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Chapter 2 – The Adventures Of Dorothy, Sophia, Rose, Blanche, Courage and Simba

Months passed in the Pridelands and the cubs grew rather rapidly. The seasons changed with each passing day and the skies dimmed down and darkened to an opaque hue of grey and the land grew barren for a time in the winter months as they progressed from summer and fall. The rainy seasons came and went with its heavy and drifting downpours showering and streaming down on the plains with its profusely cool, humid, soggy and damp rainwater and the dry seasons lingered on and on for months with its scorching, blazing, blistering, sizzling heat roasting and boiling the land to point where plant growth was stunted, leaving only a few handful of hardy, robust heat-resistant plants to survive and a bountiful number of aerial scavengers such as vultures, buzzards and condors to hunt and feed decaying corpses left to rot in the sun, compelling all who lived in the African savannah to do whatever it took to survive even if it meant surpassing moral boundaries. Except for these changes, the psychical landscape of the African lands yielded no change and remained fairly constant throughout the year, but when spring arrives in the Pridelands, the land soon becomes overrun by the most numerous and plentiful vegetation that the world has ever seen and the Pridelands themselves look like an Eden of a beautiful oasis, with miles and miles of lush, green, tall, crisp, juicy, tender grass all spread out for thousands of gazelles and other plant eaters to feast on.

The water holes populated in the Pridelands never looked more radiant, cleaner, crisply pristine and placid than they did in the springtime, and the swamps never had been so damp and so muddled and mucky with sludge, mire and mud. The deserts have never seemed so foreboding, dangerous, ruthless, cruel, merciless, barren and scorched with unforgiving heat and punishing reminders of its lethal deadliness with each animal that succumbs as a result of this hostile and unsympathetic environment. The desert is the one place that no one, not even a cub, would dare venture out on a moment's notice, for it is king to the vultures, a vulture's paradise, you might say. It so happened that on a spring day that Simba, now an adventurous, spirited, eager, albeit arrogant, young lion cub, had been practicing his pouncing as one of his skills on his goal to someday take over the throne from his father Mufasa and become the next King and had just leapt out of the blue with claws outstretched and accompanied by a underdeveloped roar, taking his opponent Dorothy by surprise. "RAAR!" Simba snarled as he flew at Dorothy at the speed of light and Dorothy had been so taken by surprise and she was so stunned and shaken by the sudden and unexpected ambush that she did not have enough time to react and soon thereafter she was subsequently pinned on her back, with Simba standing over her triumphantly and with his chest puffed out complimented by a gleefully gloating grin.

"Heh, heh! Got ya!" Simba cheered proudly and victoriously and then he jumped off Dorothy and stalked off in an arrogantly pompous gait and strode off with such a proud and haughty demeanor that it greatly disgusted his friend Dorothy and she was not about to let Simba leave without letting him know about it. "Don't you dare walk out of here with that expression in that face, you egotistical, overconfident princely brat!" Dorothy shouted at him from a distance as he started to saunter away from his playmate. "Oh yeah? Says who? You can't even pounce on me to save your own life!" Simba returned a sassy retort back at his female friend. "Listen here, you supercilious prince! I don't like that attitude of yours and I want you to clean up your act right now!" Dorothy demanded in a fiery and fierce voice, her characteristically outspoken and audacious personality shining through as usual. "Who do you think you are, Dorothy? You're not my mom," Simba scoffed at her nonchalantly before he blew in her eyes with such a dispassionate and unconcerned manner that it set Dorothy's impassionate and petulant temper off. "Who the hell do you think you are, Simba? You do not talk back to your sister like that, you hear me?" she screamed at him in a hysterically and frantic rage. "Look, sweetheart, if you want to survive in the jungle, you have to think ahead of your opponent, and you have to be really resourceful in order to outsmart your enemies," Simba ejaculated to Dorothy in a candid and pointedly frank manner.

