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Summary: Strangers come and go, with little significance. But if you meet, by pure luck or chance, your literal polar opposite, would you remember them?

Chapter Summary: In theory, they are fire and ice. In reality, they are ice and ice; and fire and fire.


The man just wouldn't stop shouting at him from his perch on the back of the ambulance. Zero's patience wearing thin, he glared at the offensive model still cursing at him from behind his neck brace.

"You're gonna get it, you bastard! I'm going to sue you, your agency, and this whole city for what you've done, you blind dumbass. I'm gonna—" The white doors abruptly closed as the first ambulance started to pull away from the scene.

Two cars rested in the middle of an intersection, surrounded by caution tape and a few paramedics. The black Mercedes—damn, Zero wished he could have had a car like that—was crushed on the rear left side. The front of the taxi was caved in, smoke continuing to leak from beneath the hood. The other vehicles in the area were being rerouted from the damage by officers in yellow safety blazers. The silver-haired man's headache wasn't lessening in the slightest from the annoyed honking of humans on their way through the city.

His left temple throbbed again, and Zero clutched his hair. While the bleeding had stopped almost automatically—modern medicine had nothing on vampire genetics—the pressure had refused to leave. A young paramedic had calmly assessed him, and assured the Level D that he did not have a serious concussion.

"You may have a headache for the rest of the day," he said, "but you shouldn't need the hospital."

Whatever, like I'd go, thought Zero. He refused to go near a hospital, especially since the Level E incident at his elementary school's health clinic. The young man still remembers how terrifying that nurse was and the scar it forever left on his sensei.

The sun shone off a turning car, and Zero shielded his eyes. A silver BMW pulled alongside the caution tape, the owner ignoring the officers trying to redirthyhyhect him. A young blonde man stepped out from the vehicle, shocking blue eyes frantically searching for someone. As soon as they landed on a brunette hidden behind the wreckage of the Mercedes, the man began running.

"Kaname-sama," the blonde cried out in relief, "when I heard you were in a car accident, I was so worried!"

Zero raised an eyebrow. The dramatic young man reeked of vampire nobility; an aristocrat, probably. He had the gelled back hair, charming good looks, and noticeably insane amount of cash, if his crisp Armani suit was any indication.

"Aidou," a smooth voice quietly replied, "I am fine." His tone was cold and efficient—the matter was to be dropped.

Zero figured the blonde wasn't all that smart, because he continued on, "Are you sure? When I get my hands on the idiot who hit you, I swear—"

Aidou was silenced by an elegantly raised hand. "This isn't your concern."

He stammered for a few moments, but eventually deflated. "Yes, Kaname-sama."

Zero leaned farther to the side, trying to catch a glimpse of this "Kaname-sama." The cars, tow trucks, and glares of light had obscured the lilac-eyed male's vision of the other driver. As far as Zero knew, he was brunette, so elegant it had to hurt, had even more money and respect than Aidou, and was a pureblood vampire.

A pureblood's aura is extremely strong, and if Zero concentrated, he was sure he'd be able to feel it a mile away. The old, familiar feeling of hate slithered into Zero's consciousness; purebloods were nothing but scum and should be destroyed. If his sensei had seen him now, hitting a pureblood with his car and not taking him out for good-!

Humans were tolerable. Regular vampires were less than that, but still acceptable. Purebloods? Out of the question. Then again, he was a Level D. He would have easily been killed by the man, hunter abilities or not. Zero's hatred of the beasts would have to be put on hold.

"But thank you for your concern, Aidou." Kaname intoned dutifully, managing to reflate the blonde.

"Excuse me, sir," a middle-aged woman in a business suit interrupted, standing right in front of Zero. "I'm Mr. Kuran's attorney, and I'd like to take a few statements of what happened."

Kuran; he knew that name. It was the surname of the strongest pureblood family in existence. Young hunters used to whisper the name and tell horror stories. Whatever.

Zero scoffed. "I already gave all of my statements to the police." He crossed his arms over his knees, trying his best to stare down the woman through his gritted teeth. Damn, his head hurt!

"While that may be, we need our own report so insurance agencies can cover all damages." The Kiryuu wondered if this woman was a robot with how mechanically she replied. He sighed in frustration.

"Lady, I'm not in the mood to do this again—" "Please tell Mrs. Anderson what she needs to know." That same smooth voice cut in.

Kuran, the damn pureblood, had walked up to where Zero sat on the curb. The brunette, dressed in a black button down and white suit, had somehow managed to avoid looking affected by the crash. Zero looked down at his own rumpled black shirt and dark jeans, covered in dust and pieces of car, and wondered why the hell this bastard was allowed to still look good.

Admittedly, he was the hottest guy Zero had ever seen in his entire life, but his plastic smile and deceptive friendly nature offset any good qualities Zero could have ever thought to have had for him. Just looking into those russet eyes made the hunter annoyed.

"Tch. She couldn't have just asked the police, of course." A flash of irritation erupted behind the Kuran's gaze for only a moment, before the condescending look returned. The woman seemed unaffected.

"I was distracted by an asshole of a customer, didn't stop in time. Clipped the end of your car over there. End of story." Zero growled beneath his breath. He hated repeating himself.

"Not the 'end of story,' you punk!" Oh, yes, he'd forgotten that the blonde aristocrat had followed behind Kuran like a lap dog. His screech chipped away at what little patience Zero had with his current state.

"You know, you have a big voice for someone who's so short." He deadpanned. The reaction was worth it; Aidou started fuming and made an attempt to leap at the hunter. Kuran rested a hand on the enraged man's shoulder, effectively calming him. The pureblood turned to Mrs. Anderson.

"That's enough of a statement, yes?" The woman nodded, turning on her heel to collect a few more reports from the paramedics who had briefly assessed her own client.

