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Kaname Chidori hated feeling so weak. She hated acting so weak. She hated being such a clingy, sobbing mess. She hated it but she couldn't help it because this was Sousuke after all. And when it came to Sousuke, all reason left her.

"When will you leave?"

"Tomorrow morning at 0500 hours." His response was cold, detached, like always, but she knew that he was far from indifferent. It was just his way of dealing with heartache.

Maybe that was why she was always willing to cry in front of him. Because she had to cry for him as well.

She rested her head more fully on his shoulder and held back a sigh. She knew this was how things were going to be. She had always known. It didn't make the pain any easier to bear though.

"When will you be back?" She knew it was pointless to ask, but she asked all the same every single time. After all, maybe this time he would give her an answer she wanted.

"I don't know."

Of course he didn't know. He never knew. Tomorrow, next week, next year…. It was always a question mark.

She nodded, the crown of her head brushing against his chin. "Okay."

Both fell silent. Like usual, her consent of his inevitable departure marked the end of their verbal exchange.

She never made him promise her to return anymore. Partly it was because she wanted him to always be a man of his word. She never wanted to put him in that position, even if she had the utmost of faith in him. As for the other reason…

She admitted that perhaps it was bordering on juvenile, but she couldn't help but put faith in the notion that he would always come back if he never promised. It proved rather counter intuitive, but they both understood it, even if they didn't necessarily always believe it.

Promises are made to be broken after all. Maybe, just maybe, if he didn't promise that he'll come back, that he won't die, then maybe...just maybe he would come back to her. Alive.

Foolish as it was, it gave her hope.

And hope….Sometimes hope was all she had.

A/N: Maybe someday I'll come back and write an actual plot to go along with this, but for now, this is it.