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Chapter 2: Waking

In one swift movement Sebastian changed their positions so that he now hovered slightly over the still panting boy. This position alone sent a shiver down his spine and he tried desperately to contain at least a little bit of his usually flawless composure. But the thoughts of what he could possibly do to Ciel were just too alluring.

His longing and want for this human were almost unbearable and although he really wanted to make him his, to mark him in his own special way as someone belonging to him, he didn't want to scare him. He knew that now that the order was given Ciel would rather die than take it back.

Another point that made him even more loveable in Sebastian's eyes.

`My, my… it seems I truly have changed quite a bit.´ Sebastian thought with a frown. What would other demons say if they saw him like that- bound to a human being not only by the rules of their contract but also through his heart?


He shifted his gaze to look into Ciel's eyes as soon as he heard the trembling voice of his master.

A smirk played around his lips as he recognized that the shaking had nothing to do with fear or uncertainty but was a result of the way in which Sebastian had positioned his knee. It pressed firmly against Ciel's lower body and every time the boy took a shuddering breath it created a friction between them that made him moan even louder.

Ciel wiggled a bit because of his embarrassing behaviour and Sebastian's grin widened as he felt the boy's growing arousal.

In a desperate attempt to suppress the moans that wanted to escape his throat Ciel covered his mouth with his hands. It couldn't contain the sounds entirely but Sebastian frowned a bit at this action.

He wanted to hear Ciel's voice… wanted him to call out his name in his bliss.

"Let me hear your voice, Ciel." he whispered seductively in the boy's ear. "Please, don't hold it back. I want to hear you." He smiled satisfied as his master shivered from their close proximity and he took hold of Ciel's wrists to pull his hands gently aside.

Sebastian had to admit that Ciel gave an absolutely delicious picture the way he lay there sprawled underneath him and tried to catch his breath through lightly opened lips. His eyes were glazed from the pleasure that coursed through his entire body and made it hard to even think.

Ciel was almost at the brink of sanity and with every movement of his demon he could feel himself getting more and more excited. In his search for relieve Ciel began unconsciously moving his hips to meet Sebastian's body in his sensual motions. He opened his eyes in surprise as a pair of strong hands pushed his hips firmly back on the mattress.

Deep blue made contact with glowing red.

"Young Master, I would appreciate it if you could hold yourself back." Sebastian said with a teasing voice and rubbed his knee purposely against his master's groin. The action earned him another loud moan. "We don't want it to end just yet, do we? After all, this is merely the beginning…"

Ciel groaned as those words sent a new wave of pure bliss through his veins but he tried as he was told and slowed down his motions.

"It seems you are quite obedient today, Young Master." stated Sebastian mockingly and relished in the feeling of Ciel's heated body writhing underneath him.

Ciel growled at Sebastian's words and let his knee come up a little to brush against Sebastian's by now oblivious erection. If his demon wanted to play, who was he to deny him this fun. After all, Ciel was a master in playing games and he didn't intend to lose this one.

He would never beg for Sebastian to do something but… he could always order him to do so, couldn't he?

"What are you doing, Sebastian?" he asked with as much authority as he could muster in his actual state. "Stop teasing me already and get on with it!"

He would never beg for something…

Sebastian stopped in his actions before lowering his body noticeably and grinning.


With this he captured Ciel's lips in a deep kiss and as the boy gasped for air he slipped his tongue inside the hot cavern, eliciting a low growl. Ciel couldn't stop himself. Before he knew what he was doing he had wrapped his arms tightly around Sebastian's neck and pulled him down even more. They stayed in this position for a while, just kissing passionately before Sebastian pulled back and smiled. Ciel whimpered a little at the loss of contact, but stopped immediately as Sebastian slowly began unbuttoning his nightclothes.

It didn't take long before Ciel was completely naked, but he was far too aroused to be embarrassed anymore. He simply loved the feeling of Sebastian's hands roaming over his bare skin and a loud moan escaped his lips as said hands brushed lightly over his arousal.

Ciel didn't want to wait any longer. He wanted to feel Sebastian, but there was definitely a problem…

"You're overdressed." he breathed shakily as he regarded his butler and began to undo his tie. His efforts weren't really efficient since by now his hands trembled so hard that he wasn't able to unbutton Sebastian's white shirt.

