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Chapter 4

"What took you guys so long?" Kanda pouted. "I was wondering whether or not you would get off! Hey, guess what?! I made a friend!"

He gestured to a man with a blank smile on his face. Allen's eye activated as Lavi pulled out his hammer.

"BaKanda, that thing isn't your friend." Allen growled as he put Lenalee in Toma's arms and activated his arm.

"Don't get in the way, you long haired moron." Lavi scoffed as more akuma surrounded them.

"Bun-chan, you're so mean." Kanda said.


It was, perhaps, a good thing Kanda 'befriended' the akuma; had he not, Lavi would have taken his anger out on him instead. Instead, the poor Akuma were being smashed into the pits of hell by a raging red-head.

"Don't hog all of the fun Lavi," Allen said as he used his giant claw to tear into akuma, "I won't forgive you if you get all of the good ones."

"Then quit showing off and move your slow ass." Lavi snapped.

"Don't get mad because I have style" Allen retorted, blasting an akuma into pieces.

Toma was trying to carry Lenalee out of harm's way. It amazed him how heavy she was.

"Where do you think you're going?" a level two dog akuma said as it blocked Toma's path. "There's no way I'm gonna let you walk away with that tasty little tidbit in your arms."

"I won't let you harm her!" Toma shouted bravely, pulling Lenalee on the ground and trying to activate his anti-akuma barrier.

"Once I kill you, I'll eat the little girl slowly so I can savor every bite." The akuma said before it charged. Its teeth, however, did not sink into human flesh but broke on the metal plates of Allen's arm.

"Sorry, the girl's with me." He said as he tossed the akuma to the side.

"Damn you exorcist!" the akuma growled. "You are gonna pay for my teeth!"

"And you're gonna pay for those comments." Allen said coolly. "I'm the only one allowed to say such things about Lenalee." Allen and the akuma started fighting.

Meanwhile, Lavi, after destroying most of the akuma that remained, glared at Kanda skipping around the akumas' attacks.

"Oi, you! Quit flipping around like a monkey and make yourself useful!" Lavi barked.

"Are you talking to me Bun-chan?" Kanda asked after he did a cartwheel to avoid an akuma's attack.

"I don't see any other idiot being useless!"

"But I'm being useful by staying alive!" Kanda said. Regardless of the fact that both level one and two akuma kept attacking him, Lavi somehow found an opening to extend his hammer into the back of Kanda's head.

"Stop messing around! Toma needs help!" he shouted.

Rubbing his head, Kanda flipped, hopped and bounced his way over to Toma and Lenalee.

"Hello, I'm here to save the day!" Kanda said before he activated his Innocence and started slicing akuma.

"It's about time BaKanda!" Allen shouted as the dog akuma dodged his attack.

"You should be paying attention to me exorcist" the akuma said as it fired missiles from its mouth. Allen blocked the attack with his arm. Just as he lowered his arm, two pillars of earth shot up and knocked the wind out of Allen. The dog akuma fired more missiles at Allen, but they were blocked by Lavi's hammer.

"Hmph" Lavi said.

"Don't hmph me." Allen snapped when he recovered.

"I wouldn't if you weren't so busy getting your ass kicked by some stupid level 2." Lavi retorted.

"Don't underestimate me." The akuma growled as it launched itself at Lavi. Lavi used his flame seal, but a wall of rocks blocked the attack. Thick vines shot out of the ground and wrapped themselves around Lavi.

"I told you not to underestimate me. My control over the earth and plants is unstoppable." The akuma gloated. You can't fight what's all around you."

Allen rammed into the akuma before it could attack again while Kanda freed Lavi.

"Hey Bun-chan, guess what!? I got rid of the rest of the akuma!"

"You're supposed to do that you moron." Lavi said through clenched teeth.

The akuma riled itself for another attack.

"When I kill you, Master Tyki and Mistress Road will be so pleased." The akuma said as more vines shot out of the ground towards the exorcists; however, the dog akuma became still for a moment, and halted the attack.

"You're very lucky exorcists I have to go; you get to live another night. Don't worry; I'll be back soon to end your misery." The akuma taunted before it sunk into the ground. The exorcists and finder watched the spot where it disappeared.

"Why did it leave so suddenly?" Allen muttered.

"It mentioned the stupid Noah, so maybe one of them called it away." Lavi scoffed.

"But why call it off now?" Allen said, looking around for anymore signs of akuma.

"It may be a trap. We have to keep our guard up." Lavi warned.

