Alright I watched the movie "Watchmen" a few days ago and had this really neat idea for a story including Rorschach/Walter Kovacs and an OC person I made up named Elaine Le'Fonte. I thought it sounded cool so now I want your opinion.

This has nothing to do with the movie but it includes; Laurie Jupiter/ Silk Spectre II and Daniel Dreiberg/Nite Owl II as a couple but it does not include; Edward Blake/Comedian nor Jon Osterman/Doctor Manhattan nor Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias.


Rorschach- 45; Dan- 40; Laurie- 35; Elaine- 35

Normal speaking; thinking and emphasis; Rorschach's Journal entries; Change in place.

Summary: When Rorschach saves a sexy 35 year old woman from being raped in an alleyway, he finds himself being pulled into an investigation with this girl's secret past. During this time this investigation brings the two closer together. Will this woman change Rorschach, or will her past get her first? RorschachXOC; DanielXLaurie.

Rorschach's Journal, June 11th 1985;

While I was walking through the disgusting city that is New York I stumbled upon an alleyway that didn't seem right. There was too much noise to be a stray and mangy cat rummaging for food. I went in thinking it could be absolutely nothing and that this was a waste of time, but what I saw was just another bit of proof of this city, a woman was about to be raped.


"No! Let go of me!" The woman screamed at the masked man holding her against the wall.

The man may have been masked but his smirk was noticeable. "No I don't think I will. You see the boss just wants me to bring you in but I think I'll do something to you before I take you two him my little whore."

"No! Let me go! Whatever he wants he can just suck dick!"

A laugh came out from the man's covered face. "Feisty, just the way I like them." His hands trailed down to the edge of her above-knee skirt. His hand then went under and up.


His laughter was killer as his lips neared her face. Just suddenly he was pulled away from her and thrown into a dumpster.

"Now what do you think you're doing?" Rorschach asked the man in his flat, emotionless voice as he was slowly approaching him.

The man placed a hand on the top of the dumpster and pushed himself up from the floor. "Well wouldn't you like to know?"

"I would." The anti-hero answered as he took the man's arm and threw the man to the other side of the alleyway. The man got up quickly and ran towards Rorschach. Rorschach looked around and found a discarded crowbar by his feet. His picked it up and swung it just in time to hit the man in the side of his face. The man stumbled to the side until he stumbled his way to the wall. Rorschach went back up to the man, took the back of his shirt collar, pulled him back just to slam him into the wall again. Rorschach did this repeatedly for a small while until another hit to the head with the crowbar ended the small conflict as Rorschach would have called it. The crowbar dropped to the ground with a small series as clangs as he made his way towards the woman who at the moment was wrapped up in a ball and breathing heavily into her knees.

"You alright?" He asked as his hand went extended towards the woman.

The woman sighed and looked up at Rorschach, showing not one bit at fear towards him. "Fine as I'll ever be after an experience like that. Thank you." She placed her hand in his.

He lifted her up to her feet and released her hand. She then started brushing dirt off her and fixing her clothing. Rorschach looked at the woman with confusion. He could have sworn his head tilted to the side. How come she's not scared of me? Everyone else in the city is. He thought as the woman continued fixing herself. But that thought soon passed as his thoughts wandered somewhere else. What was he talking about when he said he was supposed to bring her to his boss? What could anyone want a beautiful woman like he--- He stopped dead in his thoughts. Beautiful woman? Where the hell did that come from? True she did look beautiful. She had long blonde hair, not as long as Laurie's hair but just past shoulder length. She has nice legs, cute face and her eyes look like they're amethyst. Her appearance overall was pretty miraculous. Though her ethnicity deceived him.

"Excuse me?" The woman spoke.


"I said 'I'm Elaine Le'Fonte. Nice to meet you Rorschach.'" Ah… she's from France.

"'Nice to meet me?'"

"Of course."


"If you're wondering, I don't judge people just by rumors I hear. I judge them from the action I see myself and since you saved me from being raped…" She drifted off, like she herself did not know how she would end that sentence.

"Either way." Rorschach intervened. "You're welcome Miss Le'Fonte. Go home quickly and relax there." He turned around.


Rorschach sighed mentally. Save a woman and then she wants to repay you. I should have seen this coming. Rorschach turned around only to feel warm lips on his left cheek.

"Thank you again." She then walked quickly around him and out of the alleyway. Yep. Defiantly a French woman.

Daniel's house:

"Alright Laurie. I will be there I promise. Of course I won't be late." Daniel Dreiberg hung up the phone and proceeded towards his living room. Laurie Jupiter and himself have been together for the past 2 years. Tonight the two had reservation for a dinner and a show at Radio City Music Hall for the 8 o'clock show and lately Dan had been always late since he must always do 'another act of heroics.' This time he has Rorschach doing his calls. Sure he could have asked someone else but he trusted Rorschach. He wouldn't abandon his task for the night. I should treat him to something later. Daniel reached for his coat and keys and opened his front door only to see Rorschach walking up the steps.

"How'd you know I was coming?" He slightly teased as he just walked in.

Great. I'm going to be late. Dan thought as he closed the door and placed his coat and keys on the desk. "What is it Rorschach?"

"I'm just staying in your house until I actually get a call." Answered Rorschach from the kitchen. "I'm going to eat your beans. Hope you don't mind."

"I don't. Don't worry."

"I never worry." The sounds of a can opening came from the kitchen. "Go on your date. You're going to be late."

"Nice rhyme." Daniel commented as he grabbed his coat and keys once again. "Thank you Rorschach. I owe you big." He opened the door and exited his house, closing the door behind him.

"Yeah, yeah." Rorschach didn't care for rewards of any kinds. Though that one reward that that Le'Fonte girl gave him still was in his mind. That's a first. He thought as he raised the bottom part of his mask to reveal his nose and mouth. He had never been kissed on the cheek before, not even by his own mother. His mother. The cause of his becoming. Though he would never blame her, the woman who brought him into this unforgiving world, he still feels hate towards her. 'I should have gotten that abortion!' She told him once. But did he receive a big blow from that statement? No. That's the answer. He was numb and by that age he learned how to ignore her, how to ignore his surroundings in his home. What he couldn't ignore was the taunting, painful words of those who bullied him as a child. He showed them a lesson of course, he's now Rorschach isn't he? Over the course of the years the lessons became more violent as some would call it, others called it murderous. But did he care? No. Does she care? What the hell? Where did that come from? Wait. This already happened. Déjà vu. Great. Now I'm French.

An actual sigh escaped from his mouth. He hasn't taken one bite out of his meal yet. This was actually frustrating to him. What did this Le'Fonte girl do to him? Absolutely nothing. Just an innocent kiss on the cheek and he goes berserk. A mental sigh approached him along with a growling stomach. Might as well eat. His spoon dipped into the can.

So… what do you think? Please review and flames are welcomed. I just want an opinion. Tell me if I should continue. And also could you tell me if you think the title's good so far? I didn't know what to call it so i just called it Rorschach's Redemption. If otherwise, please tell me your opinion.