The Fairly Odd Teens

Episode 011: Ghostly Vacation

It was a bright and sunny day as Timmy and his friends were down at the miniature golf course. Molly and Chester were playing a game and, according to the score kept by A.J., Chester could win. All he had to do was sink the last hole.

"Ha! Get ready for this Moll. Remember, loser buys lunch." Chester said. Molly watched as Chester took his place and stood with the club by the ball. But just as he was putting, the ball mysteriously vanished and reappeared.

"Huh?" Chester asked.

"I think that's a stroke." Molly said. Chester tried again, but the ball went invisible again. Chester groaned.

"How is that happening? New kind of ball?" Tootie asked. Chester continued to swing, unforunately adding seven strokes to his score out of frustration.

"D'oh! Who heard of a ball that does this?!" Chester exclaimed. Just then, they heard someone chuckle.

"Wow Chester. You play golf just as bad as Tuck does." the voice chuckled. Tootie screamed.

"A ghost!" Tootie exclaimed. But Timmy quickly recognized the voice as Chester bent down to get his ball. It turned invisible before someone peeked out from the ground. It was a teenaged boy with white hair and green eyes.

"Peek-a-boo!" he cheekly exclaimed. Tootie screamed and fainted.

"Cool. By the way, you lose dude." Molly said, glancing at Chester. Timmy laughed as their visitor turned out to be Danny Fenton in ghost mode.

"Hey! Danny! Great to see ya!" Timmy exclaimed. Danny rose up from the ground and changed back to normal. Timmy and Danny high fived one another and chuckled.

"How've you been Danny?" Timmy asked. Danny laughed.

"Not bad really. I haven't seen you guys for a while either." Danny said. Timmy merely shrugged, looking at his fairies around his neck.

"Well, things have been kinda interesting around here." Timmy said, giving a wink to Cosmo.

"Why the visit Danny?" Trixie asked. Danny took a look around before giving a big sigh.

"Things at Amity Park have gotten WAY too chaotic. I'm getting hound like crazy. My parents, fans, name it. I need a break." Danny said, leaning against a nearby tree. Timmy asked why he came to Dimmsdale.

"Why else? I said I needed a break. And I felt like this place was a good enough place to relax. It's a good thing I can read maps. Otherwise, I might never have found ya." Danny said. Timmy turned to his friends and asked if they thought having Danny around for a while might not be so bad. Everyone gave a nod, except a still unconscious Tootie.

"Then it's unanimous! Danny? Welcome to Dimmsdale!" Timmy declared. Danny chuckled.

"Thanks. I owe you guys one." Danny said. The first thing they did was give Danny a tour of Dimmsdale. However, they were being watched from a nearby tree with a pair of glowing eyes. Danny took a quick look back and saw nothing.

"Everything cool Danny?" Molly asked. Danny just shrugged it off and nodded, catching up to the others. The tour began with Dimmsdale Mall, Danny exploring around the stores with the others.

"Wow. NO WAY could the malls back home match up to the size of this one." Danny said. Timmy chuckled, saying he should see Wall 2 Wall Mart. Molly agreed, saying that was even bigger. Just then, Danny gasped and his ghost sense flashed.

"Oh no." Danny said. He turned around and saw a ghost zoom by. He groaned.

"Great. Who is it now?" Danny asked. He went ghost and stood before the others, telling them to stay back. Everyone stood with anticipation, waiting for the ghost to appear. But when it did, Danny only groaned. It was the Box Ghost.

"At last! I have found you!" he wailed. Danny groaned.

"Box Ghost, this is my day off. You BETTER have a good reason for tailing after me." Danny said. The Box Ghost merely floated there, trying to think of a reason.

"I am the Box Ghost!" he exclaimed. Timmy sighed.

"He's your enemy?" Timmy asked.

"More like the biggest headache of my life." Danny mumbled. He then phased back and told the others to ignore him. Box Ghost scoffed.

"What?! Am I really THAT big of a disappointment?! Come on!" he yelled. But true to their word, no one looked back at him.

"Now then....where were we? Oh yeah. Danny, you've GOT to check out the arcade here. It is sweet!" Chester shouted. Danny smirked, saying he wouldn't mind. But they were stopped again by the Box Ghost, making a "semi-scary" face. But they merely groaned and walked away again.

"Oh come on! That was a perfectly good terrifying face!" he yelled. He groaned.

