Life itself has never been kind to me. I was always a computer geek and the target of many after school beatings. My mind was normal then. The average Columbine kid mind. Wanting to snap, but never had the heart. Or was it I never had the guts? I just absorbed my pain into my mechanics classes, and eventually swallowed all feeling or emotion. I never felt highs or lows after that. I became a recluse. A person locked away in the darkness, tinkering with his computer. No emotion, no feeling.

My dad was very mean. He used to drink a lot and beat my mom and me. My mom was a cheater on dad anyways, so in a way she got what she deserved. But I just wanted them to stop and be normal. But I wasn't normal at all. So I certainly couldn't tell them how to get along with each other, because I never had any experience. But then I met Sonic. He was only seven. He was a great listener and always told me it would be okay. What did he know anyway? He was just a kid. I hoped everything would be alright like he said. But I never wanted them to be taken away by Robotnik. Sonic had his parents taken away too. But he still had his uncle, I had no family left. Score one for insanity.

I could have very well snapped right there. But I kept my composure. Everyone got what they deserved. The bullies, my parents, everyone. So this is what revenge felt like. This is what it felt like to see someone you hate go away forever, with no hope of returning to you. That was my first taste. And I wanted more. But as always, I kept it quiet.

Soon after Sonic left with his friends, I was all alone now. Why didn't he ask me to join them? Didn't he like me anymore? Was he, all of the sudden, to good for me?

Score another one for insanity..

So again I delved into my own little world of technology and mechanics. They said that it would revolutionize the future. But after my flurry was over. I saw what I built. It seemed that I was crazier than I thought. I lie awake at night, staring at the ceiling of where ever I just happen to find shelter in the war torn city. Everyone I ever known was taken away from me, or left me in the dust. Everyone I met refused to help me because they had problems of their own. If only they knew what problems were.

Oh, if only they knew..

I sat staring at my little scale sculpture of what I wanted to build. Thinking.thinking. Why was I put here if everyone I talk to is taken away or gone? Was I put here to become the same? To be taken away? Or was I put here to help take away people?

Or help people from being taken away.

That's it! I was put here to aid people! Score one for brilliance.

So help I did. Instead of building out of anger, I built out of good intentions. Intentions to help people. No matter how rich or poor, happy or sad, dignified or perverted, I wanted to help. My creations were complete. Score another for brilliance.

So help they did. They were all better than before. Score another for brilliance. In case your keeping score it is now insanity 2, brilliance 3. But soon the odds will tilt. They helped as best they could. But one day, killings occurred, and my robots were the cause.

After facing the judge for at least seven counts of murder, I fell into place. 3:3 now. So again, in prison for a few weeks (I got it easy from the fact that they helped before they went weird.) I dove into technology. Not knowing what I built, just building. Building until my insanity settled. Then I saw it. The same little sculpture as before. The very same. Was this what I was destined to do after all? Or was this just the personification of my insanity? I hope to God it was.

Then, after hearing about it, Sonic came. He shattered me then left. 3:4. One up on insanity. Add to that the 7 people killed, 3:11. One for each person dying at my hands. See how the odds sort of fell over. No longer was I between brilliance and insanity, I was over the edge of them both. That was how I dove into Robotnik's madness. While building badniks, I created something after Robotnik ticked me off. A working model of the same little robot I sculpted twice before. Was my ambition coming true? Is this just a mental trick? Why is this little robot haunting me? Why? Why...why

After Robo Robotnik took over, it was the same story and the same robot. Now I had two models, and two working models. I know now! I know why! This robot is my fate! My destiny! So it was goodbye to Robo Robotnik and hello to that robot!

This was how I snapped. How I ruined my life from destroying others. No pain where they are now. No pain for me. I swallow my feelings and go with it. I can't feel pain. No emotion...

I am free now.......

This report was found at the sight of several destroyed buildings where many people died. The fire spread everywhere destroying the entire neighborhood and taking many lives.

Next to it was a small metallic model of a black robot with white stripes, wings, treads, and a gun upon it's back.. On it was painted the odd name of E-9000.