Sick part 18

A thief, a whore, and a liar

By Invader Sal

I soon broke away, I was in a daze. Did my robot just kiss me?

"What?!" I stared at GIR, who had a frightened look.

"I'm-I'm sorry, Master. I-I wasn't thinking! I was-" I silenced him with my own kiss.

"You don't have to think, GIR…" I said in a soft and calm voice. "I'll be back."

And I left GIR to find help…

I soon approached Dib's house, this time with my disguise.

I rung the doorbell.

"I'm coming!" Dib's voice yelled. His footsteps came closer to the door.

"Zim? What are you doing-?" I placed an Earth Gun in his hands.

"You can use a gun, right? Of course you can!" I said as I pulled him outside. "We still have a truce right?"

"Yes, but why are you-?"

"That doesn't matter! Right now we have to teach some guys a lesson." I began to run off. "Hurry up and follow me!"

He began to follow. "Who?! Why?!"

"Those football players! They planned to kill GIR today!!"

"What?! Why?!"

"Nicole broke up with him! He's not needed anymore!"

"Where is he?!"

"At the base!"

"Isn't he safe there?!""Yes, but what about the next day! I'm not taking a chance!!"

We ran for about 10 minutes before we reached Nicole's house.

"They should be here, we have to sneak in…"

"Why do we need guns, Zim? Were not going to kill anyone are we?!"

"No, just scare them enough that they know not to hurt GIR!" I ran towards the back window. "This is a good place to enter…"

I opened the window and began to sneak in, Dib following close behind.

We soon got close to the living room, the football players were on the couch and Nicole was sitting on one of there laps, making out.

"Why isn't he coming?" One of the boys whined.

"I don't know!" Nicole screamed, beginning to take off her top.

"I don't get why you dated that guy, he was a wimp…" said the one guy as he began to undo her bra.

"I don't either. Every time I tried to have sex with him, he'd completely panic. Most guys would kill to fuck me!"

"Maybe he's was just to much of a baby…"

I shot a bullet into the ceiling and everyone was silent.

"Oh, no," I said with a evil smirk. "Did I come in during a little party? Well, ain't that to bad! Now lets see what we have here…" I began to walk into the living room. They all looked at the gun, afraid of it. All they had were chains and knives. A gun wins.

"A thief, a whore, and a liar!" I screamed as I pointed the gun at Nicole, who was beginning to cry. "You were going to kill my friend, weren't you? Well, I don't tolerate that much!"

"Please, I'm sorry!! Don't hurt me!!"

"Not too tough when a maniac with a gun comes are you? You little-AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Someone had stabbed me!


I looked up, Dib had shot him.

I stood up and pulled the knife from out of my back. I began to walk towards the body. "Oh, he's dead…"

"Zim, can we leave…" Dib begged.

"Not in till I hear them swear they'll never touch GIR…""WE WON'T!! I SWEAR WILL NEVER TOUCH GIR!!"

"Good," I lifted the gun and pulled the trigger. By the end everyone was dead, except for Nicole who had shrunk down into a corner.

"Awww… does the queen no longer have her body guards? Well, do you know what happens to the famous people without protection?" She shook her head and began to bawl. "They die!" I placed the gun to the side of her head and killed her. I then placed the gun in her hand and began to leave.


"No, I killed five. You killed one of them…" I said as I grabbed the gun from his hand. "Everyone will think Nicole went crazy and killed all of them, then herself. There's no proof of me or you being here. Thank you, Dib-worm." And I left.

"GIR!! There gone, none of those nasty humans will ever bug you again!!"

I looked at my bed where GIR was lying on his side, he was awake, but still in a daze. I sighed and laid down next to him. I pulled him closer and kissed him on the back of his head. "I love you, GIR…"

"I love you too, Master…" GIR said, turning to face me. His arms went around my neck and he cuddled into my chest.

Soon I had fallen asleep, only to be shaken by a sudden shaking.

"Ugh, GIR? What's wrong?"

"Master!" He gasped out. "I can't breath!"

"What?!" I jumped up and placed my hands on his shoulder. "Breath slowly, GIR!"

"I can't breath, Master!" He sobbed.

"Ok, well pretend!" GIR began to 'pretend' to breath.

I picked GIR up and let my spider legs walk me to the emergency room of my base.

"I'll save you, GIR…I'll save you…"