A scream was heard throughout the back streets of Namimori. Footsteps that were running from and after something were also heard.

"Stay away from me!" A small brown haired girl cried running around another corner. 'Man.....why did I have to stay at the school late cleaning again? It wasn't even my day to clean the class room!' Her mind screamed as she ran forward not wanting to look back.

"Aw....c'mon......we just wanna play with you......." One of the big men following her said, almost in the tone of a playful schoolboy.

"Yeah........we just wanna play with you cutie....." Another smirked, knowing just what kind of play the other meant.

"Stop running.......we'll get you sooner or later anyways.........." The third and final man chasing her warned.

'Oh god, oh god.......' Her mind screamed at her. 'What are you doing? Scream for help!' She turned another corner running into a dead end. Her eyes widened hearing the three sets of footsteps stop behind her.

"Well, well......looks like we finally caught you......." The one who was obviously the leader smirked.

"We told you that we'd get you......" The other two laughed.

"S-stay away!" She cried backing herself into the wall.

The 'leader' smirked again. "Grab her."

"W-what- hey! Let me go!" She screamed as the other two men advanced on her, one grabbing her arms, the other her legs. "Get off of me!" She screamed as she struggled to get away.

The biggest one of the three walked over to the small amber-eyed girl. Her eyes widened, the man's lips crashing against hers. She tried to move her arms and legs to push him off, but the other two men just held her there, making it impossible for her to move. She panicked as the man's tongue forced its way into her mouth. He grinned inwardly loving the feel of her panic and insecurities.

"Ah- what the fuck!" He pulled away slapping the small girl across the face. "You bitch......If you bite me again it'll be the last thing that you do......got it...?" He glared at her.

"Un hun......" She nodded, scared out of her mind.

"Good." His lips pressed against hers once again, his tongue finding its way back into her mouth. She tried to get away, but it was useless. The other two men were too strong for her to fight off. The only thing that she could do now was hope to god that someone, that just maybe someone heard her cries for help.

The man on top of her brought his hand to the collar of her shirt. Her eyes widened as the man grabbed a hold of it, ripping it open, making the buttons fly off. He tore it off of her arms, the man that was holding her arms let go for that slight moment, making it easier for his Boss to remove the piece of clothing.

Tears began to stream down the small girl's face. She knew all too well what was going to happen to her.

"Aw......there's no need to cry......" The man with one of his hands running across her chest smirked while wiping the tears away with his free one. "This isn't going to hurt...........much......" He laughed as he said the last words. He brought his hand down; the other was still on her chest, to the front of her skirt. He laughed inwardly as she tried to kick him off of her. He ignored her attempts at trying to get free as he wrapped his fingers under the elastic of her skirt before pulling it down her legs slowly. "That's a real nice body you've got there......" He looked her up and down, liking everything that he saw. He leaned in so that his mouth was next to her ear. "Humph....I wonder if you're a screamer......"

"W-what?" He eyes widened, the man's hands had traveled to her back, unhooking the clips that kept her bra together. "S-stop!" She panicked.

He only laughed at her. "Why? I haven't even gotten to the fun part yet...." He brought his hands down to remove her panties. She squeezed her eyes shut; not wanting to see what was going to happen next.

Screams filled the air as blood spattered to the ground and the walls around them. Three bodies hit the ground, blood rushing out of the wounds on the heads of the three men.

A small body just dropped to the ground shaking. Her eyes were wide. 'Did that just happen....?' Was all she could think. 'Did they just almost......' Tears just streamed down her face as she curled herself up into a ball, trying to keep herself save and covered. Her eyes widened in terror as footsteps began towards her. She pushed herself up against the wall in a pathetic attempt to find safety. "Ah! S-stay away!" She cried, hiding her face. "Stop! Don't come near me!"

Her eyes widened even more when the figure knelt down beside her. "W-what more do you want from me....?" She cried looking up. Her eyes widened again, seeing just who was there. "H-H-Hibari-san........" She wrapped her arms around herself tighter. He was the last person who she wanted to see her like this. Though, she felt herself relax, if only by a little. She was too busy thanking god that someone had heard and come to save her that she didn't notice when the head prefect's jacket was wrapped around her. She felt the soft fabric of the overly big jacket resting on her shoulders. She grabbed onto it with both of her hands, pulling it over her body to cover up.