Kaname watched her leave until she was out of earshot. Hand still holding Aidou back, the brunette moved back towards the scum on the ground.

The same scum who had clipped his car, sent it into a tailspin, and ruined the pureblood's previous relieved mood. Kaname had immediately gotten out of the car—unharmed, of course—and allowed several witnesses to ask him if he was okay, all the while listening to some man from the taxi shrieking and the lower vampire cursing like the delinquent he was.

The Level D could have easily passed for attractive in any circle—human or vampire. Many women must have fallen for the unruly silver hair, piercings, tribal tattoo and muscular build hidden under dark clothes. But no matter what appearances one has, trash is still trash.

Kaname despised Level Ds, almost as much as Level Es. They were delinquents and nuisances; trouble waiting to happen. More often than not, Level Ds succumb to insanity and go on bloodthirsty rampages. When the pureblood had been preparing for his supposed rule, he had to try and solve many of the Level E problems that threatened the tentative balance between vampire and human. Many times, Kaname was pulled from a meeting or class in order to hunt and destroy one of the offending creatures.

There had been many new Level Ds moving to the city, and the Kuran prince was still incredibly wary of each, though the numbers were far too high to keep track of.

"What you've done is unacceptable. You have endangered lives and severely displeased me. I will be making sure you pay for all damages. You should learn your place, D." Kaname said, voice low and eyes intimidating.

Aidou smirked to himself, feeling portions of pureblood magic and anger sweep its way through the area. The dark nature of many powerful vampires intimidates lower levels into behaving exactly how nobles want. Kaname, especially, has been known to terrify even the greatest of council members! That infuriating Level D must be pissing his pants in terror!

The blonde's smirk fell in horror as he realized that Zero had rolled his eyes and returned Kaname's glare full force.

"Tough shit. My life's mission is not to please you, bloodsucker. It was a mistake on my part, yes, but it was an accident. And, y'know Kuran, I'm sure you could pay the damages yourself. It's not like you're not rich out of the ass, or anything." The hunter intoned saracastically. Aidou was stunned silent by the bold display of insubordination.

"Do you know who you're talking to?" Kaname growled quietly. The humans had begun clearing the scene of cars and debris, but might still have been able to overhear the conversation.

"Yes." Zero replied, defiantly staring into the pureblood's eyes, "And?"

"What do you mean and?" Aidou vehemently hissed, not tolerating such blatant disrespect towards his Kaname-sama. If the blonde had ever done such a thing, he'd be head slapped into the next millennium!

Would the Level D be taken care of in the open, in front of all of the humans? Or stealthily destroyed with no witnesses? Aidou had to wonder, especially with the disbelief and anger rolling off of the pureblood in waves.

Kaname, however, continued to appear collected; even worry free. Anyone strolling by would be under the impression that the three were having a civilized discussion. Aidou, though, would have liked to do many uncivilized things to that Level D ingrate!

Zero, tired and frustrated, was done with this conversation. If they wanted to sue him, they could do whatever; it was an accident caused by a human distraction. He would probably have to pay a moderate fine, but nothing that couldn't be taken care of in a few months' paychecks. Zero just worried how Ichiru would take the news.

The hunter pulled himself to his feet, remaining in front of Kuran. The two were the same height, diminishing any kind of intimidation that Aidou had been trying to use on the sitting man. Zero ran his fingers through his hair, keeping an eye on the two more powerful bloodsuckers and another on the tow truck finally pulling his crushed cab away. His boss was not going to be happy.

Blood red eyes continued to assess the obnoxious Level D who so casually insulted him. Taking deep breaths to control his annoyance, the pureblood smirked. Zero glanced at the wealthy man; both had yet to move.

Knowing that he did still have work to do, even with his minor concussion and busted car, Zero sighed.

"Whatever. Sue me if you want, see if I care. I've got a lot to do today, and glaring down a couple of animals isn't really part of the schedule." Zero said, glancing one more time at the two men still standing over his former resting spot.

The hunter began to walk away, hoping to be able to catch the bus back to the grease-covered taxi lot, when that same smooth voice called back to him.

"Just remember, D, it is not us who are the animals. The day will eventually come when you turn into nothing more than a snarling beast, and we will be the ones who gladly turn you to dust."

The pureblood smirked in accomplishment when Zero's hands balled into fists. The hunter started to turn around to yell back, but the noble and prince were already striding towards Aidou's BMW.

The last thing Zero saw of that damn bloodsucker was the sun's glare off of the silver car, illuminating Kaname's features—bloodthirsty red eyes taunted him before disappearing behind the tinted window. Zero stalked away from the retreating car, shoulders and jaw tense in rage.

The last thing Kaname saw of that rebellious, infuriating Level D was the young man intensely glaring from beneath the shadow of the nearby building, small rays of sun peeking over to cast specks of light over silver hair and paler skin. From the rear-view mirror of the passenger side, Kaname watched smugly as Zero retreated from the scene, riled up and into the continuing shadows. It was nice to have the last word, as always.

The pureblood's PDA quietly chimed, almost unheard underneath Aidou's rants about the silver-haired stranger. Kaname glanced at the screen, where "1 New E-Mail" flashed. Mrs. Anderson had collected several reports and sent them straight to her client. It was up to Kaname as to what action he wanted taken against one Mr. Zero Kiryuu.

An interesting name for an intolerable brat, Kaname mused. Kiryuu, hmm?

Zero brushed past the crowd of college students on the sidewalk. He ignored the irritated murmurs as he shoved by. He would walk the way back to the lot; he needed to work off this anger before he ended up punching someone. How he wanted to punch that pureblood—Kaname somehow knowing Zero's uncontrollable fear of losing himself to that hunger infuriated the hunter.

Damn you, Zero thought. Damn you, Kuran!


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