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Chapter 1: Burning


That was the only thing he was able to make out as he opened his eyes.

Bound by the fear of his never ending nightmare. Unable to move and eternally damned to live through the end of his joyful life over and over again…

The heat around him seemed to increase as flames licked on his skin. Why was it that everything around him seemed to blur the more he tried to focus? The carpet to his feet had long ago caught fire as well as the curtains, but he could neither turn away nor leave the burning room. Why was this happening again?

Wasn't it enough that he had to go through all of this not so long ago?

Ciel tried to call out for help… oh yes, how he longed for someone to save him from this hell. His personal hell that seemed to get even more frightening with every time he was forced to relive it. But like always everything stayed silent except for the noise of the constantly rising flames paired with the cracking of old, rotten wood and the sound of his own erratic heart beat. His knees gave out under him.

Was this the end?

His mind was clouded from the poisonous smoke he inhaled with every breath.

His throat seemed to close down in a desperate attempt to contain the last bit of clean air. It didn't help though…

By now the fire had reached his body and the heat let his eyes sting as he opened them in a desperate attempt to search for an escape. But it was to late- already the flames engulfed him and began to burn his skin that was hardly protected by his thin clothing.

The pain coursed through his whole body and he opened his mouth to let out a tormented cry.

Why wouldn't anybody hear him?

With the time his vision began to blur even more and finally the pain subsided to a dull ache. He could ignore this. He was determined to ignore it. Everything was better than this.

But his thoughts swirled trough his head all the time- not giving him a chance to collect his last strength in order to live through this nightmare.

His own weakness… displayed to him just like that fateful day.

His childish naiveté which had him damned for the rest of his life with no chance to atone for his sins.

Not that this thought ever crossed his mind.

He didn't need a God to save him… he had already formed a contract with the devil himself.

Why would he pray for this lost soul that was already bound to hell?


Why wouldn't he come?

Ciel tried to lift his hand to his right eye which harboured the contract, only to find that he could no longer move his arm.

His eyes widened in horror as he took in the new scene. In nothing but a second his whole surroundings had changed.

The fire was gone, even if the pain in his chest still remained, but by now he was held down on something like an altar, the stone cold and firm under his back.

The grip on his wrists and ankles got stronger and his heartbeat quickened as he faced the men around him. Their masked faces frightened him more than the actual position he was in at the moment and his fear paralyzed him. They laughed while stripping him of all his clothes, first his vest and pants until they got to his undergarments. Ciel's eyes widened in shock but he couldn't find a way to free himself- not with those men still holding him down. He struggled desperately against their touch but it only lead to more laughter.


No… this couldn't be happening. He was already safe, wasn't he?

Sebastian once saved him from this nightmare. Why wasn't he here now?

The voices around him grew louder and Ciel gasped as he saw one of the men approaching him with a red-hot iron bar, on top a symbol he had never seen before.

One thing he knew for sure…

They would mark him as something filthy, cursed… sinful. But they would not only leave a mark on his body but on his soul as well. A mark he would never be able to erase.

He struggled even harder as he saw the disgusting grin of the man widen.

No, no, no… not again… please…

He now stood on the edge of the altar, raising his arm… still laughing.

A sound that sent a chill down Ciel's spine.

Again he tried to cry out- and again he failed. It felt like an invisible hand was wrapped around his throat to keep his voice as quiet as possible, taking him much needed air.

Stop it!

He wouldn't be able to take all this a second time.

How was he supposed to live through this horror again and again?

The heat drew near.

Please, stop it!

As the iron made contact with his skin and burnt the cursed mark on his body Ciel arched his back from the cold stone and cried out. The pain was like nothing he ever felt before… it took his mind away, left him nothing to hold on while his fate was sealed.

Tears spilled from his eyes.

He couldn't say if it was because of the surging fire that coursed through his veins or from the knowledge that he wouldn't be saved this time. He knew he wouldn't come…

The laughter was by now deafening until Ciel thought he would go insane.

His eyes weren't able to focus anymore. Everything around him got blurry and his chest contracted painfully. Quiet sobs raked his body while tears streamed down his face.

Ciel let his eyelids fall down to at least blind out the masked faces of the men around him.

Therefore he didn't see it coming…

The only thing he recognized was the cold metal that made contact with his chest, a second before it pierced through his skin to end his life.

His back arched involuntarily, driving the knife deeper into his own flesh… increasing the pain. And everything went black…


With a desperate cry Ciel shot up, frantically eying his surroundings.

His heart wouldn't calm down and his eyes widened in shock when he recognized someone holding his wrist. With a desperate whimper he yanked his arm out of the firm grip and backed away. His breathing got erratic again and he wasn't able to control his by now violently shaking body.


As soon as the familiar voice reached his ears the burning sensation vanished and relief washed over his whole body.

But he just couldn't seem to calm down his heart which pounded furiously in his chest. He wasn't able to abandon the feeling that he was not safe yet.

"Bocchan." Sebastian repeated and if Ciel would have been able to concentrate on his butler he would hear the concern which was by now obvious in his otherwise controlled voice.

"You have to calm down, Young Master."

When Sebastian recognized that Ciel didn't pay him any attention, he scooped closer to the trembling boy and carefully reached out one of his clothed hands to touch his cheek.

As soon as he made contact Ciel finally focused on him, new tears flowing freely out of his cerulean eyes and over the soft skin beneath.

