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Summary: Harry lives with his successful parents in London and is on the road to becoming a world-class player in tennis. Having been homeschooled all of his life he jumps at the opportunity to attend a public High School and experience regular teenage life. Will he be able to fit in or will his past get in the way of that?

Pairings: Heero/Harry.

Warnings: SLASH. AU as in another universe, meaning there will be no magic or Gundams in this story. If you have to have your Harry gifted with magic and your G-boys mecha crazed; then I suggest looking for another story. Oh, and another thing; this is not a 'Harry is an unhappy and abused orphan' fic. His parents and godfather are all well and alive in this; just slightly altered to suit my plot, so I'm sorry if I mess up any persons' perceptions of any characters. Just to be clear; it would be better for you to expect most, if not all, characters to be, more or less, OOC with the altered conditions.

Author's note: It's another chapter! Yay. Like in the last chapter there's also a lot with Harry and Heero in this as well. I'm doing my best to move their interaction and relationship along. Now, after posting this, I'm going to give myself a reward for sitting through the third day in a row constantly writing. (BL radio drama here I go! XD) /Lin

Chapter 9

"Attraction is beyond our will or ideas sometimes."

Juliette Binoche

Harry's parents called them on Tuesday evening. They wanted to talk to Harry and hear about how things were going at the school and other things for which Harry was happy to tell them about. Of course, he told them the version that was 'parents –and-godfather-friendly' and not the 'I'm-sneaking-around-and-doing-things-behind-your-back' version of it. It wasn't the first time that he'd kept things from his parents, what kid told his parents everything, but it sure was the biggest one yet. It made him feel slightly uneasy, but he told himself that, yet again, that it wouldn't last long, that he would just help his friends for a little more. That there was no reason telling them about it, because it was only going to be for a little while more.

From his mother he got to know that his father's case was coming along nice so far, they were in the midst of doing the research and brunt work of investigation the facts and details of the case before the court proceedings that would begin in January the next year. It didn't take his mother long though to skip from that subject to other more, mundane and smaller things, like if he was doing his homework properly, listening to the teachers and if he was brushing his teeth morning and night. Some questions embarrassing, amongst them the tooth brushing, but he took them like a man.

They were going to come visit him and Sirius some time starting next month when James found some free time away from the investigation, but they would contact them again later on when they were more certain about a specific date.

Harry put down the phone with a small sigh, reaching a hand up and scratching his head. He went and relayed the information to his godfather before going up to his room, to do his homework. There was math today, not much and he soon had it finished. Twiddling the pen with his one hand, Harry rested his chin in the other, staring at the finished homework in the notebook. The numbers stared back at him and he tilted his head to the side, hand digging into his raven hair as he slumped with his upper body onto the desk. He fiddling with the pen stopped as it dropped onto the desk, rolling before settling in the middle section of his math book. He sighed and the arm he wasn't resting his head on lay down on the desk. The sleepiness was creeping over him and it wasn't even nine o'clock yet.

His hair still damp from the shower, Harry reached over to turn off the desk lamp and then went over and crept down into his bed. Head hitting the pillow and eyelids falling shut as the softness of the bed called to his tired body to rest and that is what he did.

He woke up to Sirius shouting in his ear, making him jerk and nearly fall of the bed at the shock.

"What are you still doing in bed?" Sirius asked him when the British teen had gotten his bearings back together from the sudden awakening.

Harry stared around himself, noticing the sunlight outside.

"It's morning already?"

"And well past seven I might tell you too."

"I must have forgotten to set my alarm." Harry said, crawling and slinging his legs over the side as he grasped the digital clock in his hands.

Sure enough, the alarm hadn't been put on, hence him not waking up at six which is when he usually got out of bed.

The boy groaned as he jumped onto his feet, going straight to his closet and pulling out clothes as he divested himself of the ones he'd been sleeping in and exchanging them for others. His godfather watched him moving around, collecting his school books and shoving them into his backpack. He half rushed down the stairs, the man behind him, and entered the kitchen, grabbing a bowl of cereal and fruit which he ate by the side this time instead of having it with the cereal like he usually would if he had more time.

Sirius watched him as he ate, eyes switching between the boy and the TV he'd just turned on, with a cup of coffee in one hand.

"Is everything going alright in school?" He asked the teen.

Harry looked up from his bowl, eyebrows furrowed at first before he nodded quickly.

