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Summary: Harry lives with his successful parents in London and is on the road to becoming a world-class player in tennis. Having been homeschooled all of his life he jumps at the opportunity to attend a public High School and experience regular teenage life. Will he be able to fit in or will his past get in the way of that?

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Warnings: AU as in another universe, meaning there will be no magic or Gundams in this story. If you have to have your Harry gifted with magic and your G-boys mecha crazed; then I suggest looking for another story. Oh, and another thing; this is not a 'Harry is an unhappy and abused orphan' fic. His parents and god father are all well and alive in this; just slightly altered to suit my plot, so I'm sorry if I mess up any persons' perceptions of any characters. Just to be clear; it would be better for you to expect most, if not all, characters to be, more or less, OOC with the altered conditions.

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Second Chances


"What everyone wants from life is continuous and genuine happiness."

- Baruch Spinoza

- 12 years earlier.-

The London traffic was at the moment being redirected from the ever busy and popular tourist spot Piccadilly Circus. The cause of this seemed to be several police cars parked by and outside the small area of the memorial fountain; the statue of Anteros watching everyone's footsteps with an indistinctive eye.

Car horns were honked by impatient drivers who were unaware of the reason behind the great stir. Standing precariously on the roof of a TV station sent car were a young, fancy dressed, woman speaking into a microphone while looking directly into the lens of a video camera held by a rugged looking, middle-aged man. At the end of the countdown made by the man's free hand, she exchanged the bored expression for a practiced one of seriousness.

"This is Jane Winston reporting live from Piccadilly Circus, London central, where the victim of a child kidnapping has finally been retrieved from two whole weeks of captivity. The victim, a child of five years, was found wandering aimlessly about the area before a young couple asked the child the whereabouts of his parents; to which the child immediately began to mumble incomprehensively and cry helplessly. Nothing has yet been said in reference to the child's identity; but it is believed to be, from eyewitness reports, the only son of a young, rich and famous couple, namely the Potters. There is no information about the kidnappers as of yet." She finished in a flourish.

The reporter shoved an errant lock of hair behind her ear as a gust of wind blew by. She almost tripped before recovering her balance again. Standing on the roof of a van in high heels wasn't exactly the brightest thing to do, but she'd rather die than be seen dressed any less immaculate.

She frowned slightly at something the cameraman said.

"What?" She mouthed. Obviously having followed the direction at which the cameraman was pointing, her eyes became more alert and she rushed to speak into the mouthpiece. "We are able to see another car being let through the cut of area."

A black car with dark tinted windows appeared and drove past the police blockade. It stopped beside another police car and a red haired woman stepped out of the car, followed closely by a tall, dark haired male. The woman shouted something hurriedly and frantic, searching the vicinity with her eyes.

Within a second, a small child jumped clumsily out of the opposite police car and ran straight into the woman's arms, who pulled the child securely to her, touching him all over first to see if he was hurt. At ease for now she hugged the boy close to her again. The man enveloped them both and you could hear the child crying and sobbing brokenly against his mother's shoulder.

A police man came up the trio and ushered them back to the car from which the parents had arrived by. The father took the boy in his arms, the mother never letting go of the small hand clasped tightly in hers.

The car drove off again with the whole family having climbed in and was soon out of sight of the camera.

"It has been confirmed. We just saw James and Lily Potter embracing their son, now identified as Harry James Potter, and taking him with them in their car. It seems like a happy ending to a traumatic family experience." The reporter smiled a classical 'all's well' and teeth glistening smile. "Our well wishes go out to the family and their son. Harry. This was Janet Winston, reporting live from central London and now back over to the studio."The reporter finished as the video feed was cut and the picture of Piccadilly Circus faded away.

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