She looked up, her once bright amber eyes meeting with his cold ash ones. For some reason though, right now, at this very moment, he didn't seem scary. For some reason that she couldn't explain, she wasn't afraid of him. In fact, she couldn't tell what it was that she was feeling. Sure, she was still terrified and humiliated about what just happened, but she couldn't figure out just what it was that was taking over at this moment. Just then, a yellow puff landed on her head. "~Hibari-san! Hibari!~" It sang. She looked up, realizing that it was just Hibird.

".......are you alright....herbivore......?" He finally asked, breaking the silence between them.

She stayed silent for a moment, trying to remember what had happened. Finally, after a moment of them not saying a thing, she answered him. ".....y-yeah.....I think so....." She nodded, still trying to figure out what she was feeling right now. "Ah, Hibari-san!" She cried out in confusion. "W-what are you doing?" Before she knew it, and without an answer from Namimori's head prefect, she was lifted off of the ground and in his arms. He held her like a groom would a bride, making it easier for her to keep his jacket on her. "W-where are we going?" She asked, still shocked at what was going on. Hibird never left her head.

"I can't leave you here, can I?" He said beginning to walk away with her in his arms.

"Well....no....." She looked up at him. "Then where are we going?" She had that cute confused look on her face.

"I'm not about to bring you to your family looking like this."

"B-but, Hibari-san!" She protested. "What about my clothing?!" She asked, looking over at the pile of what used to be a Namimori girl's uniform.

"What about them?" He asked, looking back at what her eyes were fixated on.

"Well....I kinda need them for tomorrow......" She looked at them. 'Though I really wish I didn't have to look at these ones ever again.....'

"Humph." He turned around and continued on walking out of the ally.

"Hibari-san!" She whined. "I need my uniform!"

"You can get a new one." He said, ignoring her whines.

"O-okay......." She calmed down. "Um....Hibari-san.....what's gonna happen to them?" Like she really cared at the moment.

"Don't care." Was all he said to her.

"Hibari-san! That's not a very good answer......" She pouted.

Ignoring what she said he asked her, "What were you doing in an ally anyways?"

"Oh, that......well you see......." She began. "I got stuck cleaning the classroom, though it's not even my day, you remember. You threatened me to hurry up or you'd bite me to death." The way she said made it hard for him not to smile at it. The way she said 'bite you to death' was the most non-threatening thing that anyone could've said and heard. "Then......when I was finally finished packing up my stuff, I left the school. I didn't realize just how late it was till I got outside. So, me being my stupid scared self, decided I was going to take a shortcut home. Bad idea. There was a group of people there, well just those three. They started talking to me and wanting me to 'play' with them. I told them off and kept going. Then they followed me, and I panicked. I tried to lose them and I thought that this ally was a good place to lose them in. And so, that's why I was in there the way that I was...." She had been talking for so long that she didn't even notice that they were approaching a building. It was small. It looked like it could only house a person, maybe two. "Um.....Hibari-san.....where are we....?" She looked up at him confused again.

He didn't answer. He just walked up to the door and opened it. He walked in, still holding onto the small girl. He closed the door behind them and walked to what looked like a living room. He walked over to a couch and placed her down onto it gently. "Wait here." He said, walking out of the room heading to another. Hibird flew off of her head and followed Hibari out of the room.

She sat up, placing her small feet on the ground. "Wow....." She looked around for a moment before standing up and walking over to a couple of pictures that were out on a table. The three that she walked over to were all in their own frame. "Wow...she's beautiful......" The one that she was looking at had a woman and a baby in it. The woman had gorgeous long black haired that flowed down her back, stopping at her hips. She wore a light pink quarter-sleeve shirt that had a v-neck to it. "Is that....." She looked closer at the baby the woman was holding in the picture. The boy's eyes were closed, but he had the same black hair as the woman did, only he was a baby so it wasn't that long. The woman held the sleeping child with a smile on her face as he slept, a purple pacifier in his mouth. "Oh my god......that must be Hibari-san's mom....and Hibari-san as a baby....." 'He's so cute!' Was all she could think.

