Shadow games

"Hey, hey! Kao!"A 5-year-old black-haired boy looked behind him as a boy his age, but with ash-colored hair, bounded up to him.

"Yeah, Warui?"

Warui's orange eye were excited and had hair that was not tipped another color. Kao on the other hand had black hair tipped red and orange eyes as well.

"Can I use Cycone to scare you?"


"I wanna see if you get scared easily!"

"You know I do."


Kao looked away from Warui's pleading eyes and sighed. "Oh, fine."



Even despite the impending danger, Kao fell asleep that night, unaware that a dark shadow darted around his room. He did wake up when the shadow bumped into something. Kao didn't remember that Warui was trying to scare him, so Kao thought there was a burglar in his room. He glanced around, frightened. He looked ahead of him to see a large, red-eyes shadow staring at him. Terrified, Kao burrowed under his covers and threw his arms over his head for protection.

Warui stopped Cycone, allowing the monster to disappear, when he noticed Kao's reaction. Feeling terrible, he headed to Kao's room and crawled under the covers with Kao. "Sorry, Kao." He murmured. "I didn't mean to scare you that much."

"It's okay." Kao whimpered. "I don't like being such a wimp."

"You're not a wimp."

"…Will you sleep with me tonight?"

"Sure." Warui scooted closer to Kao and both of them, looking exactly like cats, fell asleep.


Now if that ain't the cutest thing, I don't know what is.