As white hands wrapped around his fingers and gently stopped his motions he lifted his eyes. His breath caught as he met Sebastian's intense gaze.

"Allow me, Young Master…" he said before lifting his body a little from the bed and undoing his shirt and pants which where carelessly tossed aside.

Ciel's heart skipped a beat as he watched Sebastian remove the last article of clothing. He blushed as he recognized that his gaze had unconsciously wandered down to Sebastian's growing erection. When he heard a small chuckle above him he turned his face away to hide his embarrassment. It was too late, though, since it didn't go unnoticed by Sebastian who just smiled lightly before returning to their former position.

Ciel let his eyes drift shut as their lips met again. If this bliss was a sin he would willingly go down to hell. But since he was bound to Sebastian it didn't really matter anymore.

Nothing did matter at this moment…

As Sebastian began to kiss his way down Ciel's body, the boy shivered involuntarily and entwined his fingers in the silk-like black hair of his demon. He knew what was to come, but when Sebastian's tongue flicked experimentally over the head of his straining erection, a deep moan escaped his throat.

"Sebas…tian! Please…!"

The world seemed to spin as Sebastian obliged and Ciel gasped when his butler's mouth engulfed his member completely. His grip on the black hair tightened almost immediately and Ciel couldn't stop his body from thrusting up into Sebastian's hot mouth.

Sebastian growled lightly and Ciel cried out in pure bliss as the vibrations of this action set his body on fire.

He could feel a tingling sensation along with the gradually building pressure in his abdomen and tried to warn Sebastian, but his butler only increased his movements.

Without interrupting his administrations he softly started humming while bobbing his head up and down.

It was too much. Ciel couldn't hold back anymore as the pressure in his lower body reached its height and with a breathless cry he came into Sebastian's awaiting mouth.

He had never felt like this before. The tingling now spread through his entire body and his heartbeat was far from normal.

A new wave of bliss took over him as Sebastian swept the last drops of his cum away with his tongue.

Still gasping he didn't notice as said demon came up again to place a soft kiss on his lips.

"Do you still want me to continue, Young Master?"

At those words Ciel opened his eyes to look at Sebastian who was genuinely satisfied to see lust and pleasure still obvious on his master's face.

"There's… more?" Ciel blushed at his own words, but didn't advert his eyes from the beautiful features of his butler.

Sebastian couldn't help but smile at this innocent question.

"Why, of course there is more, Bocchan." he said while shifting so he was once more pressed flush against the heated body of his master. "There are quite a few things left that I could show you. But if you feel that you're not ready…"

"It's okay…" If possible, Ciel's face took on an even deeper shade of red. But still he held Sebastian's gaze. "It's okay if you continue… if you want to, that is."

"There's nothing I'd rather do."

Once more their lips met and Ciel felt his body heat up again. As Sebastian broke the kiss he held three fingers in front of Ciel's mouth and signalled him what to do.

Without hesitating Ciel took the digits into his mouth and began licking at them. As he swept his tongue about the tips of the fingers he could feel Sebastian getting hard again.

When he deemed them wet enough, Sebastian pulled his hand away and let his lips slide about his master's swollen lips. Ciel moaned into the kiss and didn't recognize that Sebastian's hand made their way down his backside. But he wasn't able to hold back a strangled cry as one finger was suddenly pushed inside his entrance.

The feeling was not entirely pleasurable, but he couldn't deny that he got aroused again as Sebastian began to slide his finger carefully in and out before adding another one.

This time the pain brought tears to Ciel's eyes.

"No… Sebastian. It hurts! Take it out… please!"

"Shh… you have to relax, Ciel." Sebastian cooed softly and took hold of his master's cock. This earned him a little moan, but it was a mixture of both pleasure and hurt.

"The pain will go away but you have to relax."

When he felt Ciel slowly relaxing around his fingers he pushed the last one inside. The heat surrounding him was intoxicating and he tried hard not to think about what it would feel like to be inside his master. It tore at his heart as Ciel cried out in pain and silent tears poured down his cheeks.

But just as Ciel wanted to protest again, Sebastian brushed his fingers against something inside of him that sent an incredible pleasure through his body. Moaning, he arched into the touch and reached out his arms to wrap them around Sebastian's neck. Meanwhile Sebastian smiled as he massaged Ciel's prostate and elicited a series of loud moans and whimpers.

