Welcome to the Big Easy

Chapter 32


Dear Journal,

OH. MY. GOD. These past few days with Edward have been the best in my life. Everything is perfect, absolutely perfect. I got out of school the other day, only to find Alice waiting for me, not Edward like he said he would be. She brought me home and got me ready to go out with Edward.

She put me in this silky dress and adorable flats (I am sure she realized I couldn't handle heels, thank god) and did my hair and make-up. I thought she was going through a lot of trouble on my outer appearance, since I was going out with a guy it would be wasted on, but I guess she really just wanted to play dress up Bella. And I was pretty thankful for it, because she really did a good job. I didn't think I had looked that good, like ever.

Edward came to pick me up, looking sexy as hell. I wasn't sure how someone who couldn't see could make himself look as wonderful as he did. I wonder if Alice had helped him out there as well, but I didn't ask. I couldn't bear the thought of ever hurting his feelings, especially about his sight. We walked outside, and I saw that he had gotten my CR-V brought down. I was ecstatic!

He rented out Isabella's pizza for the two of us, and we literally talked about practically everything. We mostly talked about his parent's accident, him thinking I was having an affair with his dad, reasons why he left, his childhood, etc. We both completely cleared the air, and both let our true feelings show.

I don't know if I meant to, but I got lost in the night and told him "I love you." And I knew without a doubt that I loved him, I just wasn't sure he felt the same way yet.

I was so blissfully happy though when he almost immediately told me the same three words back, and our dinner ended perfectly. I gave him his first kiss, contrary to what the whole school thinks, and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it, because when we got back to my apartment, he kissed me again and again, telling me how I was his and how he couldn't be luckier to have me.

I have to admit, I like all this attention. Growing up, despite Renee's motherly love of course, I never found love like kind Edward has for me. He gently kissed my hand, and held it to his heart, telling me that it was his. The tears that had flowed through much of the night came back, and I had to keep reassuring him that they were tears of complete joy.

We spent the rest of the night together, sleeping in each other's arms. We woke up for school, parted on to get dressed, then met back to go to school together.

Since Edward had my car brought to me, we really didn't need the limo anymore. I loved being able to drive Edward. He kept telling me that he thought the roles in our relationship were flipped around, but I told him I didn't care. I really don't, I love our relationship just the way it is.

Alice was still in town, but we didn't see her the rest of the week. We were both busy with school. I don't understand how Edward was able to miss so much school, but being the talented guy he is, had no trouble readjusting to his schedule. He recorded his classes, so he could listen to them at home, and I guess he got some friends to record them for him while he was gone, because he listened to them a lot in the evenings.

He always came to my place for dinner. I pretty much always got take-out. Cooking and high school didn't go well together. Edward didn't complain, so I didn't mind ordering. Alice did call Friday after school though, and asked me if I could go shopping with her Saturday. She didn't say what for, but Alice didn't need a special occasion to shop.

Since Edward kept me occupied after school and I had Jess and Angela to talk to at school and what little time I wasn't with Edward after school, it left me no time to talk to my family, or for that matter, Jake. I felt bad, even horrible, for leaving him in the dark. He probably hated me right now, but I needed to give us that separation.

He sent me numerous emails, and texts, and even called once or twice, but I never responded. I hoped he would get the idea that I was busy, so when I did decide to call him, the romance we had may have died down for him too.

It was wishful thinking though, because Jake had said he loved me, and tried giving me his mother's jewelry as a sign of his love. I guess I should have known then, when I didn't return his love, that we actually weren't meant to be. Jake would be an awesome friend, I hoped to talk to him soon, but I needed some more time first. I had no idea how I was going to tell him about Jacob. And my dad certainly didn't need to know that I had another boyfriend yet, and I'm pretty sure Jacob would go out of his way to let Charlie know…

Edward doesn't know about Jacob either. I've stayed far away from my home life. All Edward knows is that I used to live with just my mom, until she and Phil went off for what I considered, an "extended vacation". He was nice enough not to pry, so I didn't tell him much more than that. He was curious about why I was in Forks though, and so I told him about leaving Renee to live with my dad. He figured out from there that that was how I met his family, and I obviously already knew his dad from the airport. I was careful to never bring that up again.

It is Saturday morning now, and Edward is snoring quite loudly next door. We decided that the door between us was more of an inconvenience, so we propped it open. So it stays like that now, at all times. It's like we practically live together, other than us having separate beds. I like our new found comfort together. It feels right…

We don't really try to act like a couple at school though. I sit with my friends, and he hangs out with his. It's not that we don't want everyone to know, we just don't want it to draw attention to us. That's one more thing we seem to have in common. We like to keep our personal things, well, personal. And I hate to say that Edward has a certain "image", but in all honesty, he does. And I don't want to tarnish his reputation even more, because since people do know we live in the same apartment complex, I don't want people assuming we're sleeping together too. Edward has had enough grief in that department already.

I told Angela and Jessica everything though, and they don't understand why we just don't come out about it. I explained that we don't mind the separation sometimes, and I would probably never get to talk to them with Edward constantly playing with my hair or kissing my cheek. They giggled, and agreed, they like having my full attention much more.

Well, Alice just sent me a text, and said she was on her way. I will write later, when I have more to report. Edward made me promise to wake him when I left, so I need to hurry and do that before the Pixie arrives. Who knows what kind of reaction she'll have to us kissing…

Until next time…