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It was a warm summer's day, and we were all at Grandpa Carlisle's house. Jake was here and we were in the corner. I giggled at what he whispered to me. It was nice and the images in my head came of their own accord.

"-but we wouldn't need to melt the chocolate, it would do that as soon as it hit your ski- Hey!"

Dad had just thrown the remote at Jake.

"Dad! What the hell? Why did you throw the remote at Jake?"

"You didn't see what he was thinking about."

I blushed at that knowing full well that it wasn't Jakes thoughts at all. Even though he could tell mines and Jake's thoughts apart, lately it was getting harder. It was like we were more attuned to each other, or that the kinkiness was slowly infiltrating my thoughts too. Jacob never once put any pressure on me, but sometimes, when I caught him un aware he turned from me, blushed, and I swear once I heard him repeat, "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie in swim shorts –ugh" he shook and turned to face me.

"Well the answer to that would be not to listen wouldn't it?"

Just after Dad started talking to Bella, Jacob whispered to me so low that not even the Vampires could hear "Nessie, babe, I wasn't thinking of what Edward thought I was."

I put my finger to his lips and slowly went "sshhuuusshh" He understood immediately and shook with silent laughter. He looked at me and held me closer.

"Nessie! What are you doing on that rubbish pile? Oh, it's just you dog." Rosalie remarked as she entered the room. The relationship between her and Jacob still hadn't got any friendlier. He never said a word against her to me, but whenever she could, Rosalie tried – and failed – to get my attention onto some other bloke.

"Hey Rose! What happened to the Blonde who got locked in the bakery? She died of Starvation"

Rosalie looked away and sat on Emmet's knee. She gave him a passionate kiss and Edward exclaimed "Emmet PLEASE! I am TRYING to watch TV here!"

"Then may I suggest you watch it and not my thoughts." Emmet growled back. But reluctantly rose with Rosalie in his arms and ran out of the room and it fact the grounds. Knowing him and Rose, they'd be gone for days.

"Uggh" Edward sighed. He knew that later, Emmet so kindly would replay the action that he was now taken with. At least that would keep his mind off mine for a bit. Mum rubbed his knee and said "I could always give you something else to think about"

"Mum! That is sooo gross. Come on Jake lets go to yours."

"Not so fast" Grandpa said "I want you to eat before you go. There's some lasagna in the fridge that Grandma made so kindly for you this morning."

I stood out of Jacob's lap and skulked to the kitchen. As I repeatedly tried to tell them, I can infact make my own food. I liked eggs the best, but I never realized why. Mum had said it was something to do with the pregnancy, but I had usually tuned out by that point and drifted miles away. 14 ½ miles away to La push. To Jake. My Jake. If he were moved anywhere the love that I felt for him would pull me to where he was. But of course he'd never leave me. In an argument he could only ever leave for 30minuets before returning and apologizing. The imprinting malarkey was really quite advantageous for me. I got what I wanted when I wanted – or so to speak. 9 in human years but physically about 18 (a sophomore at school) and my parents still wanted me to keep to the whole after marriage thing. Very annoying.

So grudgingly I heated up the lasagna and ate about half of it before giving it to Jake to finish. He gobbled it up so fast I thought my eyes had stopped. Of course I'd never say to Esme- that Jake ate most of her work, and of course I helped if I thought tricked dad. That was a helpful tip I learned off Alice. So through out any meal I had and Jake finished, I kept thinking: God this is good. I wonder if she'll cook for me again tomorrow. It usually worked while Jake thought man im hungry. Wonder if I can have a bite? Then he 'imagined' what it would taste like. Dad was always appeased after meal times, so it obviously worked.

"Any way im all done now so can we go up to yours for a bit?"

"Yeah sure babe"

I shouted to the other room that I'd be back later and me and Jacob ran to his place.

When at the shack door, Jake took me by surprise and kissed me quite forcefully on the lips. I fell back but he caught me and took me into the lounge.

"Dad's gone all day. We have the place to ourselves" I hooked my legs around his waist, and kissed him more passionately. He put me down on the couch and he laid over me. He started to kiss my neck and down to my belly button and back up again. I creamed at the warmth of his lips. I took of his shirt, rolled on top of him, and did the same. He murmured slowly "Nessie. Nessie, Nessie" I felt things moved and I slowly laughed at Jake and how easy it was to get him worked up. I have to admit though, im not any better.

Just then my cell phone rang, and Alice said

"Ness, please don't Hun. Edwards, well he wasn't warming to the vision I just had. Got to go. I'll see you tomorrow. Love you"

I snapped the phone shut and got up off Jake. "What a way to kill a mood" I said, grumpily. He sat me down next to him, and spoke into the hollow of my neck. "You're so impatient. Just relax and we can have fun in more ways than one." The warmth of his skin instantly clamed me down.

I brought his face up to mine, and we kissed for a minuet until I got the result I was after.

"See you're just as impatient as I am" I laughed. He laughed and got up and switched on some music. He bowed to me and took my hand.

In a Posh accent (in my world all these characters are English, even though they live in America. Make your own mind up ) "care to dance M'lady?" I got up and he twirled me round and round.

It was a cross between a waltz and a tango. We fell down laughing. He looked to the sky form the window and said "it's late. You should get home. Want me to drive you?"