"Ah, sure, everything's fine, Why'd you ask?"

"No, I just thought you've seemed a little tired lately? You're not coming down with anything are you? Maybe the drastic change in environment has affected you more than you think?"

The boy looked up at his god father with a semi annoyed expression.

"No, I'm not. It's hot, yeah, but I've gotten fairly used to it by now." He said and finished the last of the milk and banana.

Throwing the peel away in the trash, Harry bent down hand slung the backpack on, giving the man a small wave before walking out.

"I see you after school Sirius." He called before opening and closing the front door.

Well, outside and halfway on his way to school, the teen finally let his expression go, replaced by a light worried frown. Sirius was starting to notice the signs of tiredness he'd begun to experience lately.

Despite waking up later than planned he got to school on time and met up with the others at lunch, feeling much more alert than he'd had in the morning. Heero was still eyeing him every now and then and Harry felt the other boy was being silly. Sure he was tired, for whole other reasons that didn't have anything to do with his shoulder, which was completely fine now by the way. He'd experience no discomfort the whole day before, even during practice, and so he deemed it healed. Only the bruise mark was left but that would disappear soon enough as well within a few days. Probably gone by the end of the weekend.

Harry stepped out of the classroom on Thursday afternoon, returning his books to his locker, taking out the ones for the next class and closing it. That's when he noticed another person coming up beside him. He looked up, seeing Heero standing there and he didn't hide the sigh that came out. He spared the Japanese teen a short stare before starting down the corridor, the other boy following him.

He could guess what this was about and he spoke up before the other boy had a chance to.

"I'm fine."

"You hit it hard."

Harry whirled around, causing the other teen to just stop before walking into him.

"Here," He said, turning slightly sideways towards the boy. "Feel for yourself."

The teen seemed slightly stunned at first, before he responded and carefully felt and pressed with his hands on Harry's shoulder and the area around it. Doing so he came quite close, making the raven haired teen involuntarily swallow thickly at the closeness and the concentration in the other's cobalt blue eyes.

"It doesn't hurt?" Heero asked him, their eyes meeting.

He swallowed again, and feeling it was enough, Harry pulled away.

"See," He said, his voice a little strained. "It's fine."

The Japanese teen eyed him for a while longer before he seemed to accept the fact, his hands falling to his side but he wasn't moving away. Harry became awkwardly aware that they'd garnered some queer stares from a passerby or two, but it looked like he was the only one of the two of him and Heero who had noticed. He took a step backwards, suddenly wanting some distance between them so that something wouldn't happen. Whatever that was, he didn't know, just that he needed space as he clutched his books closer to himself in front of him.

The first ring of the bell sounded then.


Harry turned around walking away to his next class, and all the while he was wondering if he actually might be coming down with something.

I mean, why else would his face feel this warm?

Duo came to him on Friday, asking him if they could practice that coming Saturday afternoon in time for the next game on Sunday. Harry agreed. And so he went out after having taken a quick shower after the practice with the godfather and made his way to the school.

Duo was thrilled to see that he was improving; asking him if he had practiced a bit on his own but Harry just shook his head negative to that. He didn't tell the braided teen that he'd had an extra training session with Heero. The other teen didn't make any signs either of telling and Duo chattered on, happily unaware of the fact. They kept at it for little over an hour before taking a water break.

Harry sat down, bending his head back as he took a swig out of the battle, feeling the delicious feel of water against his dry mouth. He passed the bottle over to the American teen who drank greedily, while Harry leaned over to rest his arms on his bent knees. Duo put aside the bottle and then flopped down on his back for a small rest.

The raven haired boy, smiled at the other boy's actions as he made a sound of satisfaction as he stretched out on the green grass. The water bottle was picked by a tanned hand, of which the British teen followed and then stopped in stunned silence.

Heero drank from the bottle, taking large gulps of water to compensate for the loss of fluid. His eyes were closed, his forehead beaded with pearls of sweat of which on dropped down the side of his temple and cheek. Breathing in as he swallowed the last gulp, he opened his eyes again.

The boy on the grass tore his gaze away from the Japanese teen the second those eyes turned down ways, Concentrating his stare at the changing rooms outside the field instead of at the teen standing beside him. Duo yawned loudly and pushed himself up from the ground, grabbing the ball lying on the grass and moving away towards the goal area.

"Back to practice guys!" He called, unaware of the raven haired boy's tinting cheeks which he'd hidden from sigh from them.

