impossible fairytales

phoenix; thalassa . possible spoilers.

[001. music]

ohso unoriginal, i know. DX phoenix/thalassa, OF COURSE MUSIC IS THE FIRST THING THAT POPS INTO YOUR HEAD. *shot* anyway hi this is my most favourite pairing of alllll time AND I SWEAR THERE IS LITERALLY NO FICS, so please bear with me. :) ahha.

He's like the broken master of the piano and when he plays it's his heart and soul pouring onto the keys; and he's so terrible and incorrect he's brilliant. He's like Mozart on a bad day, he's like a chorus of nightingales and swallows- the piano-man, he's the maker of music so absurd no-one knows whether it's awfully bad or so good they can't hear it, don't even know about it-


She's like the stairway to heaven through your plastic headphones, and your two-thousand-and-one stereo; her voice is waves and liquidized sugar over cuts and bruises and she's a drug, a feeling of euphoria that won't go away. She's a miraculous wonder and a beautiful accident, but she won't admit it-

"Together," Thalassa tells him over a coffee, and even then her voice is that of rivers and butterflies and magical melodies, "we could be the most amazing thing-- I'll teach you to play the piano, and-"

-And Phoenix rests his hand over hers and tells her it's okay, don't try and make me something I'm not, but he wants to believe in her, he wants to go back to his childhood days where magicians made miracles in the blink of an eye and she's sitting here, in front of him, and for once he believes in magic.

"I'll show you how. Let me show you how."

They're the epitome of all things opposite. They're like black and white and rainbow and grey paint all on the same canvas, they're like silk and sandpaper, they're rich and they're poor and they're the recipe for disaster (but- come on, it's the twenty-first century).

"We can still be magical," she says- and he believes-, "we just need to work out how."

:) thank you for reading, as you can see this will (hopefully!) be a series of drabbles . please review~ 3