Mine, mine, and us

Dark watched Cou talk with Mushra, who was intent on fighting Dark for who knows what reason. Dark felt a strange sensation in his chest as he stalked over to his two Pokema friends, pulled Cou close to his body, and glared at Mushra. "Mine."Mushra looked at Dark indignantly while Cou curiously cocked his head.

A few weeks later, Dark stalked up to Odd, who was talking to Cou, and pulled the Flygon Pokema once more anguishes body as he glared at Odd and growled, "Mine."

For the third time Dark did the 'possessive boyfriend' act, this time with Tora talking to Cou, Cou wrapped his arms around Dark's waist as Dark kept his hand on Cou's shoulder. Once Dark had growled, "Mine," saying it twice, Cou added, "And us."