He then looked up at Dorothy and saw that every muscle in her being was tense and that her sapphire/indigo eyes were searing and blistering with untold, unbridled, passionate, raw rage, and that there was so much antagonism built up inside her that she just wanted to take him down and kill him with her own bare paws. God, this kid pisses me off so sometimes, Dorothy thought to herself, I just want to grab him and excise and expurgate every single piece of him out of his body. Why do I feel this way? I don't understand it… I don't know if I'm like Scar or Mufasa. Is there a part of me that wants to possess every being of his soul? How do I actually feel about this kid? I don't know… I just hope I don't end up a murderer… And with that she took a deep breath and let her taut muscles relax themselves and revert back into their normal positions and her eyes cooled and fizzled back into its normal brilliant hue. The way Simba saw it, Dorothy was a grey/silver lioness cub that was one of the tallest cubs to ever live in the plains; she stood practically six feet, making her a lot bigger than Simba, even though she was the second born, born 5 minutes after him. Her dark rimmed ears were now more prominent than ever and were similarly identical to Simba's ears, and her tiny black tufts of hair had now grown to luscious, long, wavy, curling, dark, jet black hair that reached down all the way to her legs and practically engulfed her ears, effectively losing her Klaus Nouvi look she inherited as a newborn cub and now adopting a more radical Vera Charles-like coif. She also had bold, dark eyebrows and her legs were now stronger and more efficient, very useful for running long distances. She was practically a full grown lion, just in her preteens. After Dorothy was born her mother Sophia was born; then Rose, Blanche and Courage were born. Dorothy felt like Simba was like her annoying younger brother due to the fact that she was bigger than him, making her feel like the older sister having to put up with his shenanigans. In comparison, Simba was a yellow golden cub with yellow tufts of hair blended on his head and also has pale yellow eyes with dark chocolate brown irises and light yellow underbelly in addition to a big red nose and a brown tail tuft. With this in mind Simba took advantage of Dorothy's daydreaming and then he tackled her hard on the ground once again, jolting her from her reverie.

"What the hell?!" Dorothy screeched at him sharply, with her husky voice in a shrill pitch. "Why do you insist on ambushing me out of nowhere?" "Because I like to play with you," Simba insisted with a mischievous smile. Dorothy smirked with a huff as her eyes twinkled with a soft, dull, loving luster and her heart melted and she soon began to caress his face fondly. "I like to play with you too," she murmured affectionately and adorningly to him, her voice lowered down to a huskier, grittier tone. She then sighed with resignation and then purred lovingly as she brushed and rubbed against his underbelly as she slipped out through him with Simba's arms limp on her left side and finally he jumped on her after somersaulting over her in midair and together the two of them rolled together in the grass and they hurdled in the air as they laughed and screamed wildly and excited with great hilarity as they bounded in the plains and finally Dorothy landed on him for only a moment when Simba rolled her over him and had her pinned firmly to the ground. As he stared right into her magnetic blue eyes, something about her attracted him to her and then he was about to kiss her out of impulse when suddenly Sophia cried out, "Hey, you, are you going to kiss my daughter?" "GAAH!" Simba yowled in surprise as he leapt off Dorothy and then cowered backwards in the deep, tall grass as he tried to skitter away from the old Sicilian woman. Sophia then prowled out into the open and matched Simba's every step in stride and used up all her strength to confront his every move. "Yeah, that's right, you better run! I'm gonna pounce! I'll do whatever it takes to protect my Pussycat!" she harried and badgered him on as she motioned and drew near him in an attempt to corner him like a cagey panther with her long and slender tail flickering and swishing eagerly and soundlessly like a winding snake ganging up on her prey.

"MAAAA! What on earth are you doing?!" Dorothy exclaimed in sheer horror as she fearfully watched her mother pursue and hound her male friend mercilessly and relentlessly. "I'm going to pounce on this kid, Pussycat. It's about time this young cub gets pounced on by a woman!" Sophia informed her daughter as she continued her pursuit of Simba, and Simba's muscles were trembling and quivering with panic and he was itching to get away before he was severely humiliated in front of his own father by being ambushed by an older woman, especially the real mother of his playmate. "Ma! I actually pounced on Simba once, and I think I'm getting pretty good at it!" Dorothy insisted to her mother obstinately, not willing to put up with witnessing her mother severely embarrass and shame her friend in front of her. "Oh really? Simba is the one who pounces on you 9 out of 10 times, and he can't even pounce on his own best friend, Nala! Heh, heh, heh, heh!" Sophia scoffed and jeered giddily as she advanced nearer and nearer to Simba. Dorothy trembled and shook with terrible tremors and finally she could not take it anymore. "That is it, Ma! I'm going to challenge you to a pouncing match!" she shouted at her mother and then deliberately pitted herself between Simba and Sophia. "Very well, Pussycat. If you insist on challenging your own mother, so be it," Sophia coolly accepted the challenge. "Fine, let's go at it," Dorothy agreed in return and then the two women crouched down low to the ground and then the two lionesses were soon circling around each other in confrontational strides while growling, hissing, snarling and snapping at each other, when Dorothy gave her an exceptionally hideous snarl that unsettled her greatly. "Hey, hey, hey! Mind your manners, young lady! This is not just another opponent you're staring down at!" Sophia sternly reminded her who she was facing.

