Aeon Flux.!

Aeon was crouched in the corner of the room amid the frantic shouting. Gun fire flew all around. She shielded her face as grenades filled the rooms, through the window.

She swore under her breath and reached for her hip. Pulling her gun from its holster, she quickly wiped it into action. She HATED being underfire!

The door nearest her flew open and in stormed three guards. She had to stop breaking into buildings without aide.

Aeon spun around in her crouched position and opened fire, letting out a battle cry as she did so.

Several bullets slammed into the body of the first guard, the bullets slipping past his thin armor.

The guard screamed and fell back into the other guards.

Gunshots could be heard outside the room. Aeon couldn't really see anything now, the smoke was so heavy. So, when she threw herself out the window, she had to freefall on faith.

Seeing an opening in the smoke, she found that she was falling towards the river. She looked up and saw several guards leaning out the window.

Aeon cackled and pulled her gun around; and holding it with both hands, she opened fire.

Impending death seemed to loom as she neared the water. Aeon then turned her attention to her fall. But right as she neared the water, pain coursed into her body, causing her to let out a scream.

And THAT was when she hit the water, HARD! Her body was racked with pain, and she felt herself swallowing water as her screams were muffled.

A red color filled the blue water and as she maneuvered her arms backwards, she could feel that she had a hole in her back. She'd been shot.

She swore in her head, and before she knew it, she was sinking further down and into the darkness of the river.

What have I gotten myself into? She asked herself, shaking her head and gulping down some more water, the pain overwhelming her….