The next picture was of a man and a boy sleeping. The man looked like he had just gotten home from work, while the boy looked like he just got home from school. The man in the picture was wearing a white shirt with a black tie. The boy was in an elementary school uniform. The two were there sleeping on what looked like a bed. The man's head was on a pillow while the boy used the man's shoulder as a pillow. Again, both had beautiful black hair. "I guess this has to be Hibari-san and his dad when he was younger.............." 'Oh my god! He was such a cute kid!'

The last picture that her eyes drifted to was one of a boy. He looked really young in the picture, like maybe five or six. The boy wore a bright smile on his face, just like his eyes. "....is this Hibari-san on his first day of school....." She wondered out loud. It would be understandable. The boy with the black hair and big ash eyes was wearing a primary school uniform. 'God! Hibari-san was a cute kid!'

"What are you doing?" A voice called from the doorway.

"Ah! Hibari-san!" She jumped, moving away from the pictures. "I was just-"

"Being nosy?" He finished before she could.

"No....I was just curious......that's all......"

"Humph." He throw something at her. "Put these on."

"Ah!" Clothes flew at her. Surprisingly, she caught them. "What are these?" She asked, looking at them.

"They're mine.....from a few years ago.......they should be small enough to fit you....." He joked in his own Hibari kind of way.

"Okay......." She didn't realize that he was poking fun of her size. "Um....Hibari-san......where?"

"In there..." He pointed to a room that wasn't too far down the hall from where they were now.

She nodded. "Alright...." She walked passed him to the hall. She made her way to what looked like a bedroom. She walked into the room and closed the door behind her. "Ah!?" She turned around realizing just whose room she was in. "T-t-this is Hibari-san's room!" She took a deep breath as she walked further into the room. She placed the clothing that was given to her on the bed. She then removed the giant prefect jacket, as she put it, and placed it on the bed next to the clothing that Hibari had given to her. She picked up the t-shirt that he gave her and looked at it for a moment. It was a black t-shirt. "Wow....this used to be Hibari-san's...........it looks a little big....but I guess I can't really blame him....he is bigger than I am.......even a few years ago he was bigger than I am now......" She sighed. "Man....I really am small......" She took the shirt in her two hands and pulled it over her head. She then put her arms through the sleeves of it. "I knew it......." She looked down at herself. The sleeves reached her elbows and the neck of the shirt just rested on her shoulders. Next, she picked up a pair of pants. "Wow....I didn't know that Hibari-san had normal clothing........" She looked at the pants that seemed to be everyday casual jeans. They were a dark blue almost black colour. She bent down putting her feet into the opening at the top, making sure her feet were in the right leg that they should be in. Finally, she pulled them up to her waist and did them up. "Ah.......even these are too big for me.....but at least they stay........" She felt something. "...okay......they kinda stay..." She looked frustrated with a pair of pants. They had slid down slightly, making her have to pull them back up. "Oh......Hibari-san must've given me a sweater too........" She picked that up and like she did the others, examined it. It was a black and dark gray sweater with a zipper that ran up the middle of it. The way that the black and gray went was as though they were in a sloppy mess of stripes. "I think I'm gonna put this on too....." She said sliding her arms through the sleeves of it. "Why did I know this was gonna happen?" She looked at where her hands were supposed to be. The sleeves of the sweater ended up being too long and covered her hands. She looked around the room for a moment, curious of what kind of things Hibari would have.

Across from where the door was there was a closed window. Even the blinds were closed. On the wall adjacent to the window there was what looked like a closed closet. Across from the closet was the bed and next to the bed was a table that had an alarm clock on it. Other than a dresser next to the bed table, there wasn't anything else in the room.

She picked up his jacket that she had put on the bed and headed for the door. She opened it and walked back out to where Hibari was. "Um....Hibari-san....what do I do with your jacket........." Hearing her voice, the small yellow bird flew back over to her, landing in her brown hair. She giggled slightly. 'At least Hibari-san's bird likes me....'

"Just hang it on the back of that chair......" He pointed to one of the chairs at the kitchen table.