"This is it, Ma. Are you ready?" Dorothy notified her warningly. "Yeah, I'm ready to counter anything you throw at me," Sophia retorted back in a feisty manner. Compared to Dorothy, Sophia's hair was now more rounded and short and her ears were now more angular, curved and diminutive, compared to her newborn cub form. She still had her glasses, but now she was more developed than ever and her tail was longer than before. And it was with this tail that she was employing it to taunt and mock Dorothy and make her so filled with rage that she will fly at her in a blind wrath and Sophia will take advantage of her momentary distraction and take her down. "Now you're mine," Dorothy hissed at her haughtily and then she leaped at her with a growly roar. Sophia then intercepted her in midair and the two Italian lionesses then proceeded to roll together in the grass, snarling, clashing, thrashing, clawing, scratching, slashing, biting, battering, beating, and flogging each other in the process. Sophia then hurtled Dorothy off her and the young lioness cub was sent flying through the air before she descended toward land and landed on her head into a termite mound. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!" Sophia cackled and screeched gleefully as she triumphed and gloated over her immediate victory. Dorothy then yanked her head out of the termite mound and then feverishly scratched her entire fur of termites in an attempt to brush herself clean of them while glaring at her mother with a grim frown. "Very funny, Ma," Dorothy spat at her displeasingly. "Just like at gin rummy, Pussycat," Sophia chuckled and chortled happily and then she stalked off back into Pride Rock as she continued to immerse herself in fits of giggles and sniggers.

"Damn that woman," Dorothy seethed in boiling rage as she incessantly continued to brush herself off of more termites by the time Simba approached her with a curious expression in her face. "I despise that look on her face when she beats me. She always beats me at everything, always has been. Just look at her cheerful expression on her face the moment she has won over me at a certain game." Simba then walked over to her and then licked her in the face. "Get away from me!" Dorothy snapped at him with a vicious snarl while recoiling back in disgust and repulsion, startling him. She then turned her back to him and then proceeded to lick her fur clean of termites with her rough tongue and then Simba ambled over to her again and then licked her tenderly in the face again. "What are you doing?!" Dorothy gasped in apprehensive horror as she stepped away from him and then Simba seized upon her again by springing on her and then he nuzzled close to her face. Dorothy's ears flattened and her eyes widened with unspoken terror. "What the hell are you doing to me?! Get away from me, you incestuous asshole!" she screamed at him in a terrified and frantic voice and she then smacked him across the face in response. Simba stood there petrified, with a raw scratch mark seeping with thin blood on the right side of his face and Dorothy immediately began to regret ever hitting him and her ears hung in sorrowful and shameful guilt.

"I'm sorry, Simba. I'm just scared. We've been like brother and sister and our relationship has never reached this level before," she apologized to him, embarrassed and bashful. "It's okay," Simba replied to her reassuringly. "I'm not afraid. You're my best friend, and you're perfectly safe with me." Dorothy's right ear then cocked as she smirked with her translucent sapphire/electric blue eyes shimmering and glistening in the sunlight that shone in her face and then she licked her right paw and rubbed it in gently on where she had struck Simba. "OW! That stings!" Simba winced in pain and then Dorothy threw herself at him screaming in exhilaration and then Simba intercepted her by pushing with his back legs and flinging her into the air as the female lioness cub shrieked and laughed wildly while she tumbled in midair and then Simba pounced on her as she landed on her back onto the ground and then the cubs tumbled and rolled over each other as they grappled and wrestled in the grass and toppled down a steep hill and then they tussled their way into the vast, wide, gargantuan plains. Simba then landed on Dorothy as they dropped to the bottom of the hill after a very sudden plunge and then accidentally kissed her in the lips. Dorothy was taken aback by this but smiled and then licked him in the lips. At the corner of her eye she then spotted the plains that were ahead of them and then she cocked her head to take a peek at them. "Look, Simba, what is this place?" she whispered softly as Simba got off her and the two curious cubs crept through the tall grass and then slowly approached a enormous herd of buffalos feasting on the sweet, fresh grass. It was grazing time, and the herd was hungry. "Jackpot!" Simba squealed in a delighted, hushed voice. "I've had no idea there was a grazing ground like this. Look at this place! This is a secluded, open land, plenty of room to have privacy in here. Simba, if we work together, we could actually take down the herd ourselves. They don't suspect a thing," Dorothy whispered back in an awe and intrigued voice. "Good point," Simba replied while scratching his head in thought.