"No, I could use the time to run home to fill my head with images other than" I was cut short by a hand covering my mouth. "Renesemee Carlie Cullen, I hope you're not having inappropriate thoughts on me?" he said with a sarcastic, seductive edge. I bit his hand till he let go and giggled with him. "Of course I am, and I know full well that you hope I do"

"Well it doesn't make me the only one at least." We laughed for another 5 minuets before a kissed him goodnight and ran home.

I liked running. I wasn't as fast as Dad or my vamp family, but I wasn't a slow human either. I was usually about 2-3 seconds behind them in a 20mile race. I wasn't mega strong either, but I could lift a damn site more than my human friends could that's for sure. I had to be so careful at school so that I didn't reveal anything I wasn't s'pose to. I never got why but it was something to do with the Volterri?? Volturry? Anyway if anyone mentions the name, the house goes quiet. I keep hearing bits when im "sleeping" at night, mainly mum telling dad that "they'll" come back soon and try to do it again? What are they hookers?? Any way dad always 'hears' me at that point and make out like it's the garage people, and gives mum the 'I know she's listening' tone of voice, at which point mum shuts up. But if someone guessed what we are then what's the law there?

Any way I just came to the big house and only Esme was there. She answered my quizzical look straight away. "They're hunting. They'll be back tomorrow."

"oh" I was always quite at ease when this happened, because it meant that I didn't have 8 pairs of ears listening to me sing, or 8 pairs of eyes looking through the corner at me dancing.

I went and sat next to Grandma on the sofa. Her caramel hair was in a sloppy ponytail, but it looked good. "Grandma, why is everyone so strict about me and Jacob? I mean after all, he is supposed to be my mate, and everyone here has theirs so what's the problem?"

She answered in her soft and light tone "Darling, it's because your parents love you and want you to be ready and do things in the human way." I was about to interrupt when she put her finger up to stop me. "Think nowadays of how much tradition of the human world is lost? I see a great deal gone. As we are showing ourselves as humans, we should try to be respectable ones don't you think? Just look at all the teens that are-for lack of a better term-giving themselves to anyone that comes their way, and so your parents didn't want you to be degraded into that category. That's all sweet heart"

I thought about it for a bit and tried to tactfully stifle a yawn. She wasn't fooled. "Come on darling time for bed. You're welcome to stay here if you want."

"No thanks Grandma. I'm gonna raid the fridge at home for a bit and make tomorrows meals first. Oh, and thanks for the lasagna. I've never tasted any so good."

Okay well technically I wasn't lying because dad always adds to much salt. Yet, I have a sneaky inclination that the tomato sauce wasn't tomato as much as pepper, with chili pepper and more pepper.

So when I got home, I looked in the fridge and made myself an egg and tomato sandwich for lunch and was too tired to make tea, so I scuttled off to bed. I fell asleep instantly but woke up in the middle of the night, in a cold sweat. I briefly looked to my open window-that would explain the cold, but not the figure leaning on it. I screamed and dove at it. I wasn't scared, more as surprised. We rolled out of the window and landed on the floor me bearing my non venomous teeth.

"Wow, wow it's just me. Chilax Ness" said a familiar husky voice that sounded quite shaken. "You were tossing and turning so I opened the window to cool you down."

"Jakey" I hugged him, then hit his arm playfully on the floor out side my window. "Don't do that to me, but why the hell are you at my window"

He looked a little too smug for himself "oh, well I come by every night to watch you sleep." He said it matter-of-factly. I blushed a deep red-well as red as I could get anyway. It usually comes out looking a subtle pink. He didn't miss it. "Sorry honey but you do the same thing your mother did in her sleep. Sometimes you talk. And phew, a few things you've been saying lately" he chuckled mischievously "well lets put it this way, it's a good job your parents do other things then listen to you talk at night." Again he guffawed.

"Why what have I been saying" of course I knew exactly what I had been saying. The dreams were vivid enough.

"Well, I love you and things but then you started to make certain noises" I looked away into the forest "tell me Ness what you have been dreaming about me lately." Again he laughed at himself and me, and that pissed me off.

"You?" I knew this would get him. "I haven't dreamt about you in… 3 nights." I looked quizzed at him. I'd been having the new dreams for about 2 nights now. "Sam's been in my dreams a few times and...Who was it…?" I clicked my fingers "Embry. That's the one, Embry was in tonights."

I got the pleasure of seeing him go red. Mainly anger than embarrassment I suspect. I smiled devilishly and went to his lap. "Kidding". He lost his colour straight away and laughed with me. "You're priceless you know that don't you" he whispered to me. I yawned.

"Come on." He heaved as he lifted me back through the window and on to my bed. When he put me down I kept a hold on his shoulders and kissed him. He put his hand round to the small of my back and pressed my against him. He suddenly stopped and leapt out of the window. "Jerk" I cried after him. I heard a distant laugh and then heard what he did.

Rushing wind and feet to fast for humans. No doubt they heard me so I imitated a dreamlike state mumbling random "no's, that's right leave me here!" and I thought of a weird and wonky thought that could pass off as a dream.

I heard voices mainly my dad's. "Has he been here?!" And mum sticking up for me going "she was with him earlier and probably ran her back. Be trusting on her please" it smells fresh dad retorted. "Yes but how many nights did you stay over and us make out. If you push her away then I will kick you out of here." I heard 2 sets of laughing and then – NONONO. Shouldn't they check im ASLEEP before they do that?

Besides that night sleep did come and I did dream about Jacob. He'll get some satisfaction from that when I tell him tomorrow.

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