Part 1. Perfect Day
By Invader Sal
Inspired By:
A conversation with Not Gonna Die
You Could Be Happy By Snow Patrol
And other Random Stuff
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How could such a perfect day turn so terribly wrong? I still ask my self this question to this day, But with no one to answer. Accentually, even the friend I was with when it happened can no longer answer me. It was a simple day, probably the best I had ever had on this cursed planet called Earth. I had came home from school, I wanted to stay out here knowing that when I entered, I'd see the mess that GIR had made earlier, but when I entered the place was spotless.
"GIR…" I said, searching the room for my small robot. He soon popped out and jumped on my head.
"YES MASTER?!!" He screamed at the top of his voice. I lifted him from my head and placed him on the floor.
"Did you clean this?" I asked incredulously. The place was very, very, very clean. Probably cleaner then when I killed all those germs.
"YES I DID!! GIVE ME A TACO!!!" He had that dumb smile on his face. I looked him all the way through; his disguise was filthy (probably from all his work)! I removed a wallet from my pocket. "Let's see…drivers license, no…" I searched in till I found at least five 10's in my wallet.
"Ok, GIR. I, ZIM, will get you a Taco!" He squealed in happiness, Jumped on me, and squeezed me pretty tight till I could feel my organs burst. "Off Me, GIR!" I yelled in annoyance. He did as I said and we walked out of our home.

"Ok, you want to go anywhere else?" GIR looked at me, baffled at the question.
"Don't you wanna go home, Master?" He yelled as bits of chewed taco came flying out of his mouth.
Yeah, didn't I? I didn't care to go around earth; I want to be at my base!! But…I didn't want to go home yet…"I just want to be out longer, GIR. So where?" GIR took about a minute to think.
"I want to go to the Park!!" He went down into the seat and came back up with a leash.
"I was wondering where that leash went…"I took a turn and headed for the park. When we were at the park I felt a loop encircle my hand. I didn't get why GIR like to be on this thing. To me it would feel like there was always something holding me back from where I wanted to go. I guess he felt different about it, though I have never really taken time to ask him. As for the park, I hated that, to many HUUmans around here. I began to forget what I was doing on the thought of Humans. How I wanted to destroy them, to conquer them. Why did GIR like them? It made no sense to me at all. When I had turned my attention back to what I was doing, GIR WAS GONE!! I searched every park bench, every tree. My small robot was nowhere. But, why was I worried? GIR never went to far from me… He will pop up any moment. I sat down on a park bench and waited, he'd turn up and if he didn't within the hour I'll just go home, it's not like he doesn't know how to get back. I sat there and after a few minutes I got the usual feeling I was being Watched, I heard the bushes move and then something jump out. I thrust my fist into its face before it could even touch me.
"Hello, Dib-Stink!" I began to laugh this was the most pathetic of Dib's attempt to ambush me.
"How did you know it was me and not your robot, Zim?!" He questioned,
"You see, GIR screams 'MASTER!' when he attacks me, you don't." At that moment I felt a tug at my leg. I turned my head to see GIR, he looked completely happy.
"There you are, where were you?"
"I WAS PLAYING IN THE BATHROOM!!" I gave him a questioning look.
"Why the bathroom?" He just shrugged and began to run off. Only to be stopped by my foot on his leash. "Where are you going now?"
"Nowhere, or Somewhere?"
"Oh…your too smart, Master! I was going to play on the swings!" I waved my hand and let him proceed, then turned my attention back to Dib. He was scrambling to get away. How pathetic, running away like one of those worm-babies who ran when they saw me.
"Where are you going, Dib-Stink? I'm not done beating you up yet!"
"I'm going home! I'll deal with you later, Zim!"
Like hell you will, I thought to myself, you have made that threat more then once, and what? NOTHING!! NOTHING, I SAY!! I turned my head back to the direction where GIR headed. I saw the swings, but no GIR, only a fat chubby human worm-baby. "That Robot…" I grit my teeth and walked towards the park.

I walked in the base, In front of me. He hadn't talk to me since I took him from the park. He looked angry… Here's what happened. When I reached the park, GIR was sitting on the Ground crying.
"What's wrong, GIR?" He gave me a very sad stare.
"Master…the kid…pushed me off the swing-thing…"
"Is that all? I thought it was something serious…"
"GIR, it isn't that important. Come, let's go home." I began to walk, but GIR did not follow. "GIR! Come now!"
"What did you just say?"
"I said 'No'. You never help me! Even though I ask!!" I grabbed his arm and dragged him into the car. He kept saying that I wasn't fair and wasn't a very kind Master. I think of it now and I realize he was right, I wasn't Fair and I wasn't a very good Master for such a unique S.I.R. …I hate admitting this kind of stuff to myself.
Anyway, GIR stomped himself in front of the couch, no even bothering to move. "GIR! What the hell is wrong?!" I yelled, finally getting annoyed of his silence. He mumbled something I could only make out the word "Hate". I never heard that from GIR, I didn't even think the word "Hate" was even a part of his vocabulary. "What was that, GIR?"
I could see in his eyes, GIR had snapped. "I HATE YOU!! YOU'RE THE WORST MASTER EVER!!" He screamed. The retorted back at him after a few seconds of shock.
"WELL, MAYBE I HATE YOU TOO, GIR!! AND MAYBE YOU'RE THE WORST ROBOT EVER!!" We kept this on for about 2minutes, each comment more hurtful then the next. Finally,
I stared at him. He wanted me to die? He even called me Zim…
"How dare…" I couldn't finish my sentence, I felt like something had just hit me very hard. Why did this hurt? Dib has said this before and I never have felt this pain before. Anyone who ever said it to me didn't hurt! I was thinking on this so hard; that I hadn't noticed GIR had left, not to another room, not to the front or back yard. He had left…GIR…GIR ran away…
End of part 1