impossible fairytales


[004. breathe]

disclaimer: i don't own ace attorney or the characters. capcom does.

yeah, i have no excuses, except from STILL being appalled by my own grammar and not being eleven anymore. how i am predicted A* at gcse english I DO NOT KNOW. anyway, enjoy!

"You need to stop coming here, you know. People are gonna get creeped."

He doesn't know why he's talking to her, he just can't stop the words coming out of his mouth. He knows he should be doing something, something better-anything. But he comes here instead, to the coffee shop, just to watch her sip cold coffee and stare into space with a smile playing at his lips.

She puts down the cup and looks up at him with a mixture of confusion and surprise on her face. "Do I know you?"



"Well, I'm sorry," a waiter sweeps away her empty coffee cup as she stands up and shrugs on her coat, "I don't recall."

"You wouldn't."

She stops and stares straight into his eyes with her own icy blue ones. His breath catches; he never actually noticed how clear and full of light they were after she had the operation; so different to how they were before. "Your voice. I've heard it before; am I right?"

He smiles, and she realizes it has been years since she's seen a simple smile. It sends shivers down her spine. "Yes, that's right. I'm glad you remember."

"So.. would you mind telling me your name?"

"I'm Phoenix. Phoenix Wright."

Phoenix represses a grin as he watches the realization overcome her face, then as her eyes lit up and her mouth breaks into a huge smile.

"Phoenix... please, forgive me. I understand that I can sometimes act a little coldly around people I don't know. I apologize."

"It's quite alright," Phoenix replies with earnest.

"I can't thank you enough for all that you've done for me...I...I..." she breaks off to gaze all around her and is shocked to find that her newly-sighted eyes are welling up with tears at the sights in front of her; the afternoon sun shining in through the glass walls of the café, reflecting off the polished tables, golden, warm and soothing. A couple sharing a laugh and a kiss over a cup of hot coffee. The bustling street outside the café, full of all kinds of different-looking people walking by, all smiling and laughing and chatting, some looking busy, some looking as if they didn't have a care in the world.

To think that she's missed this for ten years makes it even more beautiful to see now; and as Phoenix wraps his arms around her and she sobs into his shoulder- "It's beautiful, isn't it? The world." "Yes." -filled with his scent of warmth and belonging, Thalassa has to remind herself to breathe.