Full Moon Madness

The brilliant orange and vibrant gold rays of the sinking sun marked the end of another day at the Black Order Headquarters. Inside of the castle, the residents-with the exception of the scientists-were preparing for bed. Allen Walker just finished dinner and was leisurely strolling back to his room, his mind occupied by desserts he longed to try. Lavi was sitting in a corner of the library with Bookman, recording events from his last mission; Kanda Yuu was doing some cool down exercises after a long and hard training session. Lenalee Lee was giving out coffee, encouraging words and smiles to the forsaken scientists forced to work through the night. The normality of the day ended when Komui told Lenalee to gather her comrades for a mission; it was quite rare for a mission to start at the end of the day. When the group returned to the office, there was no Komui to greet them.

"Great, Komui calls us for a mission while we're getting ready to hit the hay and he's not even in here." Lavi sighed while leaning against the wall.

"I hope Komui hurries back so we can leave; I'm really eager to get some sleep, even on a train." Allen yawned.

"I don't know where he could have gotten to…" Lenalee mumbled.

"Tch." Typical Kanda expression.

"Maybe I should go look for him." Lenalee said, jumping up and making her way to the door.

"I'll help you Lenalee." Allen offered before bumping into a table with a three foot high stack of paperwork; consequently he created a domino effect of tumbling paperwork piles that ended in the sound of something small and glass breaking. Purple smoke filled the room and quickly cleared right as Komui entered with a mug of fresh, hot coffee.

"I'm sorry about calling you on a mission so late, but I just received an important call from one of the finders." Komui announced. He straightened out the pile of work on his desk so he could see, took a sip of coffee and then spat it out at the scene in front of him.

The first thing he noticed was Lenalee, because she was his sister and because she was sitting on the edge of his desk. Her legs were crossed in a way that seems to border on the edge of sensual, and her eyelids were half-closed, giving off a sultry look.

"What's wrong Niisan?" she asked in a cutesy, girly voice that sounded so unlike Lenalee Komui wondered if she were an akuma trying to infiltrate the Order.

No that's crazy he thought. Allen's eye surely would've reacted by now.

"Hey, can we get a move on," Allen's voice barked gruffly, "I was under the impression we had something important to do. I'm ready to get the hell out of here."

Komui swung his head to Allen and spotted him comfortably slouched in a chair. With Timcampy fluttering around his head, the boy almost reminded him of Cross. Lavi was leaning against the wall with a Kanda-ish scowl written across his face and his arms folded moodily.

"Hey Komui, cone on and tell us the mission, will ya?" Kanda smiled, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Wait a minute. Kanda. Bouncing? SMILING!? IS THE WORLD ABOUT TO END?!

Komui stopped, got up, and walked out of his office with his coffee mug. He took a short stroll around the Science Department, ignoring the glares from Reever and the others for neglecting paperwork. When he returned, everything appeared to be back to normal: Lenalee was looking at him in concern, Allen was sitting up, Lavi wiped the scowl off of his face and Kanda has his back on, no longer bouncing around. Komui regained his composure and continued.

"Apparently, there's an Innocence fragment around one of the larger towns in the area. However, the akuma are accumulating, creating a lot of trouble for the local towns and villages." Komui said. "We're not sure what it looks like, but the strange events in town-"

"Full moon!" Kanda shouted childishly, pointing out of the window. Everyone stared at the dark-haired exorcist in surprise.

"Stop being so damn stupid BaKanda." He snorted. "Komui, hurry up; if akuma are gathering around the Innocence fragment, then we need to leave ASAP."

Komui cleared his voice and continued again. "-can be traced to the day a group of traveling merchants passed through, so we think that they sold something with the fragment in it in town. Get ready to leave in 20 minutes." He finished, handing over a map to Lenalee. "One of the finders will be waiting for you by the boats."

The group left, leaving Komui with his paperwork to keep him company. He thought about the exorcists' behavior tonight and wondered what could be behind it.

I guess strange things do happen on a full moon he thought while taking a sip of his coffee.

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