First chapter: Terror by night

London, 1890

The room was small but gorgeously dressed, with the ruby-red, rose-patterned wall-paper and pictures of gaslit misty streets.

Fat woman laid on the bed, wrapped with lovely satin of the morning-gown and reading a newspaper. Fluffy black cat played with her long hair.


"You and your filthy perversions," the woman said. "Good that you are dead. Too bad the killer didn´t drown you into the sewers where you belong."

She threw the newspaper to the floor and took a glass from the desk.

Light knock in the door stopped her drinking.

"Come in."

A red-haired woman in the red walking-gown came to the room. "I am going to the hall now, Marianne. Still celebrating the scum´s death?"

"Of course! But this is just lemonade. Alice..."


Marianne emptied her glass. "Just be careful. London streets at night... There can be another Stephen Clarke."

"Of course." Alice knew Marianne meant it. "I´ll be careful."

Neither of the girls noticed the face outside the window.