Standing up, Harry absently grabbed the gloves and fastened them on his hands while he followed the long haired teen. Behind him Heero stared at his back for a moment before placing down the water bottle and joining the two.

They went to Heero's house this time as well, Duo calling for using the shower first and the other two letting him. The British teen felt himself grow nervous being back at the house, but he'd decided that he wasn't going to let it affect him anymore. He made small talk with the other teen, as they shared a glass of juice under much better circumstances than the last time. Now he was able to enjoy the juice and the other boy's company.

Footsteps came down the staircase and then they heard Duo call at them.

"See you tomorrow guys! Have to watch my siblings tonight so I gotta run."

"See you tomorrow!" Harry replied just before hearing the front door close.

"So Duo's got siblings?" Harry commented interestedly. "Must be nice."

"The shower's free." Heero said to him.

"You can take it first." The raven haired teen said, holding up his half empty glass. "I've still got some juice left."


Heero placed his glass in the sink before going upstairs, leaving the other teen to finish his by himself.

The glass was brought up to his lips, as he sipped slowly and dragging his fingers across the countertop, feeling the smooth texture of the ceramics. He hoped he would do better tomorrow. It would be nice if they won tomorrow's game. It would be nice to see Heero smile. He didn't think he'd ever seen the boy really smile before and he wondered how the teen would look like when he did. Would the skin at the corners of his eyes crinkle like they did when his father smiled perhaps? Or maybe a dimple in the cheek like his mother?

What would make him smile in the first place?

He didn't appear to be the most expressive with his feelings and it was confusing understanding the teen most of the times but Harry think he was starting to get some hang of at least judging when the other was being annoyed or not, if anything. Well, that was something at least right?

Drink finished, Harry rested his elbow on the counter, chin in hand, while he swirled a finger around the rim of the empty glass. There was a wistful look on his face when Heero finally came back down from his shower.

"That was fast." Harry commented, raising from the seat and going over the sink and rinsing the glass. "Thanks for the drink." He said before fetching his bag by the entrance and making his way to the bathroom.

Newly showered and dressed in clean clothes, Harry wandered down the hallway but stopped when he heard the low sound of clicking. The teen was in his bedroom, sitting in the chair by the desk, and Harry stepped over, knocking twice on the door frame to gain the other's attention. Heero looked up at the knock, gesturing with a small tilt of his head for the British teen to step inside.

He plumped down on the bed, his bag ending up by the bedpost at the end, as he cast a glance at the laptop sitting on the desk which Heero was typing away at.

"Homework?" He asked.

Heero's mussed hair shook as he moved his head side to side.

"It's, my hobby." He said.

"Oh, now I remember you mentioning computers during the introductions at the start of school." Harry replied. He moved a bent leg up on top the bed, resting his hands on his calf.

"You remember that?" Heero asked him, sounding lightly surprised, as his typing slowed.

"My memory isn't that bad," Harry joked.

"Ah, no…" Heero mumbled, his typing starting up again.

"Is it fun?"

"What is?"

"What you're working on now, on the computer." Harry clarified.

"You want to know?" Heero asked him, the teen had stopped typing again and turned his chair around.

"Yeah." Harry said, drumming his fingers against the leg. "Never had much time for them myself, I like books, not much time for that either though, but what do you actually do on it?"



"Software development."

"Wicked, so you do it all yourself?"


"Can I take a look?" Harry stood up, walking over to where Heero was sitting.

The Japanese teen swiveled his chair around and pushed it a bit to the side to let the other teen have a better look. Harry looked down at the screen, taking in all the lines filled with different signs of which half he didn't recognize.

"So this is…?" He asked slowly, eyes trailing along the opened window.


Harry hummed in response. He lifted his hand, brushing back the dark bangs that had fallen across his eyes.

"I saw that the last time." Heero said then, making Harry turn his head sideways.

The Japanese teen was looking at his face, or rather the teen's forehead, with a curious eye. Harry righted himself, placing a hand over his forehead.

"You mean this?" He asked.

"Is it a scar?"

"Yeah." The raven haired teen said, turning around and leaning against the edge of the desk. His fingertips tapped lightly against the pale zig-zag scar found there, just beneath the bangs where you usually couldn't see it because it was kept hidden beneath the hair. "Got it when I was five." There was a thoughtful expression on his face.

"How?" Heero asked, having abandoned his computer for now.