"A-alright....." She walked over to the chair and placed it on the back of it. "Hibari-san....what are you doing....?" She asked looking at the older boy who was in the kitchen.

"You're hungry, aren't you?" He asked, not taking his attention from what he was doing.

"Um......yeah......." She answered shyly. 'I mean I didn't get to eat yet, not since lunch anyways....' She thought. 'But why is Hibari-san being so nice to me now......?' She wondered. She walked over to the table and pulled out a chair, sitting down on it. "Um......Hibari-san........"

"Hm?" He answered, still focused on what he was doing.

"Um......what are you making......?" This was her sad attempt at trying to make a conversation with Hibari.

He didn't answer, but he did turn around with a plate that had a bowl on it. Inside the bowl were noodles. "Um....Hibari-san....I didn't know that you could cook........" She said as the plate was placed in front of her. A pair of chopsticks lay beside her dish. "T-thank you Hibari-san...." She said blushing.

Another plate was placed across from her. This is where he sat. "Well......aren't you going to eat.......or are you just going to stare at it........?" He asked smirking lightly.

"Um....yeah....." She nodded picking up her chopsticks, blushing. "Thanks again, Hibari-san....."

It was silent for the most part. The only sounds that were made were made by Tsuna when a new question would pop up in her head. Of course she didn't really get an answer, just sounds of either annoyance or interest, though she couldn't tell the difference.

"Um......Hibari-san......it's getting late.......shouldn't I be going home now?" She wondered later on in the evening when everything was finished. She tried helping with the dishes, but only was able to drop a plate on the ground and be called an herbivore for it and was threatened that if she did it again, Hibari was really going to bite her to death.

He didn't answer her, but instead threw a phone at her. Hibird flew off of her head, afraid of being hit. She dropped it, well it was more like she didn't even catch it. "What am I supposed to do with this, Hibari-san?" She asked, picking it up. Once the phone was safely in her hands, Hibird flew back to rest atop her head.

"Call home. What else do you use a phone for?" He had that tone. The one where you should stop asking stupid question before he bites you to death, with teeth.

"I knew that.....but what do I tell them?" She looked so cute and confused. "I mean.........I really don't think mom wants to walk in the dark like this and I know that I don't want to either.........." In her own way, she was kind of asking him to either give her a ride room, walk her home, or to just let her stay there. To be honest though, she really didn't want to go home, so you could say that she was in fact asking Hibari if could stay the night. She was still trying to figure out what she was feeling, and what better way to do it then to spend more time with him.

"Tell them whatever you want. I really don't care." Did this mean that she could stay? Then again, he did look like he didn't want to go anywhere any time soon.

"Hello?" A motherly voice picked up on the other end.

"Hi mom. It's me, Tsuna."

"Oh, Tsu-chan! Where are you? You were supposed to be home a while ago."

"I know, I'm sorry. It's just that I had to stay back and clean the classroom. But mom, can I stay at a friend's house tonight? I mean, it is Friday after all." Was calling him a friend really the right thing to call him?

"Of course Tsu-chan! But, don't you need clothing?"

"N-no....I'm gonna borrow theirs........."

"Alright.........have fun Tsu-chan."

"I w-will....." And with that, the phone call ended, and she was now to stay the night at Hibari's place.

"You don't mind, do you?" She asked blushing. "I mean about me staying, do you?"

He just gave her this look that said he could have cared less about what her decision was, though he did look kind of 'happy' that she was staying. "Whatever.........it doesn't matter to me if you're here or not, herbivore........."

"Gee.....thanks.......I think..........." She handed the phone back to him. "Um......where am I sleeping then, Hibari-san?" Big amber eyes looked up at him confused.

He rolled his eyes at her. "Where do you think?"

"Iunno?" She shrugged. "On the floor?"

He just stared blankly at her. 'Did she really just say that?'

"What?" She didn't get what was going on. 'Why's Hibari-san looking at me like that?'

"You're not serious, are you?" He still stared at her like she was crazy.

"Um........well........you never know........I mean..........where else would I be able sleep here, Hibari-san?" She asked, trying not to get herself bitten to death.

He blinked at her. Did he really seem like that bad of a person that he'd make her sleep on the floor?