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Chapter 3, Galaxy Sailor Senshi Awaken! ~

Hoshiko had found herself in the dank lands of the vast Amazon Rain Forest shortly after. She wandered for years, disconnected from all humanity. She had completely stopped aging and looked to be 17 still. She hadn't left her Sailor Senshi form since she'd found herself here. She had finally given up on getting out and teleported to Japan, the only place she truly knew on the Earth. She hadn't been anywhere else except now. She stood atop a skyscraper. The humans had truly progressed in the years she'd been there. Her dark ruby hair billowed around her in the wind, a few stray strands curled across her face. She looked up at the stars and her eyes immediately caught Queen Galatia's flickering Life Star. Before her very eyes.

The star went out. The other Galaxy Sailor Senshi's stars had gone out about a year before. Yet Kenshin's was also nowhere to be found.

In a rushed and auto-pilot sort of way, she shot her finger out so that it pointed at her own Life Star. She drew her finger to her forehead where a copy of the view of her Life Star from Earth flickered on her fingertip. Her eyes slid closed. "Galaxy Sailor Senshi," she whispered. Then her eyes shot open and she yelled, "Awaken!" A white light flashed and the Life Star copy on her fingertip exploded harmlessly.

Far away at Hikawa Shrine, Earth's Sailor Senshi were huddled together. "We have to find out what the enemy will do next." A black cat with a crescent moon on it's forehead spoke. "Hai!" agreed the others. A white light flashed around them and the senshi looked at one another, confused as to why there had been a flash. "Why are there Gs on your tiaras?" Sailor Moon asked the other Sailor Senshi. "There's one on yours too. Maybe this is the work of the Dark Kingdom." Sailor Mars suggested. "No, it's probably just a trick of our eyes. We should all be asleep anyway." Sailor Venus argued, glancing around them at the darkness. "That's not it either. We must of not noticed it before." Sailor Jupiter concluded. "I don't think so. But what about that flash? It has to be something." Sailor Mercury said softly, contemplating. "Well it doesn't matter right now. We have to talk strategy." Artemis interrupted. They bent their heads together once more and discussed.

Hoshiko jumped from the top of the sky scraper. Her hair shot up above her as she fell, gaining velocity as she dropped past the stories. A split second before she actually hit the ground she began running and was unharmed as she sprinted into an alleyway. She took the stone from her tiara and it grew, reformed, and changed color until it was the Platinum Diamond. As the leader, Queen Galatia had bestowed it upon her. It shone in the light. It was the shape of a geometrical diamond only three dimensional and was created of the most pure platinum. Yet the platinum used was not of Earth, it was of the Andromeda Galaxy. When from there, the platinum was glossy black and was enveloped by a faint black aura that was visible to the naked eye. It levitated about a half inch from Hoshiko's cupped hands. Softly, ever so softly, she whispered, "If I meet the face of death, I ask the stars to save my breath. If I should die in love's wake, I give the stars my soul to take." With that, she tucked away the Platinum Diamond and took to the streets again. She had to hunt down the Galaxy Sailor Senshi. And Quickly.

As I know of Earth's sad fate, I give to love my heart to sate. Within the chaos of hate's make, I give to fate my soul to take.