"Now I'll go make a move. Watch and learn," Dorothy declared boldly as she snuck up to the large, grazing buffalo herd, who had no idea that two small lion cubs, especially the ones that would someday rule them all, were upon them. Dorothy then crawled slowly and silently as she stifled her movements and drew near the herd, and she happened to find one that she liked. "Bingo," she growled as she eyed him sneakily. Dorothy had been practicing her pouncing and stealth skills for weeks now; she often employed them on Blanche, Courage and Rose, often without them suspecting a thing. Courage himself was too defenseless and helpless to keep a wary eye out for the prowling young lioness, and Rose was so blissfully oblivious of her surroundings that it was purely easy to take her out, just like smacking her head with a newspaper whenever Dorothy is irked and annoyed by her silly comments. But somehow her own mother always manages to get her, and no matter how diligent and watchful Dorothy was on her surroundings whenever she suspects someone was on to her, her ma always catches her off guard in the most unexpected ways. "MA!" Dorothy had snarled when out of nowhere her mother had leapt out with a roar and pushed her right into the lake. Dorothy had to struggle to surface out of the water and drag her soaked and damp body onto the land as Sophia stood there laughing and cackling with glee.

"Ma, that is not funny!" Dorothy scolded her as the diminutive Sicilian chortled and snickered with good cheer. Her hair was frizzy, damp, soggy, mushy and spongy to the point where it had absorbed water and it frizzled out like a wild cluster of springs. She then shook herself like a dog and dried herself completely, deliberately directing some of the water at her mother as retaliation. "Ah, come on! I was just having a little fun! Have a sense of humor, Pussycat!" Sophia scoffed with a peevish, stern frown as she felt her daughter's furious and irate glare gaze at her like a piercing, bright beam from a flashlight. "Ma, if you keep annoying people like this, you'll never find a mate in this town," Dorothy snapped at her pointedly. "Says who?" Sophia shot back at her sassily. "Says me!" Dorothy fired back with a more mordant and acerbic tone. "Ah, come off it, Pussycat! I know you have eyes for only one lion cub your age!" Sophia heckled her as she stormed off back to the cave. "Who?!" Dorothy challenged her mother audaciously. Sophia then turned on her and then stalked right to her with a stern gaze permeating from her grey, elderly eyes and a flash of light shone from her glasses.

"Simba," was all she could say crisply. "How did you know?" Dorothy scoffed disdainfully as she circled around her mother. "I've seen the way you two play. You flirt and frolic with each other the way adults do. You're madly in love with him, Pussycat, I can tell. Maybe someday I'll see you right on top of that promontory at Pride Rock with you at Simba's side and with that newborn cub in Rafiki's arms," Sophia retorted to her daughter in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone. Dorothy sighed, for she knew that her mother was right. Simba was the only lion cub in the Pridelands that she truly loved. And she did want to spend the rest of her life with him; they would make a great pair together. She just knew it. Sophia was happy that Dorothy and Simba may potentially have a future together, but she was worried about herself. Even though as a human she was in her 80's, now in her lion form she was around the same age as her daughter Dorothy, which meant that when she grew up she might have to go out and find a mate. But who would possibly choose a cantankerous, spunky, sassy, mischievous, sarcastic woman like her? No one will replace Sal, Sophia thought to herself as she shook her head of those miserable thoughts. Blanche will probably find somebody eventually, and I'm sure Courage will find a nice female dog to take good care of him, and Rose has Miles, so what does that leave me with? More thoughts crossed her mind, and then she hung her head sadly as she thought once more, nothing. Poor Ma, Dorothy thought to herself as she sidled up to Sophia and then hugged her reassuringly and then licked her hair tufts lovingly. Sophia appreciated her daughter's concern and then the two snuck back out to the cave to kill the rest of the day.

