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Bella Swan has never been in love, or dated. And she didn't plan to anytime soon after she's seen her parents' marriage work out so well. Plus, she thinks that all the boys in high school are just too immature and don't care about anything but sports, or a girl's body. They care only about a girl's appearance than the actual girl herself.

When she moves into Forks with her dad, after her parents' divorce, she knows that the boys won't be any different than the ones back home. And she was right. That is, until she meets mysterious and dark Edward Cullen. He never follows the rules in high school, and he only hangs out with his special group of friends. Everyone respects him there, and wants to be his friend. The girls go crazy when they see him, but he ignores everyone in the school, and doesn't care for anyone. He never dates, and rejects every girl that tries to flirt with him. At first Bella hates him for being so mean to her friend, but then she finds out about his tragic past. This year, Bella was supposed to be focusing on school, and not anything else. But maybe it's time that she experiences her first love.

How is she supposed to have the time to deal with her first time falling in love, and the drama at home with her parents? Can Bella admit that she might actually be starting to fall for someone? And can she get through life without too much damage? For her, the saying, "Life's tough" is an understatement.

- OOO -

My mom and I were never close. I always related more to my dad-because we're more alike. My mom spends most of her time at work; she's an interior designer, and she's always busy with her clients. I've gotten used to the fact that she's never at home, but when she announced that she'll be missing my 10th birthday for a "business trip" to Spain, I've had enough. I started to shut her out of my life, and never tell her anything anymore. On the day of my grade 8 graduation, I only invited my dad to come to the ceremony. My mom found out throughout the end of the ceremony, and was really upset. She confronted me and my dad and asked why she wasn't invited. I told her it was because she never would've made it anyways, because she was always so busy at work.

"Well, I'm here now, aren't I?" she'd said, furious.

"Yeah, mom! You've made it just in time! We were just getting ready to leave," I'd spat at her.

She had narrowed her eyes at me, and then began to lash out on my dad, blaming him for not inviting her. My dad was never one to shout (he barely even talks) but that day, he yelled the loudest yell I have ever heard-in general-and that's a lot coming from my dad. He fought right back at my mom, who fought right back at him. I had tried to stop them, because this was my fault not inviting my mom, after all, but they wouldn't listen. They told me to stay out of it, and eventually, I did. I crawled into bed once we reached home, and tried to block out their voices.

My mom and dad didn't talk to each other for the rest of the night that night. When I woke up the next morning, I saw my dad had slept on the couch. My mom came prancing down the stairs a second after, and she didn't even once glance at my dad or me. I felt bad for her, but I was also mad at her for never being here. When I tried to talk to her, she just answered shortly and crisply.

After a while, my mom and dad were tired of each other. I heard them fight sometimes at night, but at least they're still talking. Most of the time, they act like the other doesn't even exist. Eventually, after they're latest fight, they decided they've had enough. They announced that they were getting divorced, and asked me who I wanted to live with. I chose my dad, because I don't think I could've taken anymore of my mom.

So my dad and I moved to Forks where he could continue his job as the chief officer of the Forks police station. I was going to be enrolling in Forks High School in the summer. I didn't really care about moving-I wasn't all that upset. I didn't really make any friends there anyways. I'm the kind of person who is incredibly shy, and don't really like talking to people or being the center of attention. I don't have a boyfriend either, so I'm not worried about having to break up with anyone before I move.

I've never been in love or dated, because I think the boys in Phoenix are all too immature. Plus, it just causes stress to be in a relationship-look at my parents. I decided to wait until I was done school before getting involved in a relationship. When I first took a tour of the high school, I saw all the kids who would be my future classmates in the fall. The girls were hanging around in a clustered bunch, twirling their hair and checking out the boys. The boys were playing a game of football, and laughing hysterically. I saw a guy with brown hair catch the ball, and started dancing around in victory. I rolled my eyes. The guys here were the same as the guys in Phoenix. They were a bunch of athletic jocks, who cared more about a girl's appearance then the girl herself. As I made my way to the front office for registrations, the brown haired boy came up to me and approached me.

"Hey," he said, smiling smugly and giving me a once-over. "Did it hurt?"

"Did what hurt?" I asked, confused.

"Well, when I saw your face, I thought you must've been an angel fallen from above. So did it hurt when you fell?" Was he serious? What kind of girls actually bought that act?

I forced a smile, and nodded politely. "Uh…thanks. I have to go." Then I shuffled past him, and half-walked half-ran to the front office. See what I mean about immature guys? This is why I don't date.

I just wanted to finish school, and get through life as fast as possible without having too much drama in my life. Well, little did I know, all of my thoughts on getting-through-life-as-fast-as-possible will evaporate as soon as I start school this fall. And it was all because of the boy named Edward Cullen.

- OOO -

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