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"You're a pretty lady," a guy hollered as he sat on the piano bench with me.

I ignored him and continued to play the piano in the dumpy saloon. After all, it was my job. Cowboys, wranglers, and shop owners—basically the entire male population of Konoha Town—practically lived in the saloon. Due to the alcohol, a fight occurred every night in this dump. They brawled, knocking over tables and stools in the process. Then it was also my job to clean up all of the blood, sweat, and vomit afterward. I had to admit that Neji, my older cousin, had it worse; he had to drag the drunk, limp bodies out onto the street every night.

Neji and I were forced to work in the saloon 24/7; it had been a family-owned business for the past three generations. I cursed the ancestor Hyuuga who built the saloon in the first place. While I conked out tunes on the rickety, old piano, Neji reluctantly passed out booze to the customers.

My father Hiashi never lifted a finger. He locked himself in his office all day doing who-knows-what. Since my sister Hanabi was too young to work, she spent the day playing dress-up and marbles.

"I like pretty ladies," the guy whispered in my ear and tugged at the sleeve of my pale, blue dress.

I could smell the alcohol in his breath. Disgusting.

However, all I could do was pound out the rest of the song. My fingers already ached from playing for numerous hours straight. My neck felt stiff like always, and my back ached. To make matters worse, the guy started touching my butt.

"Get your hands off her!" Neji barked as he shoved the guy off of me.

Stunned, I stopped playing and looked at the guy sprawled on the ground. He moaned and barfed on the floor. I fetched a rag from the back of the bartender counter and began wiping off the mess. Neji kicked the guy out of the saloon and then glared at me as I worked.

"Hinata, why did you allow him to touch you like that?" Neji demanded.

As I scrubbed the floor, I croaked, "I-I didn't know what to do. All I can do is play the piano."

My cousin sighed, "A lady like you shouldn't be working in an establishment like this."

I agreed with him on that! However, we both knew what happened last time when a Hyuuga quit working at the saloon. That night, my mother's body had been found in the river. The officials claimed that she had drowned, but we knew better.

"Don't worry, Neji. Once I inherit the saloon, I'm going to sell it," I smiled.

After a slight nod, Neji returned to the counter and accepted orders. I sat back down on the piano bench and started playing. The men flirted and whistled at me, and the only thing I could do was play the piano. If this wasn't torture, I didn't know what was.

An hour later, Naruto Uzumaki, burst through the saloon doors. My heart skipped a beat as I increased the tempo of the song. I rushed like crazy through the piece despite my mind's protest. After it ended, I sneaked a peak at Naruto, the town's hero. He looked so cute with his blonde hair sticking out from under his cowboy hat!

"This is the guy I'm going to capture next!" Naruto boasted. "The reward is $100,000!"

He ran around the saloon, eagerly showing everybody the wanted poster in his hands. When he came to a table near me, I blushed and began a new song. This time I added more soul into it, just in case Naruto was listening. He never did, but I hoped that one day he would.

A guy with spiky, silver hair and a bandanna tied around his mouth casually called out to Naruto, "You won't be able to capture that man."

I lowered my dynamics to mezzo piano so I could hear the conversation.

"Why not? This guy doesn't look tough at all!" Naruto exclaimed.

"That's the Lone Lasso. He's an expert with lariats," the man shrugged.

"That won't be enough to stop me! I can lasso things way better than he can!" my one true love declared.

I wholeheartedly agreed with him. My heart swooned as I swelled the piece into a big, beautiful fortissimo. I imagined Naruto capturing the Lone Lasso. He would collect the reward money, sweep me off of my feet, and take me away from this wretched saloon. We would elope in Iwa Town, have two kids, and grow old together.

"Chidori, his horse, is said to be the quickest in the county," the man warned.

Naruto scoffed, "Ha! He'd never beat my horse Rasengan!"

"I guess we'll just have to wait and see," the man said as he pulled out a book.

Finally, it was closing time, and Neji had just dragged out the last unconscious guy. There was a nasty stain next to the front door. It was taking me a while to scrub, so I told Neji to go home without me.

"Are you sure? I don't want to leave you alone. What if a man tries to take advantage of you like what happened today?" Neji asked, concern written all over his face.

"Oh, t-that was just a misunderstanding. I'll be fine by myself," I smiled. "You need rest; tomorrow is the rodeo."

Konoha Town's Annual Rodeo was the most famous rodeo in the Fire Country. In fact, it was the one day that my father Hiashi actually closed the saloon. The events were bull riding, calf roping, and barrel racing. Every year, I cheered Naruto on as he always won first place. Neji, who got to use the family's horse Byakugan, usually pulled a close second. I knew that a good girl would want her cousin to win the $500 prize, but I couldn't help but encourage Naruto. Anyway, second place earned $300, which pleased my cousin anyway.

"Well, don't take too long," my cousin warned as he left me in the saloon alone.

I nodded and scrubbed furiously at the stain on the floor. It was a familiar brown color, and I didn't want to know anything else about it. It wasn't the first time a drunk guy had crapped on the floor.