Ma… Dorothy thought to herself as she stared at the buffalo with a fierce, determined glare and then she spun around and to her horror there was Sophia, also on the hunting war path. "Ma! What are you doing here?!" Dorothy exclaimed, shocked and startled. "I'm on the hunting prowl, Pussycat. I'm going to make a big kill to prove myself a worthy mate among lionesses," Sophia whispered as she lowered herself down to the ground and crouched on her knees to make an ambush. "Show-off," Dorothy muttered under her breath as she turned back towards her target. Just then, Sophia bounded on the grass and charged for the nearest prey with a hissy snarl. Dorothy then lunged at her target as well and then viciously sunk her fangs into the buffalo's behind. The buffalo bellowed and yelled with a yelping cry and then charged wildly toward his herd as he kept on yowling and wailing in sheer terror and his eyes flared and flailed from side to side as panic overtook him and propelled him into hysteria. The herd soon got infected with alarmed panic and the mob mentality spread like wildfire; the buffalos then suddenly ran for cover and dispersed in all directions and swarmed and stampeded all over the area as Simba huddled in nervousness and trepidation. His eyes fervently scanned the area and his heart leaped into his throat as he frantically searched for his best friend and girlfriend.

Dorothy, where are you? Where could she be? I hope she's safe; I don't want to lose her, the young lion cub thought to himself as his thoughts churned and darted in a panicked frenzy. The buffalos ascended up the hills and soon stormed right into the Pridelands and beyond in a furious stream of thundering hooves; they were now taking the entire kingdom by storm as they advanced toward it at the speed of 60 mph. Dirt and pebbles were now accumulating in the air and now the entire lands were completely overrun by prey. Mufasa just stood there, astonished and dismayed by it all; Courage, Rose, Blanche, and Zazu were equally disheartened and appalled. "Mufasa, what in the blazes is going on here?" Blanche interrogated Mufasa anxiously as she viewed the chaotic situation unfold right before her eyes. "It looks like something startled the buffalo herd and now they are stampeding right through the Pridelands," Zazu surveyed the scene with an analytical tone; Mufasa was too dumbstruck to even speak. Courage then babbled something incoherent before Rose cast a questioning glance at him and then said to Mufasa, "Yeah, Courage is right, Mufasa. Dorothy, Sophia and Simba must be down there somewhere." "Am I going crazy or are you the only one who actually understands this dog?!" Blanche yelled at Rose in a distressed fit. "Well at least I'm not the only person in this gang that is viewed as an idiot!" Rose shot back at Blanche defiantly while standing up to her. "Yeah!" Courage added while siding with Rose. "Well, I'm not going to stand there and watch Dorothy, Simba and Sophia die. Come on Rose, let's go down there and save them," Blanche huffed decidedly and then she descended down the promontory in bounding leaps and then Rose and Courage followed her in tow, although Courage skittered in a bipedal motion. "Girls, be careful!" Mufasa called down after them. "We will!" Rose promised as they went right into the stampede.

Blanche then ran right into one of the stampeding buffalos as he stood on his hind legs and roared right at her. "Well don't you dare sass me, young man! I will not tolerate your rambunctious behavior!" Blanche snapped at him boldly. Just then Rose's eyes glowed light green and then tree roots shot out of the ground and bound and pinned the buffalo right onto the ground with a flourish. Blanche and Courage gawked at their naïve St. Olaf friend in astonishment. "What the devil…?" Blanche started but then another male buffalo rammed right into them and sent the trio flying in the midst of the pandemonium. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Courage, Rose and Blanche screamed together in unison. The roots receded back into Rose's body and then her eyes reverted back into their normal hue. "Rose, what on earth is going on with you?" Blanche made a snappish rejoinder at Rose with an irritated snarl. "I-I don't know, Blanche! I don't know why I'm suddenly acting up!" Rose stammered in trepidation. Courage then took a deep breath and then let out a stentorian, resounding, sonorous yell that traveled downwards toward the earth in sound waves. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed at the top of his lungs. "You crazy, insane dog! How do you think screaming is going to help us?!" Blanche reprimanded the dog sharply and then when she saw what he was doing, she started to gawk in a disquieted, dumbstruck expression. Rose's jaw gaped as her eyes widened and stared out into little slits and began to sway back and forth while studying the unfolding scene. The sound waves were rippling and trembling through the ground and an earthquake was unleashed. Dust began to swirl and billow from the earth and then a fault emerged onto the surface in a profuse fume of steam; lava then erupted from underground and then the lava discharged its fiery magma at the trio with so much force and magnitude that Blanche, Rose, and Courage were propelled high in the heavens and then were somersaulting right up into the exosphere, which was where outer space began. They were about to be cast out of the earth!