Curious cobalt blue eyes stared up from his seat at the British teen as he twiddled with a lock of hair, the scar hidden behind his bangs again.

"That I don't know. I know when, but not how I got it." Harry said, staring at his bag on the floor.

"You don't remember?"

Harry shook his head.

"No, not how I actually got it."

The teen turned his emerald eyes onto Heero.

"I haven't told anyone about this." He said at first, and then went on with. "I'll tell you if you tell me about what happened to you in your childhood."

Heero's face turned into a troubled frown, his eyes growing hard.

"Sorry, that was unfair of me, or maybe not, but whatever." He said and continued before the other teen could interrupt him. "I was kidnapped when I was five. I got the scar then."

He smiled crookedly at the shocked look on Heero's face.

"Didn't expect that did you?" He said with small smile that had a tint of sad remembrance in it. "I've never talked about this to anyone before…" He murmered slowly. "Wonder why I feel fine telling you?" He laughed lightly.

Harry shook his head, pushing off the desk and walking away, a hand brushing through his hair.

"It's weird." He said. "I remember playing outside the house, I'd kicked my football too hard and it rolled out into street. I went to get it, but I couldn't find it, so I looked for it and then, there was this man, a black car…then nothing."

Unconsciously he closed his hand in a fist.

"I can't remember anything in between that and waking up in the middle of London."Harry said with clear frustration in his voice. Arms flinging outwards in a show of his emotions "Alone, scared…" He trailed off, the silence stretching.

Then noticing the non-existence response from the other boy he tried laughing it off.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to throw all this at you. You can just forget about this." He said, the sad tone in his voice gone as turned back around.

"Heero?" The teen asked confused.

The Japanese teen was no longer sitting in his chair. He surprised the raven haired teen by having moved to stand behind him, close enough to touch if he just reached out with his arm. Harry stared at him, his confusion growing as the taller boy reached a hand out and brushed his bangs with his fingers. Emerald eyes narrowed with incomprehension. The look in the boy's eyes had him frozen, there was this dark look in Heero's blue eyes that just froze him to the ground. He became aware of his own breathing, how strained it suddenly felt and how that constricting feeling in his chest suddenly was there again.

"…Heero?" He tried again.

Heero stared at him, his thumb ghosting against the boy's forehead where the scar was. His eyebrows furrowed lightly for a second, before he leaned forward.

Harry stared into cobalt blue eyes, eyes that had become so impossibly close that his own nearly overlapped to try and keep their focus on them. There was something pressing against his mouth, something soft pressing against his lips. He frowned. Then blue eyes moved away and the pressure disappeared.

He blinked several times, comprehension slowly, very slowly, dawning on him.

"Heero," He said, his voice strangely normal sounding. "what did you do?"

When the other kept silent, he unconsciously drew his hand up, fingertips touching his lower lip. Heero's hand was still in his hair and the boy was standing close to him, his expression clouded with something.

"Did you just…?" He didn't say the word. He just realized what the other boy had done, but why in the world had he done it? This wasn't how it worked, right? Had he missed something here? This wasn't what boys did. There was supposed to be a girl in this picture somewhere. He wasn't one and neither was Heero.

"I'm not a girl." He said, still frowning.

"I know." Heero said, not helping the raven haired boy at all in his confusion.

"Then I don't understand…" He said.

"Do you have to understand?" Heero interrupted by asking, earning himself a deeper frown.

"But-" The British teen started saying but Heero moved forward, kissing him again.

The Japanese teen withdrew when Harry remained unresponsive.

"You don't like it?" He asked, insecurity glinting in his eyes.

"I'm confused." He said, shaking his head lightly.

"You didn't like it?" Heero asked him again.

Harry hesitated for a moment.

"I…liked it." He said, sounding confused and shocked with himself.

Harry felt Heero's arm wound around his back, drawing him closer. The hand in his hair tightened, pushing his head closer to the boy's.

"Wait, He-" He managed to say before their lips were pressing against each other again.

This time it was more assertive, firmer and secure. Heero's eyes had closed, his hand resting surely between Harry's shoulder blades, keeping them together while he continuously moved warm lips over the teen's ones.

Something bubbled up inside his chest, the constricting feeling Harry had had before grew and spread inside his body, weighing down on him inside. His hands crawled up Heero's sides, grasping at the boy's t-shirt tightly in-between his hands and fingers. He was new at this; he'd never kissed anyone before. Had never kissed anyone like this before.

