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Warning, this is AU. No Cross Academy. Sure, they're still vampires...or wait, are they? Hmm...

Summary: Strangers come and go, with little significance. But if you meet, by pure luck or chance, your literal polar opposite, would you remember them?


It wasn't a big surprise to Takuma Ichijou and Senri Shiki when their friend-- and cousin, in the redhead's case-- Kaname, told them of the changes going underway. Kaname himself was to be the rightful heir of the throne, following in the footsteps of his ancestors. The Kuran line had been ruling over the vampire society since the beginning, as they were in fact, the strongest pureblood family to behold.

However, Kaname had declined the position, opting to be an associate and confidante. His uncle, Riido, had then been put up for the position, eagerly accepting his new role as King. Takuma didn't even bat an eyelash when he heard it from the brunette's mouth that he was not going to be their leader-- Kaname Kuran had never took an interest in becoming their king, and was completely bored during social vampire events, even if he did hide it well.

"So, what are you to do now?" Senri asked, in his trademark monotone. The pureblood's cousin was never seen looking anything more than barely interested.

The Level A vampire just smiled a little, and regarded his two companions. "I suppose I'll go and live my life as it should be-- with Yuuki." Takuma nodded, a bright smile adorning his face.

"Of course! Wish her well for me, I haven't seen her in ages." Senri nodded his agreement.

"Very well then. I just wanted to tell you the news. Thank you for the tea." Kaname said graciously before standing up. He placed his cup and saucer on the table in front of them. The brunette left the living room of his two friends' shared apartment. He had gone straight to them with the new events taking place, and had ended up staying for the offered tea.

"Take care!" Takuma called before shutting the door behind him. He turned to the apathetic Senri. They shared a glance.

Ever since Takuma had known the Kuran prince-- which was a long time, since childhood-- Kaname had been preparing to take the throne. He went through gala after party, putting up with conceited old men, and haughty women, with an ever polite smile on his face. Kaname had also gone through the horrors of his family's massacre, making him promise himself to become one of the greatest leader's vampire society had ever seen. However, even though they saw it coming, the news worried Senri and Takuma. Kaname was just giving up the crown?

Takuma shook his head, dispelling his thoughts. At least now, his friend would live his life happily with his new wife, Yuuki Kuran.

"Takuma, stop thinking so hard. Cousin shall be fine. Don't worry." Senri said, softly. Takuma sighed, resigned, and rested his head on Senri's smaller shoulder.

"I can't help but worry."


"Well, well, well. If it isn't the golden twins." The man sneered at the walking mirrors. Zero and Ichiru Kiryuu, however, ignored him in their own ways-- Ichiru by rolling his eyes and Zero by glaring.

"Hello to you too." Ichiru said, a tad annoyed. The younger twin stood there before the balding middle-aged man. His counterpart was behind him, waves of reluctance and irritation crashing throughout the room.

"So, what do you want?" The clerk asked, mostly to Ichiru. Ever since the Kiryuu twins were children, Ichiru had been the easiest to talk to, while Zero took liberty to scare people away. Many in the small town knew about them-- and not just for their strange appearance. It wasn't common to still hear murmurs of the Kiryuu massacre, especially when the twins walked by.

"Ah, we were hoping to buy these," Ichiru said, holding up a grocery basket filled with snacks and drinks, "--and also a few other things." The clerk only raised his eyebrow in distaste. He really didn't like the two boys, especially the silent one, for they had always hung around and bothered him when they were younger. Their parents had been kind, but their death had made the boys darker.

He began ringing up the items and looked outside the window of his convenience store, glancing at the ratty car that belonged to the silver-haired men. It seemed they were going somewhere, what with the boxes tied to the roof.

"Hold on." He said roughly, turning around to go into the back room. He himself was a vampire, and even though he didn't like the pacifist ways the Kuran pureblood rule enforced, he sold the blood tablets anyway.

As the elder man went into the back room, Zero turned to Ichiru with annoyed eyes. "I don't see why I couldn't just wait in the car." He said softly, ducking his head closer to his twin's. Ichiru rolled his eyes lovingly and sighed.

"Quit being such a baby." Zero scoffed silently at that. Ichiru knew for a fact that he didn't like interacting with people-- especially the rude clerk at this store. The only reason why they had pulled pranks to begin with was because the man was, in Ichiru's words, "impossibly anal."

"Here." Speak of the devil, he came out from the back room and placed black packets on the counter. Ichiru nodded. "Thanks."

"Whatever." Was the gruff reply. Zero pulled out his wallet, paid for the purchases and left silently with Ichiru trailing behind him, carrying the bag.

Once outside, the two winced against the sunlight, momentarily stopping. Ichiru and Zero then opened the dented car doors and sat down, Zero at the wheel. Ichiru fell gracelessly against the uncomfortable seats and rummaged through the plastic bag, pulling out a drink.

Zero paused for a second and stared at the wheel underneath his pale hands. This was the last stop before they left the town they were born in, as the city limit was just a few miles away. Ichiru, noticing his tense posture, leaned back in the chair and stared at him.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay?" Zero sighed. That was a loaded question. Was he going to be okay leaving all the memories he had left of his parents and twin brother-- when they were all happy? He shrugged. The two had decided a few days earlier that they needed to leave the quaint but gossip-founded town. Besides, the apartment their old sensei used to own was raising the rent-- which the two couldn't afford on their mediocre jobs. Ichiru had suggested going into the city, because they were bound to have a few cheap places to live. Zero had argued with him on the subject but eventually gave in, agreeing with his twin. They had packed up the next day, and were off.

"Yeah, I'll be alright. Don't worry." Zero said, smiling slightly at his younger brother. Ichiru's lips quirked in response. Zero had always been the one who went out of his way for Ichiru, because when they were younger, he was always ill. Even if he was completely healed, Zero would still always try to protect him, still thinking Ichiru could break. Most of the times, Ichiru found himself resenting it, but he learned that Zero's scarred mind was just trying to keep him safe and alive.

While Zero tended to be the one who fretted over Ichiru-- once explaining that since he was the older twin, he should be responsible for Ichiru's well fare-- Ichiru couldn't help but secretly wish Zero was safe himself. They were connected, and Ichiru knew he would be upset if anything happened to Zero, and vice-versa.

Ichiru chuckled, slightly amused, and slightly bitter. Zero shifted the car into drive and pulled out of the parking space.

"Zero, I can't help but worry."


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