Taking Flight

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Neji peered through the shoji door cautiously. There were clothes littered all over the floor in front of the shoji door. More clothes continued to be tossed outside the door. What was she doing he wondered as he found the bob of black hair digging through her clothes like a puppy.

"Um...Hinata-sama..." He whispered slowly putting a finger up as a small gesture... His eyes widen as a heavy kimono was tossed directly in his face. He slowly put his hand down.

"Found it!"

As Neji slowly took the small kimono off his head, his eyes widen.

"H-Hinata-sama?" He asked, his left eye ticking a bit.

"Oh! Neji-niisan!" She exclaimed a smile appearing on her lips.

"Is that my missing hoody?" He asked cautiously. He was looking for that damn thing all over the place just the other day. No wonder he couldn't find it...

She grinned and nodded vigorously. It was a lightly beige, creamy plain hoody with a printed logo on the back symbolizing the Hyuuga clan. She was wearing loose fitting beige shorts that ended just above her knees, a manner like Sasuke Uchiha. Her hair was already cropped short like a boy and now she's wearing boy's clothes.

Hinata grabbed her back pack and grabbed Neji's hand before he can utter another word.


How was he going to explain this to Hiashi-sama?

She's hanging around too much boys.

Sasuke grumbled inaudibly as he turned a corner. There were a lot of stares and giggles everywhere he went.

"Why won't they stop staring?" Sasuke asked, grumbling.

Itachi stared down at his brother and smirked. He had the same problem when he entered the academy. A private academy no less where his family distributed a lot of money to.

They stopped in front of a classroom that read A-1. Ah...He remembered this room. He was only enlisted here for a couple of weeks before they decided to move him up. He skipped a couple of grades actually.

"I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends," he replied nonchalantly.

Sasuke scoffed as he made himself into the classroom.

There were a lot of...children his age. Some were crying to go home, some were clinging to their parents crying about not wanting to be there, and some was just sitting quietly waiting for the teacher to arrive.

"Well... Bye otouto," and with that Itachi disappeared.

Sasuke gulped as he looked around. He really didn't want to be here.

Hinata looked around the empty hallways. She was lost, that much was for certain. Staring at the paper that Neji-niisan handed to her, she gulped. A-1. She looked up and stared at the signs that were posted on the classrooms. These said Ds and Fs. She was nowhere near As'. Why did Neji-niisan leave her alone?

Maybe she can ask for directions?

She turned to a door and slowly slid it open. The teacher suddenly stopped talking as all eyes turned to her small form.

"Ano..." She whispered with uncertainty.

"Kawaii! He's so cute!"

She jumped slightly at the high pitched voice that came from the back. The people in there looked a lot older than her.

"Is there anything I can help you with?"

She turned her big white eyes to who she assumed was the teacher of the classroom.

"I'm lost," she muttered.

Sasuke finally found a seat all the way in the back, practically blending in the background. Hopefully, no one noticed him.

The teacher that came minutes after he arrived and Itachi left stood in front of the classroom. His name was Umino Iruka. The man was tanned in complexion with a scar that ran across his nose. His hair was tied up in a spiky black ponytail with tiny bangs sticking out of his forehead.

"Hyuuga Hinata."

Sasuke's head perked up suddenly. Hinata was in his class? He looked around, left and right trying to pinpoint her location. Where the heck was she?

Suddenly, the door to the classroom opened and Sasuke's eyes widened.


That couldn't be though...

"Hyuuga Hinata, I presume?" Iruka asked raising an eyebrow.

The little girl in turn nodded before turning around and bowing to another teacher. "Arigato Kurenai-sensei," she said politely.

"Kawaii..." Whispered some of the girls in the classrooms.

Sasuke blinked. He contained his surprise. It was Hinata...

She turned to Iruka-sensei and smiled sheepishly.

"I'm sorry I'm late. I got lost," she said quietly earning a lot more whispers than before.

"It's alright young man. Just pick a seat," Iruka said calmly.

Sasuke's left eyebrow ticked. Young man?

She turned and their eyes instantly found one another'. She instantly smiled, dimples showing as more kids, specifically girls continued to whisper.

"He's so kawaii..."

"He's pretty for a boy..."


"I thought Hyuuga's eyes are supposed to be creepy? This guy doesn't have scary eyes."

As she found her seat next to Sasuke, she ruffled his hair playfully. "Hey Sasuke-chan!" She exclaimed.

He gritted his teeth as he swatted her hand away.

"It's Sasuke-kun," he grumbled.