It was awkward, their movements didn't match up, but they didn't make them stop, driven on by something inside them both that demanded that they continue. Seeking the other out, drawing them out and into themselves.

They broke free for a second, breaths puffing against each other, eyes half lidded. Heero pushed on him, taking Harry by surprise, making the raven haired boy trip on his own leg. He fell backwards, pulling the Japanese teen down with him and back hitting against the bed. He let out a muffled groan when Heero's body landed above his own, squashing him between the boy and the mattress.

Heat spread across his face, he was acutely aware of something half hard pressing against his hip. Shocked and suddenly aware of his own condition when Heero moved above him, the boy's stomach brushing against that place rather intimately making him groan again but for a whole other reason.

Their eyes found each other, Harry felt his cheeks burn with building excitement as Heero's dark blue eyes moved closer and lips descending upon his once more. He grew bold, more responsive and moved his hands along naked arms, clothed shoulders and Heero's bare neck, hands delving into the boy's mussed and still damp hair.

It felt wild, he didn't know what he was doing anymore, and he was just doing what his impulses told him to do. To grasp the other person close to him, tight to him and never let go. Heero's hands roamed over his body, moved down, pushing in under his shirt and making the boy jerk lightly at the determined hands pressing against his abdomen. Searching, moving along the lines of taut and quivering muscles.

His hands fell from Heero's head, hands moving between the boy's arms and against his back. The Japanese teen's shirt was similarly pushed away, the raven haired boy's fingers roving across a firm back. Using the strength in his arms to their bodies together, making them both hiss when their awakening arousals brushed against the other boy's body, the friction sending signals of heat and pleasure through their system.

Heero's mouth left his, traveling over the corner of his mouth, down the boy's chin and latching onto his neck, right beneath his jaw. He sucked on the flesh there, Heero's warm breath hitting the raven haired boy's ear lobe.

"Heero." The British teen groaned, fingers digging into the boy's back.

Heero's hands moved away from Harry's chest, lifting himself slightly before he shocked the boy beneath by wriggling his hand down the teen's shorts and grasping onto Harry's length.

"Ah!" Harry called out at the touch, his voice soon turning into low moans when the other boy started stroking him.

Heero's head bent down beside his own.

"Harry." He said, his raw voice making heat swarm in the British teen's chest and groin.

Harry moved his hands again, searching out the boy's hard length as well and was rewarded with a stuttering groan when his fingers wrapped around it.


The boy stroked him faster, the other doing the same as their desire grew larger. Raven locks moved when Heero's other hand dug into his scalp, emerald clashing with cobalt, before he dove down and forced his tongue into the boy's mouth.

Harry was surprised at first but it quickly got washed away by the immense pleasure racing through his body. While he was completely inexperienced with kissing in general, something he suspected the other off as well, he just did his best, did what felt good to him. It was a strange sensation when Heero's tongue lapped and moved against his, touching against the sides and stroking against the roof of his mouth.

Their muffled moans echoed in the otherwise silent room, the silent house. Harry felt he was someplace else, someplace surreal and the only thing he knew was the warm presence pressing down on him, kissing him, touching him. He knew only Heero, what the boy was doing to him, what he was doing to him.

"Ngh! Heero…!" He broke away from the boy's mouth. Heero's head fell down beside his head, his breath, his groans driving into his ear.

Harry's movements became hurried, became frantic. The warmth was growing unbearable. He wanted release, wanted completion. The answer he got was the chocolate haired teen accelerating his stroking with renewed vigor. It wasn't long now. He heard Heero's muted cry against his ear, felt the burst of wetness against his hand. The naked pleasure in the boy's voice did it for Harry. He felt it like a dam suddenly bursting, leaving nothing to stop the release of the energy racing through his body.

There was a while before he become aware of his surroundings again. He blinked his eyes, staring into the white roof, his body tingling all over. He was breathing deeply, and he wasn't alone. Heero still lay above him, the boy's weight starting to press down on him uncomfortably.

"Can you move? Heero?" He asked tiredly.

The boy didn't react at first, but then he raised himself up on one of his arms, alleviating the worst of the weight off the other boy.


Heero stared at him.

Harry stared back.

His gaze was piercing, almost embarrassing even. Harry's cheeks which were still flushed from their earlier activity, managed to grow a shade darker beneath Heero's shameless scrutiny.