"Oh, Rose! Do something!!!!!" Blanche pleaded to Rose desperately and frightfully; she was afraid she was being hurtled toward her own doom. "Okay, here I go," Rose resolved determinedly and then her eyes glowed deep golden yellow, almost in a reddish hue, and soon lightning crackled and crashed in the sky with a loud explosion. It then flashed and shimmered in a frantic dance with the deep, rumbling accompaniment of thunder before a funnel emerged in the overcast, dark, dreary, grey sky and then enveloped the three of them in. Rose had just summoned a tornado! "Rose, you bumbling bumpkin idiot!!!!!!!!!" Blanche shrieked in a high pitched voice as her screams were merging with Courage's loud, shrill yells and then Rose's own petrified screaming came in just moments later as the tornado made a harrowing descend towards the stampeding buffalo herd; the lightning cracked and banged in a surging flare of electricity and then an entire shock wave was unleashed upon the buffalo herd and commenced to electrocute them! The buffalo herd were driven further into hysteria and then continued to dash and tear through the land with the sounds of moaning, yelping and yawping ringing in the air as blasts and shots of flickering electricity seared and proliferated through their veins, giving them a sudden, painful, agonizing shock to the chest.

Meanwhile, Simba timidly crawled up the hill and crouched low on his knees with a starkly distraught gleam in his eyes as his ears were flattened and folded against his head and his tail was twitching anxiously and in an agitated motion. A sudden rush of air filled his lungs and he coughed out the dust from his throat. "Dad?" he whispered quietly as he quietly watched the scene. "Where are you?" He then rested his head on his arms and then buried his face before he started to lick his arms to comfort himself. But then somebody crept up on him and then clambered right on his back and began to lick his hair tufts while purring and nuzzling him. Simba then perked his head and then glanced over his shoulder to see Dorothy lying right on top of him, her glossy blue eyes gleaming calmly and serenely and radiating with love. "Dorothy," Simba murmured with a weak smile and then he rubbed his head against Dorothy's neck while Dorothy licked him in the face. "Hey, there you are lovebirds! I was looking all over for you!" Sophia cried as she ambled over to the two lion cubs. "What kept you guys?" Simba inquired the two women.

"Dorothy immediately jumped to the ground when the buffalos began racing and galloping through the plains in a furious swarm and then the two of us reached the middle of the plains and we huddled together; I got on top of Dorothy and shielded her from any of the buffalos that could have kicked and beaten her and we watched the fleeting swam of buffalos dart and rush in the disorderly pandemonium and I knew we were trapped. 'It's okay, Pussycat,' I whispered softly to my daughter. 'I won't let those buffalos hurt you.' But then one of the buffalos charged right at us and then before I knew Dorothy activated a pink, transparent, glossy telekinetic bubble and barricaded the both of us from that buffalo. The buffalo smashed right into the bubble and was instantly electrocuted and stunned into a paralyzing daze. He then swooned to the ground and the rest of the herd lunged right for us. 'Fire away, Pussycat!' I commanded Dorothy challengingly and then Dorothy shot and discharged streaks of pink lightning bolts from the telekinetic bubble in a flare of fury and then several of the buffalos were stunned and electrocuted as the electricity spewed out through their bodies and were flattened to the ground. Then Dorothy disappeared in a telekinetic tornado funnel as I sprang out of the telekinetic bubble and then hid under a boulder. And what I saw before my own eyes was astounding; Dorothy was levitating herself in midair through the telekinetic tornado and she was sending out beams of telekinetic energy that were being discharged through the tornado and then the telekinetic beams exploded and detonated right in front of the buffalos, compelling them to disperse and scatter in terror. After some of the remaining buffalos continued to lunge right at her, Dorothy then absorbed the potent telekinetic energy in her and then ignited herself on fire. She then shot out flames from her eyes and then leaped right at the buffalo in a furious rage. Dorothy then bashed right into the buffalo and then manipulated the animal in midair using electrical sparks that were in the form of flares. She then flung the buffalo up in the air with a zap of electricity and then shot out a huge, explosive fireball that caused the buffalo to combust into flames.