The true man behind the mask!

Quietly I watch you from afar.

Watching every move you make, hearing every unintelligent sentences coming from your throat. Your voice and body language are always showing joy and happiness.

How it's sickening me. That fake smile of yours. Always making everyone believe that's what they see behind the retarded mask.

You've always been an excellent actor. I'll let you that.

As I watch you, you turn from Zetsu and look at me. You must have felt my glare as always. But even with my glaring gaze you still smile at me. But from me, you only receive a bored look.

I know what's really behind your mask. And that defiantly inst a kind smile. No, it's nothing but an evil smirk. You find me and my pain amusing, you creep. I can almost hear you laugh, an evil and cruel but loving laugh.

I know what the love in your laugh mean. It means that you care. I know you do. I just do. I was your lovely student after all. I always did as expected. I pleased you. I always did. And you loved it. I knew you did, you always told me.

"You're always doing excellent, my little Ita-chan." And then; "I love you."

I felt exactly the same. And that's one of the many things you knew and still do.

And as much as I know who you truly are. I know what you heart desire is. What your true desire is… it's me.

I'll watch you till the day I die. The day I finally die by my brother's hands. Or… Till the day you'll throw the mask and smile a true smile, like you always did.

I've to admit that I truly believe in the first. I find it hard to believe the last. You're a proud man after all.