Heero's eyes sparked. He leaned down, Harry holding in his breath, and gave the British teen a soft and slow kiss, only lips on lips. It was a simple, and maybe even tender, kiss.

Drawing back, Heero looked down on him. The seconds ticked past, and then the Japanese teen's expression grew slightly uncomfortable, looking like he was unsure of how to proceed.

"What?" Harry said, swallowing once involuntarily.

"I think I like you." He said.

What does he mean by that? Like him? Wait, as in like him in that kind of like?


Hold on, hold on. What's going on here? Rather, what just happened? Did Heero just say he liked him?

"I'm a guy." Harry said, voicing his thought out loud.

"I know." Heero replied.

"We just…" He trailed off, not knowing how to finish the sentence.

But he needn't worry because Heero did it for him.

"Had sex."

"That was my first time." Harry said without thinking, then, realizing what he just said felt his face heat up like a tomato.

Heero blinked in surprise, staring at him. Then Harry got the shock of his life when the Japanese teen's cheeks tinted, the tip of his ears even coloring slightly.

"Your ears are red." He stated, pointing at Heero's right ear.

The tint on the boy's cheeks darkened as he instantly covered the ear with his free hand.

Harry stared at the slowly reddening face above, finding himself thinking it kind of endearing on the other boy. How sort of cute, despite him being a boy, it was how he blushed like that.

"You know what?" He continued, caught in the moment. "I think I like you too."

That was when the entrance door opened downstairs and a pair of footsteps entered.

Heero immediately leapt off of Harry, the raven haired teen scrambling to his feet as well, after the initial shock, as they heard the footsteps move around downstairs, probably going into the kitchen.

"Don't tell me that's one of your parents?" Harry hissed at him, panicked, as he fumbled with his clothes and it was then that he noticed the stain on his shorts, the quite obvious stain and which Heero sported a quite similar one. "Shite!" He cursed lowly.

Heero on the other hand was busy peeking out of the door, spying down the hallway to see of the parent was going to come up the stairs. He turned around towards Harry, who was having his own little panic attack and arguing heatedly with himself. Ignoring the British teen for now, he went over and grabbed two random shorts from his closet before going back to the door.

"Come on!" He whispered hurriedly, gesturing for the other teen to follow him.

"You can't be serious!" Harry protested. "They'll see us!"

Heero went back, grabbed the raven haired boy's arm and pulled him along.

"Just come on."

"Heero!" The boy hissed lowly, panicky eyes staring down the hallway towards the staircase.

Heero dragged him towards the opposite direction though, quickly and silently walking up to the bathroom and entered it just as there was steps heard coming up the stairs. Pushing the British teen inside, Heero quickly closed the door and locked it. The two waited with bathed breathes as the steps stepped onto the floor, coming slowly closer.

"Turn on the shower." Heero whispered to him then.

Harry frowned at the order at first but did as the boy told him and twisted the knob until there was water rushing out. The streaming of the water lead the footsteps towards the bathroom door where there was a knock.

"Heero? Are you in there?" It was a woman's soft voice that was heard from the other side of the door.

Harry stayed stiff all throughout the next moment, keeping his teeth clamped shut in fear of alerting the woman, Heero's mother, of his presence.

"I was just going to take a shower." Heero said calmly, after having stepped away from the door a bit.

"I see." She said. There was the sound of the keys to a cell phone being pressed. "I just came home to let you know that I won't be coming home until late this evening. I have an important dinner appointment. Make sure you eat properly before going to bed."

"I will." Heero said.

There was a momentary pause, but then Heero's mom's footsteps began moving away and down the stairs again. They waited until the entrance door was heard opening and finally closing.

It was another minute before Harry had the courage to speak without fear of being found out. However as soon as the tension disappeared he couldn't help the bubbling laugh that erupted, shaking his whole figure. Heero ended up staring at him confusedly, wondering what had gotten into the other boy.

"Oh god," Harry breathed when he finally got control over himself again. "I thought I was going to have a heart attack." He straightened. "So, that's was your mother?" He asked.

Heero's eyebrows drew together the smallest.


He stepped over to the still lightly shaking teen. Harry looked up at him, his eyes dancing with amusement and a large smile on his face. Heero's lips quirked in response.

"We got to take another shower." Harry stated.

Heero's quirk grew into a smirk.

"I'll help you."

The raven haired teen's face instantly flushed at the reply.

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