Suddenly, I found that a rope had cinched around my waist, trapping my arms. My face landed with a thud on the ground—thankfully not on the stain—and I let out a surprised squeak.

"If you scream, I'll kill you," a voice threatened.

I awkwardly sat up and saw piercing, ebony eyes glare at me. They belonged to a guy with equally dark hair that framed his face and stuck out in the back. He wore a slightly opened white shirt, jeans, brown boots, and a brown cowboy hat. I wanted to scream at the sight of this scary man, but he already had a gun pressed to my forehead.

"Y-you're the… L-lone Lasso," I whispered in fear.

Dangit, I knew I should've let Neji stay with me! Why was I stupid enough to think I could be independent? I couldn't even handle a drunk guy who touched my butt. Now I was at the clutches of the most wanted bandit in the county. Alone.

"Tell me where your money is," he growled.

"I-It's… um… it's in the c-cash register o-on the counter," I stuttered.

The Lone Lasso stuck his gun back into the holster on his belt. Holding onto the end of the lariat that had captured me, he dragged me over to the counter. To my relief and fear, the cash register was locked. The Lone Lasso couldn't rob the saloon, but now he would be mad at me. I squinted my eyes shut, ready to join my dead mother at the bottom of the river.

Instead he questioned, "Where's the key?"

"W-what?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"Where's the damn key?" he gritted his teeth.

"U-um, my cousin N-neji probably has it," I squeaked.

"Where is he?" the Lone Lasso asked as he reached for his pistol.

That's when I realized he was going to kill Neji – and me too— in order to get the key for the cash register. I didn't really mind if he took my life away; my life sucked. Every day, all I did was play the piano, practically get molested by drunk guys, and stress over unrequited love. However, I couldn't let him murder Neji. My cousin had a girlfriend named TenTen, and she'd be devastated if Neji died.

"N-no!" I shouted then immediately lowered my voice. "I mean, p-please don't kill him! I'll… I'll g-give you the key t-tomorrow night. I promise!"

"Fine," he grunted, "but if you're lying-"

"I'm n-not! Just please… don't hurt him," I pleaded.

After that, the Lone Lasso disappeared. Of course, I was still tied up, so I just sat in the saloon and went to sleep.

"Hinata!" a frantic voice said.

Something was shaking my shoulder, and I tried to shove it away, but my arms were pinned to my sides. Wait a minute…

"N-neji?" I mumbled as I woke up.

Neji frowned as he untied my bindings, "Hinata, what happened last night? When I realized that you never arrived home, I came here to find you-"

"I need the key," I interrupted.

"What key?" my cousin asked.

"The cash register's key," I elaborated. "I need it."

I didn't say anything else; I didn't want Neji knowing the details. If he found out I was attacked by the Lone Lasso, he would go berserk. He would probably challenge the Lone Lasso, and he might even end up losing. I didn't want to split up Neji and TenTen; I knew that it hurts to not be with the one you love (even if the one you love doesn't even know you exist).

"Why won't you tell me what happened?" Neji asked. "You weren't participating in inappropriate actions, were you?"

I blushed, "O-of course not! Don't worry about last night; I have everything under control."

My cousin sighed and finished untying me. I rubbed my bruised arms. My hair felt greasy, and my dress had stains all over it. Yesterday had been a nightmare, and I probably woke up looking like one. Today was the rodeo, and Naruto would be competing. I couldn't look like a tumbleweed in front of Naruto!

"Here's the key. Return it by tomorrow," Neji stated as he threw the object of interest at me.

For once, I caught it.

"Thanks, Neji!" I smiled as I ran out of the saloon. "I'll see you at the rodeo!"

My feet worked overtime as I ran toward my house. Of course, my carelessness cursed me; I fell up the stairs. I kicked off my black cowboy boots and cradled my poor shin. After crawling up to my room and hobbling toward my closet, I picked out a simple, purple dress. Normally, I hated wearing dresses since they were required for my job as an entertainer/maid at the saloon. However, I heard Naruto say that he likes it when a girl wears dresses.

I took the dress into the bathroom with me, took a shower, and put it on. The fogged up mirror showed a pale girl with freaky, pale eyes looking back at me. This would definitely not do. My lavendar eyes could never compare to Naruto's deep cerulean. Bursting out of the bathroom, I raided Neji's closet for one of his old cowboy hats. All of them were either smashed, full of holes, or covered in dirt. That's when I noticed an untouched, black one hiding in the shadows. With a triumphant grin, I placed the cowboy hat upon my head, which hid my eyes perfectly. After pulling on my black cowboy boots, I left my house.

I kept hobbling all the way over to the rodeo arena. The activities had already started, and I watched the current contestant who was bull riding. From the people around me, I gathered that he was new this year, his name was Sasuke Uchiha, and he was in the lead for bull riding. I watched the contestant's tight grip on the thrashing bull. A bandana was wrapped around his mouth to obscure his identity, but I recognized his eyes…

…the piercing, ebony eyes that belonged to the Lone Lasso.

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Fun Cowboy Fact: A lariat is the rope that cowboys use to lasso animals. Moo!