"You what?!" A male voice cried as he stepped in front of the small brunette girl.

The black haired boy there began to laugh. "Calm down, Gokudera..." He placed a hand on the younger boy's shoulder. "...I'm sure that Tsuna had a good reason for staying the night at a boy's house..." He turned to her and smiled. "Am I right, Tsuna?"

She nodded. "Y-yeah...there's a perfectly good explaination on why I was there..." She drifted, hoping that that was a good enough answer for her two guardians.

His green eyes blinked. "Boss, there had better be a good reason for you staying at a boy's house over night..."

"There is, I swear..." She defended. "Yamamoto...?"She asked, trying to get the attention off of her and to change the subject.

"See, Gokudera...there's nothing to worry about." He smiled. He then turned to Tsuna. "Hm? What is it, Tsuna?"

"Um...what happened to your arm?" She asked, pointing to the sling over the boy's shoulder.

"Oh, that." He laughed. "It's nothing to worry about." He smiled, "I just injured it during Baseball practice the other day."

She blinked, remembering back to the first time this happened. She let out a sigh of relief. At least this time he doesn't want to kill himself over it... "Are you okay though?"

"Yeah...like I said, nothing to worry about-" He was cut off by the complains of the Storm Guardian.

"You stupid Baseball moron! How can you just push aside the fact that the Boss spent the night at a boy's house?!"

"Gokudera!" She stepped in between the two of them. "It's not like anything happened!" She was red. Something did happen, but she couldn't tell them what Hibari-san did.

"There you go." Yamamoto smiled. "If Tsuna says that nothing happened, then we don't have to worry."

"Wait a second." Gokudera paused, looking thoughtful.

"W-what is it, Gokudera?" Tsuna asked, knowing he was going to ask something else.

"Boss....whose house was it?" He looked up. "I mean, I saw lawn head with his sister and that stupid girl, so you couldn't have been there..."

Her eyes widened slightly. Great, leave it to Gokudera to figure out a way so that she couldn't lie and use Ryohei. "Um...well....." What was she to tell him? She couldn't tell them that she was at Hibari's. They'd freak....maybe Yamamoto wouldn't, but Gokudera would.

"Gokudera...leave her alone..." Yamamoto tried to save Tsuna from all of the questions, but he couldn't help but asking at least one. "Tsuna....why didn't you just go home after school on Friday?"

She blinked. "Oh...well about that..." She scratched the back of her head. "I had to stay back to clean the class room, even though it wasn't my day. By the time I finished cleaning everything, it was late. So, I tried to get out of there as soon as I could, but Hibari-san found me and told me that if I didn't get out in three seconds, he'd bite me to death." She paused, trying to remember everything that happened. "Oh, when I got out side, it was dark. So, I decided that I was going to take a short cut home. Little did I know that that was the night when all of the thugs were out. They stopped me. When I wouldn't talk to them, they started harassing me." She rambled. "I began to walk faster, and so did they. So, I started to run, hoping that I'd lose them. Fat chance. They ran after me!" She cried. People on the street stared at them, but were soon chased away by the bomber. "So, me being stupid, though it seemed like a good idea at the time, decided that I was going to run into a dark alley, thinking that it was going to help me lose them." She sighed. "I just ended up cornering myself in a dead end...." She stopped, not wanting to finish.

"Tsuna..." Takeshi walked over to her, putting his hand on her shoulder. "Are you alright?"

She looked up at him. "Y-yeah...why...?"

"Because...you're shaking..."

"Boss....what happened...?" The two boys looked worried.

She took a deep breath. "N-nothing happened...thanks to Hibari-san that is...."

"You were at that butt wipes' house?!"

She blinked looking up at him. "Eh? What do you mean?"

"Tsuna...you just said that Hibari's the one that saved you...."

"What? I did?" She looked over at the other who nodded. "But I don't remember saying that I was at his house, just that he saved me...."

"So you were at his house?!" She looked back over at her right hand man.

"Um...well....." She stumbled. How was she going to tell them that she was at the head prefect's house for a night. "Look, it's not like anything happened! We didn't even sleep in the same room! Well, not at first anyways..." She looked away blushing.

