Jennifer and John went on their first date, to a lovely Italian restaurant in town. For 6 months they dated, having dinner and he spent a lot of time at her home getting to know her and Matilda. One week before Valentine's Day John talked to his sister, Emily, about his relationship with Jennifer.

"Emily, I think, no, I know I love her" John said pacing back in forth. He had never felt this way about anyone.

"Well then John, what are you going to do about it?" Emily said, she was so happy for her brother. After a long pause he answered.

"Propose, well talk to Matilda, get a ring and then propose." John replied, a the widest smile creeping onto his face. Proposing was so clear to him, first he wanted to talk to Matilda first.

One day, Jennifer was at a meeting, John went to the Honey household hoping to find Matilda. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

"Hi John" she said letting him in.

"Hi, can I talk to you Matilda?" John quickly replied. He really enjoyed talking to Matilda but he couldn't hold his thought in any longer. They sat down in the living room.

"Whats going on? Is everything okay?" Matilda was very concerned.

"I love your mother very very much, do you know that?" he stated.

"I had a feeling..." Matilda replied. Is he breaking up with her she thought. Matilda loved that her mom found love, John was so nice and sweet.

"Well I was hoping to get your permission to ask her to marry me." John asked.

"That would be amazing, of course you have my permission" she said, finally her mother has found someone.

"Really?! Thats great!" John was so excited, this was such incredible news.

"Valentine's Day is coming up, is that why your asking me now?" Matilda thought that it would be very romantic if he proposed on Valentine's Day.

"I didn't even think of that!" John was so glad to have Matilda to help them.

A week came and Valentine's Day was here. John and Jennifer had plans for him to cook her dinner at her house. Matilda was going to spend the night at her friend Amanda's, after a dance at school. John was in the kitchen cooking, Jennifer was not allowed to come downstairs until he said so. He had flowers and had set up candles in the dining room. He was very impressed with himself. John put the roast chicken on the table and went to the stairs, fixed his tie and called for Jennifer. She came to the stairs wearing a swoop neck black dress.

"You look beautiful, as usual" John exclaimed. He couldn't take his eyes of her.

"Thank you, you look very handsome" Jennifer replied. Grabbing on to his hand, as she came down the final steps.

"Thank you...should we go eat?" John asked.

"Of course, hopefully my kitchen hasn't been destroyed too much." she joked.

They walked in the dining room. Candles, the aroma of herbs, and a dozen roses greeted them as they came in the door way. They ate and talked for awhile. Finally there was a perfect pause in conversation.

"Jen..." John quietly said.

"Yes..." Jennifer wondered what was going on.

"I love you.", thats all he could sat before, she interepted him.

"I love you too." she replied smiling. He held her hand, and continued.

"Thats wonderful to hear, Jennifer I love you and it would be a great honor to me if you were to be my wife. Would you marry me Jennifer Honey?" John asked, he was so nervous. Good nervous, the anxious excited kind of nervous.

"Yes, I would love to" Jennifer exclaimed. She was so happy, but then as she hugged and kissed him she realized Matilda was involved.

"Have you talked to Matilda, about this?" she asked, as much as John meant to her, Matilda came first, if she approved then everything was okay.

"I talked to her last week, she actually suggested tonight. I would have done this last week but then she said Valentine's Day would be romantic." John explained.

"I'm glad to hear that." Jennifer was so happy, she could barely speak. John and her would be married, together for the rest of their lives.

This was by far the most perfect Valentine's Day anyone could ask for. Months ago, Jennifer never would have imagined this. She never expected to fall in love, after she adopted Matilda she thought her life was complete but now it was complete.

Within the next month, John was moved in and he and Jennifer began to plan their small yet intimate wedding.


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