Ciel was again at the brink, but just as he wanted to surrender his body to the all-consuming heat, Sebastian pulled his fingers out.

Ciel whimpered at the loss and gazed up at the still smiling demon.

"Don't worry, My Lord." At those words his eyes glowed a brighter red than ever before and Ciel found himself entranced by the livid colour. "I don't intend to leave you in a state like this. But you have to relax. Otherwise it would unnecessarily hurt you."

Ciel nodded lightly, his body shaking with anticipation, and wrapped his legs around Sebastian's waist.

The created friction was too much for both of them and just when Ciel let out a low moan again, Sebastian pushed inside with one swift movement.

Momentarily Ciel tensed and his fingers dug in Sebastian's shoulders as he tried to adjust to the feeling of being filled.

Sebastian meanwhile was at his limit. The tight heat surrounding his cock almost painfully sent wave after wave of immense pleasure trough his system and he had to restrain himself from pounding frantically into Ciel.

He moaned as Ciel wiggled under him and the walls of his entrance tightened even more around Sebastian's erection.

"You're killing me, Ciel…!" growled the demon and Ciel looked at him in surprise. But then he seemed to understand what Sebastian was referring to and a smile tucked on his lips.

In a seemingly unintentional motion he tightened his legs and pressed their bodies together. Both of them moaned when Sebastian's cock pushed deeper inside of Ciel and hit his prostate head on. Ciel was blinded by the intense feelings. His mind was blank.

"Please… Sebastian! Move!"

That was all the demon had waited for. With one movement he pulled out almost all the way, so that only the head of his erection was inside Ciel's hot entrance, before pushing his cock back in. Ciel let out a loud moan. His muscles contracted and pulled Sebastian even deeper inside while he pushed his body upwards to meet his demon's moves.

Soon they were completely lost in their pleasure and Sebastian's thrusts became more and more frantic. Ciel didn't care since all he was able to concentrate on were the steadily increasing movements and deep thrusts that hit his prostate with astounding accuracy.

Ciel felt his nearing orgasm and by the speed of Sebastian's thrusting he couldn't be far from completion either.

"Sebas…tian! I- I…"

Ciel wasn't able to end his sentence as Sebastian brought him over the edge. With one last cry Ciel came over his and Sebastian's torso. And just as Ciel's inner walls contracted around his cock Sebastian buried himself deeply inside his master's- and now lover's- tight heat before thrusting one last time and releasing his seed inside Ciel's body.

Carefully he pulled out of his master and lay down next to him. Without further thinking Ciel turned around and snuggled deeper into the embrace of his lover. Sebastian obliged willingly and wrapped his arms around Ciel's waist, drawing him near so he could lay his head on Sebastian's chest.

They lay like that for a while, the only sound the by now regular breathing and heartbeats, before Ciel broke the silence.

"Are demons able to fall in love, Sebastian?" His voice was calm but Sebastian recognized that Ciel's hands were curled into fists. He smiled.

"Of course, Young Master. After all, I fell in love with you, didn't I?"

Ciel's heartbeat sped up again as those words were spoken.

"You mean… you love… me?"

Sebastian's smile widened and he tilted Ciel's face upwards so he could look in his eyes.

"I love you. And only you." he said with sincerity and pressed a sweet kiss on Ciel's lips.

"Then stay with me forever." Ciel whispered as they broke apart.

"Until the end of time... I promise to never leave your side."

With this words Sebastian pulled Ciel closer again and began softly stroking his velvet-like hair.

"It's late, my Lord. Try to sleep."

Ciel felt himself getting more and more relaxed and soon closed his eyes. They were silent for a while but despite his numbed mind Ciel didn't want to surrender to sleep. There was one thing left to say.

"Sebastian…" It was a mere whisper but Sebastian smiled as he heard his name. He knew what the boy wanted to say but he waited patiently for him to continue. He nearly thought Ciel had fallen asleep until he breathed those words with his last remaining strength.

"I love you, too."

With this Ciel's eyes closed again and Sebastian felt his body relax as he finally gave in to sleep.

"Sweet dreams…" Sebastian said before slightly tightening his embrace and planting a soft kiss on Ciel's head.

There would be no more nightmares.

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