"What do you mean!?" More people were staring by now.

"Gokudera!" She crossed her arms. "What I mean is that we didn't sleep in the same room." She made sure not to put in the last part again.

"Okay, okay, Gokudera. There's no need to over react. If Tsuna said that they weren't in the same room, then I'm sure there's nothing to worry about." And apparently Yamamoto didn't hear the part of them sleeping in the same room at the end.

"Y-yeah, what Yamamoto said...." She looked away. "There's nothing to worry about....I mean, it's not like he kissed me..."

"He did what?!" By this time, the silver haired boy had already pulled out his dynamite and was waving it around. "That bastard!" He wasn't jealous...he just didn't like Hibari.

"Gokudera, calm down!" Tsuna cried running over to him. "I never said that!" Though she did imply it.

"Hey! Sawada!" A voice called running over. "Is squid head giving ya trouble!?"

"Nii-san!" She turned to the older boy. "Oh, n-no...it's okay.."

"What do you want, lawn head?" He turned, facing the boy who just got there.

"Well, you all seem to be doing extreme today!" He exclaimed. "Guess I'll see you later..."

"Where you going?" Tsuna asked.

"Home. I just got back from an extreme afternoon of training with the boxing club." He smiled brightly before waving and running off.

"Oh, that reminds me." Yamamoto trailed on slightly. "I've gotta get home to help pop with the supper rush."

"Alright." She smiled. "See you tomorrow, Yamamoto!"

"Later, Tsuna, Gokudera." He smiled as he turned around waving, walking in the direction of the Takesushi.

Tsuna let out a sigh. "Well, I better be going home too, Gokudera."

"Alright." He smiled. "I'll see you later, Boss."

She smiled. "See you later, Gokudera!" She said, running off.

She stopped once she reached her house. "Oh god....why are they here?" She walked up to her house, only to find a group of men crowding around it.

"Ah, there you are!" A blonde man walked out of the crowd over to the small brunette girl.

"Dino-san!?" She asked in shock. "What are you doing here?"

"What? I can't come to see my little sister?" He smiled brightly.

"N-no, it's not that.....weren't you in Italy?"

"Yeah, but I had so free time, so I decided to come see you." He turned to his men. "Alright, you guys don't have to stay here anymore." He smiled. "You guys should go and relax."

"Yeah, the Boss it right.." You could hear a few of them say before leaving.

"Um...Dino-san...why are you waiting outside anyways?" She blinked cutely at him.

He blinked back at her. "Oh, about that. It seems there's no one home..."

"Oh, I guess mom's gone out for a bit.." She walked up to the door. "Well, we can wait inside for her to get back." She turned to him smiling.

He nodded. "Alright."

"Tsuna-nee! We're home!" A small brown haired boy ran into the living room. His eyes widened in happiness. "Dino-nii!" He ran over, jump hugging the man.

"Hey, Futa!" He smiled, wrapping his arms around the boy. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too, Dino-nii!" He smiled, nuzzling into the man's shoulder.

"Gyahahaha! Lambo-san appears!" A small boy wearing a cow print suit jumped into the living room, landing on the ground in front of Tsuna.

"Lambo...calm down..." A small girl walked in.

Tsuna smiled. "Hello, Futa, Lambo, I-Pin." She blinked. "Futa...where's mom?"

"Mama's in the kitchen with Reborn." He answered, still holding onto the man. "Dino-nii! Can you play with me?!" He asked, a big smile on his face.

"Alright.." He stood up, carrying the boy out of the room. "Let's go outside.."


"Dino-nii! Are you okay!?"

"Y-yeah...I'm fine..." He rubbed his head as he sat up. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, Dino-nii!" He smiled.

"Dino-san! Futa! What happened?" Tsuna ran out to the hallway with I-Pin and Lambo by her side.

"Nothing to worry about, Tsuna." The blonde man smiled. "I just tripped over my own foot, that's all."

Futa nodded. "Don't worry Tsuna-nee, we're both fine!"