"Fine. He wants to ignore me? Let us see how long it can last before I finally make him snap." Box Ghost said, laughing menacingly afterwards. However, it was cut short when he saw a child looking at him.

"BEWARE!" he bellowed, darting away in a flash. Meanwhile, Timmy and the others were shopping with Danny. Trixie showed him her favorite store, but he soon left due to the "girliness" of the store.

"Too....many.....blouses...." he panted. Trixie scoffed.

"Boys." she said. But she soon found Molly leaving for the very same reason. Danny then headed for the arcade with Timmy and started playing games. Timmy watched as he was racking up points.

"Whoa! Go Danny! Go!" Timmy cheered. Danny snickered.

"I didn't spend part of my teenage life playing video games for nothing!" Danny exclaimed. When he saw he beat the high score, he gave a cheer and unknowingly smacked the Box Ghost as he was sneaking up behind him. He was sent flying back and fell into another arcade game, appearing on the screen and in front of a kid.

"What are YOU looking at?" he asked. The kid screamed and fled.

"Talking video game!" the kid exclaimed. Box Ghost emerged from the game and groaned.

"I am not a talking video game! I am the Box Ghost! The Box....!" he shouted before seeing Danny left.

"Oh dang it!" he groaned. After spending time at the mall, they all stopped by Doug Dimmadome's Pizzaria for lunch. Even Cosmo, Wanda and Poof joined them disguised as humans.

"You know? I still never am gonna understand how you can do that." Danny said.

"Yeah. You're probably off not knowing too." Cosmo said. Their waiter came by and set down the pizza on their table.

"About time. I was hungry." Molly said.

"Yeah. Same here." A.J. said. But just as Timmy was going to pick up a slice, the Box Ghost's head emerged from the center.

"Whoooo! BEWARE! I am the....!" Box Ghost shouted before Danny grabbed him and effortlessly threw him away. He phased out the wall and into a dumpster outside.

"All right! That is it! I know that I do NOT deserve to be treated this way!" Box Ghost exclaimed. Later in the park, Danny and Timmy were just relaxing when the Box Ghost appeared again. Danny groaned.

"Look Box Ghost. It's my time off. So.....just go bug somebody else." Danny said. But the Box Ghost didn't budge and grabbed Timmy by the shirt. He hoisted him up high, causing the others to worry.

"If you do not fight me, I'm gonna make sure beaver boy here never sees the light of day again!" Box Ghost exclaimed.

"" Timmy asked. The Box Ghost huffed and tossed Timmy inside a floating box and taped him shut.

"This is it? Ugh. I wish I was out of here." Timmy said. His fairies granted his wish and Timmy was poofed out just as Danny went ghost.

"But what about your vacation?" Chester asked. Danny smirked.

"I just realized that "spending time with good old Box Ghost" can be called vacation time. So, I'm still technically vacationing." Danny said. He then took off towards the Box Ghost.

"Ugh. Finally. Maybe now you'll....hey. Wait a minute! Whoa!" Box Ghost exclaimed, getting pummeled by Danny.

"Wha...! If this is for all the times I bothered you, it was just a joke! Really! Geowch! Whoo!" Box Ghost yelled. The others soon sat down on the ground and watched with snacks as Danny effortlessly pummeled Box Ghost and thrown away. Danny dusted off his hands.

"Ah. I can check that off my "To Do" list." Danny said. With the Box Ghost finally gone, Danny and the others continued off towards town. However, when they passed by an electronics store, there was news reports of Amity Park being haunted by ghosts. Danny took one look and sighed.

"Danny? Everything all right?" Trixie asked.

"Yeah. Guess I just got homesick. Besides, from seeing THAT, I think back home needs me." Danny said. Timmy took one look at the televisions and had a feeling he was right. Danny turned ghost and began to take off.

"Thanks again for the time off with you guys! If anytime you wanna come see me in Amity Park, feel free to look me up." Danny said. But just then, Timmy had an idea when he remembered Danny "owed" them one.

"Uhh...sure. I guess I can do a quick favor. Whaddya want?" Danny asked. Timmy smirked and crossed his arms, making it apparent when he and his friends were helping Danny drive away the ghosts in Amity Park.

"This beats miniature golf any day!" Molly exclaimed. And as Danny was blasting ghosts back, Timmy was aiding Danny while dressed as the Turner Phantom, wished up by his fairies.