AN: For Ship day over at the GW forum. My first stargate fic, constructive criticism is appreciated. Un-betaed, so all mistakes are mine.

It was in no way perfect.

About 6 weeks in, she ran off. She was missing for three days before Jack finally found her, cold and alone in a little motel about 30 miles from Denver.

He screamed at her a month later during an argument. Sam cried, and he couldn't take it. He spent two weeks up at the cabin before coming back, apologizing and swearing to try to be better.

They had their good times too. Like the day when she called Daniel, half-crazed, after looking all over town for the perfect anniversary gift. It had to be perfect, it was Jack, for crying out loud! She ended up giving him some stupid sentimental card and a tie, and it didn't matter that he really didn't need another tie. It was from her, and that was all that mattered.

Months later, he was pacing around, trying to think of someway to do this. It had to be perfect, she deserved that much. He set a candlelit dinner, put on a suit, turned on quiet music, it was like a scene from a movie. He tried, he really did, but as he went to kneel down, he knocked over the candles, nearly setting the house ablaze. He ended up asking her in the wating room at the hospital. He couldn't even open the box because of his burned fingers. She chuckled at him, and put it on herself. It didn't matter that she was in a hospital. She could have been anywhere, it wouldn't have mattered, as long as she was with Jack.

She was late to their wedding. His dress blues were too tight, and her maid of honor tripped on her way down the aisle. Daniel dropped the ring, and one of the flower girls had to climb under the seats to get it, ruining her dress. The cake slipped out of Jack's hand, leaving light blue streaks down the front of her dress.

Nothing ever seemed to go as planned with them. Mistakes were always made, things forgotten, rules broken. But, in the end, it didn't matter. They were in no way perfect, but this thing they had, it was special. It never turned out right, but it always seemed to beat the odds, never turning out wrong either. Besides, who wants perfection? Love isn't about the gifts, or the romantic scenes that Hollywood shows us. It isn't about where you give her the ring, only that she takes it. Love is about two people, who together are more than they ever could be apart, who trust each other even when they fight. What they had wasn't perfect, but it was love, and they wouldn't change a thing.