Okay, you know how I'm always writing Fratie one-shots and stories? Well, I'm still all for Fratie, but I really wanted to write this, so go along with it, okay? Good.


I was practically bouncing in my seat at the prospect of picking the Gryffindor Quidditch team this year. Of course it made it difficult that our star seeker had graduated, but I could work around that. I needed a new Chaser too.

"Alright, lets begin," I announced loudly. Everyone turned to look at me. "Let's start will a few simple drills. Those of you trying out for Chaser will attempt to score, and I will, of course, be in position as the Keeper. Any questions?"

Apparently none of them were stupid. That's always a plus. "Alright, who's up first?"

A fourth year I didn't recognize raised her hand. Already I could tell I didn't like her. She held herself up as if she were better than everyone else, and exuded an air of overconfidence in herself.

"Name?" I asked.

"Maria Hollander," she replied, smiling confidently as she mounted her broom. I followed her into the air and got into position.

The first shot missed all three goals by a bunch. The second I caught easily, and the third barely made it five feet. Her face was nearing an unhealthy shade of maroon by the time she hit the ground, the other candidates laughing at her.

All except for one.

That was the first time I saw Katie Bell. I could tell right away that she was pretty, with very blonde hair and shocking blue eyes, but she was so tiny, I almost laughed at the idea of her being on the team. She couldn't be more than a second year.

"Don't laugh at her!" the tiny girl said angrily. "She did her best! And I didn't see any of you gits volunteering to be first!"

Maria barely glanced her way as she made her way off the Quidditch pitch.

"You tell 'em Katie-Kat!" Fred and George yelled to the little girl. Her face turned red. "Stop calling me that you guys!" she cried indignantly.

"And you are?" I asked her.

"Katie Bell," she replied, grinning. Her two front teeth were missing. It made her look cute. But more in a little sister kind of way, as opposed to a girlfriend kind of way.

"Well, Miss Bell, why don't you go next?"

She looked a little nervous, but nodded, while Fred and George whistled at her as she mounted her broom.

Once in the air, I watched as her expression turned to one of pure determination. She started slowly, and I almost laughed. But she caught me off guard, suddenly zooming forward and shooting the Quaffle right through the goal. I stared at her in disbelief. She just grinned.

"Okay the," I say lamely, retrieving the Quaffle and tossing it back to her. She catches it easily, and I swear I saw two of the other candidates throw down their borrowed brooms and leave the field.

Fred and George are yelling random things, although the longer I listen the more I realize it has very little to do with Quidditch. Katie is very strategically ignoring them, however, and makes every other shot she throws, even with me doing my best to block them.

When we land, every other candidate looks disheartened, and it's easy to tell why. At this rate, Katie's almost definitely going to get that Chaser position.

Next we run drills for avoiding Bludgers. I couldn't be sure if Katie was any good at that, because Fred and George very nearly refused to aim them at her at all. At the speed she was going, however, I had no doubts.

"I'll let you know!" I called to the mopey (all but one) Chaser candidates.

"Oliver?" a soft voice asked, and I looked down (no kidding, she was that short) to see Katie Bell, looking at her feet. Who knew that someone this great at Quidditch and friends with the Weasely twins be shy?

"Yeah?" I asked her, resisting the urge to talk to her like she was six. Not condescendingly, but because it was honestly hard not to already think of this girl like a little sister.

"Can I stay and watch the Seeker tryouts with Fred and George?" she asked, still not looking up at me.

"Sure," I said, shrugging. She mumbled a thanks and walked back over to the stands, where Alicia and Angelina yelled at the twins for saying things like, "Ickle Katiekins here has a crush on our Oliver!"

"Alright," I said. "The first drill we're running will be for speed," I told the (small) crowd of Seeker candidates. "You'll simply fly, as fast as you can, from one end of the field to the other."

They mounted their brooms. Two of the six fell off halfway across, and one of them seemed terrified to go faster than five miles per hour. I sighed. This wasn't going to be easy.

"Okay," I told them, trying not to sound too disappointed. "The next drill, I'll release the snitch. Obviously, you'll try and catch it."

"All of us at the same time?" the slow boy asked nervously. It was rather funny really, as I recognized him as a seventh year, and he was quite big.

I nodded, and they all mounted their brooms. I released the snitch, and the same two people who'd fallen before now crashed into each other quite ungracefully. The slow boy attempted to stay above everyone else, although how he planned on catching the Snitch I hadn't the faintest idea.

The other three were all on the ground in a jumbled heap before the Snitch had even flown pass them. I though I was going to cry.

"Everyone out of the air!" I cried. They all landed, somewhat messily. "I'll, er, let you know," I added, walking off in a huff.

Of course, you can't walk off in a huff around the twins.

"Aw, is poor Ollie going to cry?" Fred asked, pretending to sob.

"Ollie, don't cry," George said, feigning shock. "Be manly!"

"Manly?" Fred asked. "What's that?"

Alicia and Angelina laughed, and Katie stifled a giggle. A small part of me wondered if she really did fancy me. It was a little funny. Having a second year fancy me. I mean, not to brag or anything, but I was sort of used to it.

Still, it felt weird. I decided it must just be because of the sisterly way Katie seemed. The adorable, shy, good-at-sports quality she had.

Yeah, that had to be it.