He mouthed his name, but it seemed he couldn't get out a sound, too terrified by his nightmare that still held him captive.

Without thinking about it Sebastian pulled the shaking boy into his arms and settled him comfortably on his lap, so that Ciel's head rested between the crook of his neck and shoulder.

Normally after such an unpredictable action Ciel would always give a more or less annoyed remark and command Sebastian to put him down immediately.

That the boy in his arms didn't show any reaction at all worried Sebastian more than he was willing to admit.

The shaking hadn't ceased yet and Ciel had a firm grip on Sebastian's jacket.

Another thing he would normally never be able to do. His pride wouldn't allow it.

"It was just a dream, Bocchan. It's all right… you don't have to be afraid anymore."


"I'm here now. So there's nothing and no one that can possibly harm you."


It was a mere whisper, but Sebastian was able to make out the small sound due to his oversensitive hearing. He sighed in relief that Ciel finally seemed to notice him.

"It's all right now, Bocchan." he repeated and absently stroked the velvet-like hair of his human master. Ciel just buried his face in his neck and Sebastian could feel quiet sobs shaking the small form in his arms.

"Shh… there's nothing to be afraid of. It was a dream… just a dream."

"They will never leave me alone…!" Ciel whimpered through heartbreaking sobs and Sebastian felt his heart clench painfully in his chest. He knew what Ciel had been dreaming about.

It wasn't the first time that he woke crying from a nightmare, but it had never been to that extend.

"Make them stop…!" Ciel begged and wound his arms around Sebastian's neck, so he could press more tightly against his butler. It pained Sebastian to see the boy in such a state and he could do nothing but hold the trembling body until he recovered from his fears to stand up proud once again. He would be stronger after this, just like all the other times before.

For as long as Sebastian was by his side to catch him, he would one after another overcome his fears.

Sebastian loved the times when his master would give him orders to achieve his goals…

He loved the way his master controlled the game he played and the accuracy with which he moved his chess pieces…

But most of all he loved the unbreakable spirit of this human and his strong will.

Even though he was just a boy of by now fifteen years he absolutely refused to depend on someone and therefore get addicted to this person.

Oh, how he loved his stubborn master…

Wait… did he just think about something as despicable as love?

He couldn't love. He was a demon… bound to his master by nothing more than the contract they made years ago. And yet…

By now Ciel's breathing had calmed down and Sebastian was surprised to say the least when his master snuggled even deeper in his embrace and let out a content sigh when he found a more comfortable position. His breath tickled the neck of the demon and Sebastian found it absolutely impossible to ignore the way in which the body of his master was pressed against his own. Despite all his innocence Ciel had entangled his small legs with Sebastian's, his left arm holding on to his butler's neck where he played with the black strands of his hair.

The closed eyes and the lightly opened lips of the boy offered an enticing picture. It was simply too alluring.

Before he could control himself Sebastian tilted Ciel's face upwards so their eyes met.

He was entranced by the depth of this deep blue- purple where the contract was visible. Without thinking he leaned forward to capture Ciel's rosy lips in a tender kiss.

It was only a chaste contact, but Sebastian felt a uncontrollable wave of desire ripple through his body that he had never experienced before. It was heaven.

He suppressed a chuckle at the thought of a demon speaking or even thinking of heaven.

He really expected the boy to push him away and shout at him for overstepping his boundaries.

Therefore he was stunned when Ciel tightened his hold around his neck and leaned even more into the kiss, letting out a little moan as Sebastian flicked his tongue experimentally over his lower lip.

Sebastian took this opportunity to slide his tongue into Ciel's mouth, savouring the sweet taste that was better than he could have ever imagined.

Ciel's breathing quickened when Sebastian let his fingers glide over his back and he arched into the body that held him firmly but at the same time just as gently.

Ciel whimpered in disappointment when Sebastian broke the kiss for much needed air, but gasped as he felt a hot tongue travelling down his neck and to his ear where Sebastian whispered his name with a husky voice.

Ciel shuddered as he heard his name come from those lips. Pleasure coursed through his body and elicited a sweet moan from him which in turn drew a small chuckle from Sebastian.

Since some time he felt himself being drawn to this demon, but he had been too proud to accept and declare his own feelings.

Now he could only hold on to Sebastian as he captured his lips again, this time with far more pressure than before.

"Do you want me to continue, Bocchan?" Sebastian asked with a mischievous smile and Ciel looked into red glowing eyes. He gulped as he saw the emotions that swirled through this ruby depths… emotions he knew had always been there but kept under the firm image of a butler by Sebastian himself.

Now every single emotion was visible and Ciel simply couldn't find a way to advert his eyes from Sebastian's heated gaze.

Devotion, reliability, confidence, curiosity, lust… and love were all mirrored in the burning depths of his demon's eyes.

"Make me forget about these nightmares." Ciel said at least, pulling Sebastian into another bruising kiss that left both of them panting as they broke apart in need of air.

"Make me forget about everything…"

Sebastian raised an eyebrow and smirked.

That was definitely a turn of events he hadn't expected. But he would be the last one to complain.

"Are you sure, Bocchan? I won't hold back anymore… maybe you should-"

"Are you going to defy me?" Ciel interrupted him and cupped Sebastian's face between his small hands.

"I wouldn't even think of it."

"Then stop talking back and just do it! That's an order!"

Sebastian's eyes flashed red once again before he slightly lowered his head.

"Yes, my Lord."

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