A Small Meeting

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Hinata skipped across the koi pond as her short hair bounced with her. She was with her mother and father earlier, but they went with another man somewhere. She was dressed in a white kimono with small little autumn leaves at the corner. Her mother said she looked beautiful in it.


She stopped suddenly as the noise caught her attention. She tilted her head slightly and slowly jumped on the stones to the other side of the pond. Her feet traveled to the noise. As she came closer, she saw a boy attacking a dummy of sorts. He was by himself. His hair, from behind, looked like it belonged to a chicken butt. She giggled.

It must've startled the little boy as he came to a complete stop at what he was doing. His eyes turned to Hinata and she was eye to eye with red, puffy eyes. There were tears streaming down his face. She gasped.

He was crying, but why?

"Are you okay?" She asked automatically.

"Do I look okay to you?" The boy asked in return as he tried to wipe off the tears pretending as if he didn't cry earlier.

He sniffed, ruining the effort to look brave.

"No, you don't," she stated honestly and bluntly.

He blanched slightly, giving her a glare. Hinata blinked innocently at the heated stare. As she began to walk closer to him, his glare intensified as if it would will her away. As she stopped in front of him, merely a foot away, she smiled. She took something out of her kimono and placed it gently on his cheeks. It was a very pale blue napkin. She started to dab lightly.

His eyes widen slightly. It was only for a few seconds that he lost his guard. He pushed her away forcefully as he fell on her rear. He grabbed the napkin and clenched it hard in his hands. "Who said I needed help?" He questioned harshly before another sob escaped his lips. Not wanting to look like a weakling or embarrassing himself even further, he ran away.

Hinata sat on the grass and stared at the boy. "Gomen?" She questioned her apology, tilting her head to the side.


She tilted her head to look at her mother. Her mother crouched down to her level and stared at the little girl with concern. Hinata smiled widely at her mother as her mother lifted her up off the ground. She smiled as she was lifted up off the ground and into her mother's arm. "Mommy! I played on that Koi pond over there!" She exclaimed childishly.

"Oh really now?" The said mother question, bemused at her daughter's simplicity.

"Yup yup! Then I hopped on those stones and saw those big fishies swimming!" Hinata exclaimed, then she gasped as her eyes widen and her mouth formed an 'O' shape. "Mommy! Does those fishy bite?" She asked, her eyes filled with curiosity.

Her mother smiled warmly at the child. "No, dear, I believe they don't. And they are called "Koi" fishes, hence why it's called the "Koi" pond Hinata-chan."


"Yup yup," the mother mimicked the daughter.


Sasuke glared at the ground in anger, then lifted the napkin in his hands. He glared. Suddenly, he threw it on the ground and started to stomp on it, trying to rid the memory of that warm smile from that girl earlier.

"Sasuke-chan?" He heard his mother calling him.

His eyes widen as he quickly wiped his tears away. He turned to his mother slowly and looked at the ground.

"Oh dear," Mikoto said with a sigh, "You've been crying."

"No I haven't!" Sasuke exclaimed staring into his mother's pitched-black eyes.

Mikoto smiled warmly at Sasuke. "Lying is a bad sport Sasuke," she stated, "Especially towards your mother."

"Ah. Gomen," he said solemnly before looking down.

"Was it your father Sasuke-chan?" Mikoto asked lightly.

Sasuke turned his head to stare at a rock.

"Ara...Ara... That man," She said with exasperation.

Sasuke's eyes widen as his mother suddenly lifted him up to her chest. She kissed him on the cheek. "There. There. Okaasan's here...No one will hurt you. I'll protect you with all my heart Sasuke-chan."

With that, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.


Itachi sat comfortably next to his father in a simple grey yukata with his long hair tied back in a low ponytail. His expression, as always, remained indifferent. His father had told him today it was important to dress up. His mother said that he and his brother were going to meet a new friend while his father said he was going to introduce Itachi to their ally. Whatever it's about, it must be important to have the old man prep the servants about...being servants.

The rice paper door to his right slid open revealing the Hiashi's wife. A little girl was in the woman's embrace as she talked about a koi fish. She was chattering away happily before her mother shushed her and placed the girl down. Hiashi's wife sat back down and smiled as she told the little girl to be quiet. The woman turned to him with a small smile as he nodded in acknowledgement.

"So this is the hime?"


He stared intently at the little girl. She looked delicate and fragile, but the look in her eyes was innocent and filled with curiosity. She looked to be Sasuke's age. A three year old, he presumed.

The Hyuuga woman laughed quietly and nodded.

"Hai," the woman spoke softly, yet clearly, "Hinata-hime."

The woman prompted the little girl to look in his direction, her eyes casting between him and his father. "That old man with the black hair and lazy eyes-"

A cough came from his father.

The Hyuuga woman grinned as her husband gave her a look that clearly stated 'that wasn't necessary'. "His name is Fugaku Uchiha in which you will address him as Uchiha-san." The woman turned to his father with a sheepish smile. "Gomen, I'm still teaching her etiquettes."

The woman turned to Itachi and smiled down at Hinata. "The little boy that resembles a weasel over there is named Itachi Uchiha as you will address him as Weas-Itachi-kun," she caught herself quickly as Itachi gave her a small pout.

"Oh can I call him Weasel-kun instead?" Hinata asked innocently.

Her mother laughed in amusement, "I'm afraid not Hime-chan."

"Aw," the little girl said with a pout.

He find that a bit endearing. He didn't just mean the little girl, but the interaction between mother, daughter, and even Hiashi-san. The woman seem a bit laxed, but for some reason he didn't mind. Apparently, his father found it amusing as well. It was different with the other families that he met. Usually, they were uptight and cold about everything, but the three sitting there appeared to be warm. He felt it too when the little girl came in. Hiashi's rigid figure relaxed the moment his wife placed the little girl down. His face softened just slightly.

Itachi was very observant at the tender age of seven so he picked up these things quickly. It was all the training that came in handy when he was with his father. He was taught to be keen and cautious.

The woman smiled at her daughter before turning back to the occupants in the room.

"Fugaku-san, Itachi-kun, I'd like you to meet Hinata-hime, the future successor of the Hyuuga Clan and heiress to the Hyuuga Corp."


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