told me about how you were small and how he adored you. You were his little brother and he would protect you. Why would he kill his clan?"

The young Uchiha looked down at his feet as if he were remembering the past. And Sakura was right, Itachi was kind and caring. Maybe, just maybe this story could make sense.

"Alright…say I believe you. Who is this Madara guy; and what is the Akatsuki?"

"Madara is an evil son of a bitch, that's what." Sakura frowned.

Itachi smirked at Sakura. "We can't tell you about the Akatsuki…it's private. Information for members only."

"I will kill you if you don't tell me." Sasuke raised his sword in front of him.

"Foolish little brother, you can not defeat me." Itachi smirked and took a fighting stance.

Sakura rolled her eyes and sighed heavily. "You idiots, don't you see fighting and killing will get us no where? We need to get along…and take down Madara."

Itachi stared at Sakura and then his little brother that was busy glaring at him. "Still. I cannot tell him information about Akatsuki, neither can you Sakura. In order for him to learn anything…he would have to join." Sakura nodded in agreement. "Sasuke…how would you like to join a group of highly skilled rogue ninja?"

"What kind of question is that? Why would I want to join anything with the two of you? One the man that did or didn't kill my family; I don't know anymore. And two the girl who possibly lied to me? Who is close with my brother?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes in wonder. "Why would this benefit me?"

Sakura sighed again for the second time in just a couple of minutes. "You don't have to trust us, but we can help take down the man you want to take down. Trust me you can't do it yourself. Itachi and I know this man well, and its going to take more than the little tricks Orochimaru taught you to defeat him."

"Fine." Sasuke finally grumpily agreed.

The three of them left the area they were in, Sakura walked out with a slight limp, she began to heal her wound Sasuke had given her. Thinking about it made her sad, it made her heart break. How could the one she loved so dearly hurt her like this? And he still doesn't believe her. Could she ever get her love back? If she can't she'll surely die alone.

"Aha, you think that will burst my bubble? You are wrong little guy, very wrong." Kisame's booming voice sounded from the distance. The three ninjas could see a huge bubble in the air, looking closer you could see that in the bubble, were Sasuke's team members.

Itachi raised a brow slightly. "Kisame…what are you doing?"

Kisame turned around and looked at Itachi with a toothy grin. "They wanted to go after Sasuke. The red head said he was in there too long." He winked at her. "She's pretttyyy feisty. She even tried seducing me. Ha! Imagine that. And the little water looking guy tried popping the bubble with his sword. Cute, right?"

Sakura laughed. "Did you have fun Kisame?"

"You already know." Kisame smirked.

Sasuke looked at his team members. "Idiots. I told you to wait, did I not? And you tried to rush forward. Tell me why I shouldn't kill every one of you right now."

Karin's eyes got real wide. "Kill us? Why? Sasuke-kun you know we meant no harm, our only interest is your well being."

"Hn." Sasuke looked away. "Sakura tell him to let them go."

Sakura nodded. "Kisame." She smiled at him, amused.

"Alright." He did a hand seal and the bubble dispersed, and the three ninja fell to the ground.

"You stupid bastard! Who do you think you are?" Suigetsu shouted in anger.

Kisame chuckled, he was highly entertained. "I am Kisame, of course. Little guy I could fight you with one finger; my pinky; and I'd win. Don't try and talk to me in such a rude manner."

"Kisame, calm down." Itachi looked at his partner. "Sasuke has agreed to join the Akatsuki. We have to lead him to Pein." Kisame grunted.

I haven't been able to finish this story. My love for fanfiction has died as new things have come into my life. I apologize. I know many people liked this story, and I disappointed. I'll give this to you…and then you guys tell me whether or not you want me to just summarize everything that would've happened. Maybe one day I'll truly finish it, but its not going to be today.