"Gyahahaha! Tsuna! Play with me!" Lambo tugged on her sock.

"I-Pin too!"

"Alright....come on, we can go outside with Dino-san and Futa." She smiled, taking Lambo's hand in one of hers and one of I-Pin's in the other.

"So, Tsuna...." Dino smiled sitting in the grass. Tsuna walked over, sitting in front of him. The three kids ran around the back yard, trying to catch each other. When asked what they were doing by Tsuna, Futa told her that they were playing tag. "How have things been lately?"

"Fine." She smiled. "Though, Friday could have been better..."

"Hm?" Dino blinked. "What do you mean?"

"Well, it all started with..." She explained to him how she had to stay back, mentioning that she was harassed on her way home and that Hibari was the one who saved her.

"You spent the night at Kyoya's!?" The brown-eyed man exclaimed.

"Dino-san! You make it sound like a bad thing!" Tsuna blushed, knowing what had happened that night.

"Tsuna.." He blinked. "Did something happen between the two of you?" She asked, a grin playing on his face.

"Hee!? What do you mean?!" She waved her hands in front of her face. "Nothing happened! Why would you ask that?"

"Because, you're blushing." She smirked. "Besides, I'm not stupid. Spending a night at Kyoya's, something had to have happened."

"No! Nothing happened, other than Hibari-san kissing me!" She gasped, covering her mouth. Stupid, you just had to tell Dino-san what happened.

"Kyoya did what?!" He asked, falling over, landing on his back.

"Ah! Dino-san! Are you okay?!" He asked, running over, tripping over her own foot and falling onto him.

"Yeah. You?" He smiled.

"Yeah..." She nodded.

He picked her up, placing her back on the ground. He then sat up. "Tsuna, is that all that happened?"

"Y-yeah...unless you count Hibari-san and me sharing a bed as something happening...."

"What!?" Dino exclaimed. "You guys did what!?"

"Dino-san! Nothing happened! I swear! I just asked him if he could be in the same room because I couldn't sleep! That's all!" She was panicking now. What if Dino-san talked to Hibari-san about this? Then what would happen?

"Tsu-chan! Futa! Lambo! I-Pin! Dino!" A woman's voice called. "Supper's ready!"

The five of them walked into the kitchen where Nana and Reborn were.

"Mama, Tsuna spent the night at a boy's on Friday." The boy with the hat spoke.

"Reborn!" Tsuna cried.

"Tsu-chan, is that whose house you were at?"

She nodded. "They were in the same bed, mama." Reborn looked over at Nana.

"Reborn! Stop it!"

"Tsu-chan, is this true?"

"Y-yeah...but nothing happened, mom. I swear."

"Mama, Kyoya kissed her." Dino added in.


"Oh, my! Wait till your father hears this. His baby girl's first kiss!"


"Honey! I'm home!"

"Sawada-dono!" A brown haired girl ran into the kitchen.

"Basil!" She smiled. Finally, some one normal.

"Iemitsu, you'll never guess what happened to your daughter on the weekend."

"Hm? What do you mean, Nana?" He asked, kissing her.

"Tsuna got kissed by her Cloud Guardian, Iemitsu." Reborn cut in.

"Reborn! You didn't have to tell him like that!"

"What? A boy kissed my daughter?"

"Sawada-dono kissed a boy?"

"She also slept in the same bed as him."


His eyes widened. "He didn't touch you, did he!?"

"No dad! Nothing happened!"

This continued all through supper and then some. Of course, Reborn being Reborn always made everything seem worse than it really was, and Tsuna panicked the whole time.

Author's Note: I forgot to mention this in the last chapter, but my bffl, Kitsune727 is the one that came up with the name of Hibari's kitten. Also, the kitten is modeled after the new one that my family got about a month ago. He plays with anything and everything! Also, Hibari's kitten looks just like mine. Pure black with big yellow eyes. It's evil!

Hibari: I know...I can't do anything any more without it bugging me...

Candi: I know! That stupid cat even tried to jump into the oven!

Hibari: ......not mine......

Candi: Mine does!

Tsuna: -playing with Kero-chan-