Shadowed Abyss

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Ch 1 – Pursuer

Bella POV

I was somewhere in southern California, enjoying my hunt. It had been twenty-some odd years since I was changed. I didn't remember much of my human life. The only thing I remembered with clarity was the burning that had occurred during the transformation. I couldn't remember what my parents looked like or what they're names were. I couldn't remember what most of my friends had been like, though I did remember one name Jacob. I believed he was the one I had been closest to before I was changed. The only thing I really could remember was the name of the hunter that changed me. It was a man named Laurent, and I have no idea why he didn't kill me. I had just been left out in that forest, after three days of an agonizing change I finally was able to move. I ran away from Forks, my only thought at the time was to protect the ones I loved. At the time I had cared, now I couldn't care less. I remembered one other thing from my human life, there had been–for a while–a group of vampires that lived in Forks. They were different then me though, they hunted animals and not humans. I remembered I had once wanted to be one, I now couldn't even imagine it with the hunt thick in my mind, animals smelled bland and frankly I'd never hunt one. I preferred the luscious smell and flavor of the humans, I was a savage and I hunted as I pleased. I didn't remember their names or why I had ever wanted to be like them. My subconscious very much blocked me from those memories as if they were too painful to remember. I was hardly able to recollect my own name now, it was Bella, but I couldn't care. I called myself something else, I called myself The Pursuer. It was my name now, not some feminine frilly ladies name that I couldn't begin to fathom why I had ever been called it.

I was thirsty and searching for someone to drink.

Alice POV

It had been twenty-six years since we had left Bella. After the first five years–which somehow Edward had managed not to return to her in–Esme had convinced Edward to return to us. He almost always stayed in his room and sulked, but even if we did return now she most certainly had either moved on or died. I had followed Edward's wishes and had not watched over her future; whenever there had been a vision of her I stopped it in my tracks. I from time-to-time wondered how she was but I resisted the urge to see how she was.

We leaving Bella had had disastrous effects. Emmett never joked, Rosalie never worked on cars, Carlisle never read books, Esme never designed houses, Edward never talked, Jasper was always depressed, and I had withdrawn from everyone even Jasper. I felt Jasper come into our bedroom and I couldn't remember the last time we had made love, though I knew it had been years. Jasper sat down on the bed.

"Come here Alice." Jasper said.

I moved over to the bed and sat down but didn't speak.

Jasper spoke again, "Alice, we need to stop this madness. I don't care what Edward says, I want you to look into Bella's future. This has to end, I can't take it anymore."

I looked at him with sad eyes, "It won't help Jazz, It's too late. Twenty years ago maybe we could have done something but too much time has elapsed."

"I don't care Alice, look anyways." He said.

I shut my eyes and put my fingers against my temples. I looked to Forks and ended up in their cemetery. There was an older male of about sixty kneeling over a gravestone. I vaguely recognized him as Charlie. In front the stone said;

Isabella Marie Swan

September 13th, 1987 – March 11th, 2006

To a beloved

friend, and daughter.

Charlie was hunched over crying with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. I pulled myself out of the vision and began to shake. It couldn't be, it wasn't possible. Bella couldn't have died. I tried again and this time I was pulled into another vision. A female with long brown hair and bright red eyes was stocking a human. She moved toward the human with speed and aggressiveness. The human who was a young girl of probably fourteen spun around, "who are you?" The girl stammered.

The woman hissed, "The Pursuer". Then she lunged and shoved the girl to the ground at which point she tore open the neck and began drinking. I once again forced myself out of a vision. I was shaking uncontrollably and I realized I was dry sobbing. All my family, even Edward was in the room. I could tell from his face that he hadn't been listening into my vision though.

I couldn't get a hold of my shaking. Jasper pulled me tight, "What did you see?" He asked.

"Bella", I choked out.

Edward growled, "What about Bella? You were supposed to not look into her future."

Jasper growled back, "I asked her to. I couldn't take it any more; this depression is driving me wild." Jasper looked back at me, "What about her?"

"I looked into Forks' future. I ended up at the cemetery where I read Bella's gravestone", I shook my head, as everyone gasped. "I couldn't believe what I saw, so I tried again this time looking for Bella directly." I let out another sob and started shaking even harder. "I found her or what's left of her anyways."

"What does that mean?" Edward asked.

"Look for yourself", I said and I let the vision I just had run through my mind again.

"It can't be", Edward exclaimed, "Even if she was… She would never… I mean she wouldn't… That can't be right…" He continued only halfway coherent.

"What exactly did you see Alice?" Carlisle asked.

"Bella, she's a vampire." I took in a deep breath, "But not like us, she's a monster."

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