"If that's the case, we need to get to town." Toma reminded the two as he started down the path. The group continued, cloaked in the moon's soft light. The silent night was broken only by their footsteps as they approached the inn and knocked on the door. An irate balding man with a huge stomach answered the door, wearing a nightgown and a frown.

"Why in God's green earth is anyone knocking on my door this late?" he growled

"Actually, we're here on His behalf." Allen said, pointing to the silver cross on his chest.

"What the hell does that mean?" the innkeeper barked.

"It means you better let us in to rest." Lavi said.

"I apologize for their behavior." Toma replied quickly, "What they mean to say is that we wish to check in; we arrived late because of an unfortunate…incident."

Seeing the innkeeper's reluctant scowl, Lavi stepped up to the man.

"You better let us in or your life will be hell." Lavi growled.

The innkeeper matched Lavi's best glare with a blank face, and after a minute, he backed up and let them in.

Finally, Toma thought, something is going right. When the innkeeper reached under the counter, he pulled out not a set of keys but a long and shiny shotgun glinting in the moon's rays.

"No one threatens me." He said as he aimed the gun at Lavi.

"He's got a gun!" Kanda screamed as he ran around. Allen couldn't help but look amused. Lavi looked as if he wanted the man to try and shoot him. Toma was having a heart attack.

"Please don't shoot! We'll leave quietly." He pleaded.

"Get out…NOW!" the innkeeper shouted.

"And what if he doesn't?" Allen asked, enjoying the situation.

"Shut up Grandpa. And what if I don't?" Lavi said.

"Who are you calling old, you pirate wannabe?" Allen said. Lavi turned his attention to Allen while the innkeeper moved the gun on both of them. The noise woke Lenalee.

"Hm…what's going on?" she asked groggily. Everyone's attention was on the girl.

"What happened?" she asked looking at the gun the innkeeper was pointing at Lavi and Allen.

"Are you okay Lenalee?" Allen asked, knocking Toma to the side after he put the girl down. She nodded.

"Lena-chan's awake!~" Kanda said, causing the Chinese exorcist to wince.

"Stop being so loud BaKanda! Lenalee has a hangover!" Allen said as he punched him in the back of the head.

The innkeeper stared at Lenalee's legs, ghostly white in the moon.

"Ok, how about I make a bargin?" he said while lowering the gun. "You three brutes can go sleep in the swamp for all I care, but the young lady can stay here."

"No," Allen said, his face half hidden in shadow, "not unless I'm here with her."

"That won't work kid." The innkeeper replied. "I said only the girl. Alone."

"And why do you want Lenalee to stay here alone?" Lavi asked.

"Because I would be a monster to allow such a pretty young lady to sleep on the ground."

"So you rather she sleeps here alone?" Allen asked, gray eyes glinting maliciously.

"I don't want to sleep on the ground." Lenalee pouted.

"Don't worry Lena, you can sleep on top of me." Allen said with a charming grin. Toma couldn't take it anymore.

"STOP!!!" he shouted. "If all of us can't stay here, then none of us will."

"Toma!" Lenalee whined.

"We can't afford to be separated." He said. Turning to the innkeeper, he said, "I'm sorry for awaking you, good sir, but we cannot accept your ultimatum."

The innkeeper shrugged, but pointed his gun at everyone.

"All of you need to leave now." He said. Kanda screamed and ran out, with a reluctant Lavi behind him. Everyone else left the inn and started towards the edge of the forest to find a place to camp for the night.

"We're gonna go camping~ We're gonna go camping~" Kanda shouted, dodging Lavi's angry blows. Much farther behind, Allen and Lenalee were strolling arm in arm, the latter resting her head on the former's shoulder. Toma watched them all and sighed. What on earth had he done to deserve this?


The dog akuma emerged somewhere near the middle of the forest. It hastily trotted over to a large oak tree and bowed its head. Up in the branches, a small girl sat, licking a lollipop, uninterested in the akuma before her.

"Master and Mistress, I have done what you wanted." The akuma said respectfully. "The exorcists are on guard and should be aware of your presence. However, they seem to be acting a bit …odd."

"Fine. Go make yourself useful." She commanded. The dog bowed again and ran off into the night. A sudden movement at the base of the tree revealed a tall, grey colored man dressed in a tuxedo.

"Road, why are we doing this? Usually you want to go ahead and 'play' with the exorcists." The man said after taking a puff of his cigarette.

"I'm trying a new game Tyki." Road replied, licking her lollipop in the darkness. "The exorcists are more fun when they're paranoid."

"Aren't they always like that?" Tyki asked.

"Yeah, but it's even better when it's us." Road said. "Don't worry Tyki, we'll start playing soon enough."

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