For Indigo And Perca's Drabble

Title: cuddle

Author: gigglefaries101

Summary: harry cant sleep Charlie loves him (could be anyone but I like Charlie)

Disclaimer:I do not own harry potter as I have a small house and no fortune damn it

Spoilers: nope I was a good girl well ish

Pairing : harry/Charlie or which guy you like best

Warning: implied slash male/male relationship (mild)

He ran his hand up and down his back trying to soothe him but his attempt was in vain he watched his lover slide slowly from the bed and creep out the door, he clearly had no idea that he had been awake since he started stirring.

with a deep sigh he made his way down the stairs avoiding creaks to the kitchen where his mother was just coming out

'I made him some hot coco get him back to bed he's dead on his feet'

entering the kitchen I wrapped my arms around him kissing his neck guiding him to follow me,

coco in hand soon in bed I wrapped him in a tight embrace

once he finished his milky drink already almost gone

'sorry im such a challenge' he mumbled against me

'sleep stop worrying I love you'

'mmm love you'

hope you like xoxo